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Found 4 results

  1. Hi folks, I'm new to this forum so please be gentle. This may seem long-winded but please bear with me... I've seen plenty of threads discussing AHPRA with lots of puzzled/frustrated applicants so I thought I would gain as much information from them prior to siphoning our bank account on an application. I wanted to help others with my findings too - hence, this new thread. Here goes... I've been having a "discussion" with AHPRA (and other users) on Twitter regarding my wife and her potential registration. My wife has a Dip-He in Adult Nursing and five years post-grad experience (qualified 2009) in Stroke & ICU - Critical Care. We "were" intending to emigrate on a temporary visa and then go for permanent a couple of years later. However, with the recent "assessment" changes (in October 2013, implemented Feb 2014), AHPRA want Australian Degree qualified nurses (or equivalent to Level 7 on the AQA framework scale)... I guess you all know the drill there. Anyway, back to my twitter discussion... I have raised the question (more than once) why a Dip-He qualification and five years experience is no longer sufficient and their reply is the usual IQNMs are the way forward and working experience is not part of their assessment (feel free to check my Twitter feed). Therefore, the Dip-He will probably be classified as a Level 5 on the AQA scale - So no luck there. I questioned how a newly qualified nurse (with a degree) with no working experience could possibly be viewed as a better candidate for registration over someone with five years experience. I'm still waiting for an adequate response to that one. In addition, a tweet from AHPRA to another twitter user states the NMBA does NOT accept ANMACs assessments for registration purposes. When ANMAC say a Dip-He is equivalent to Australian Degree it means absolutely nothing to AHPRA for registration (just like the song - Oh Vienna). I've also raised the question if the UK & Australia have reciprocal healthcare agreements for tourists, which they currently do then why is it ok for an Australian national to be treated in the UK but if the nurse (with a Dip-HE) treating the Australian national decides to apply to AHPRA, s/he is basically incompetent. The intellectual at AHPRA didn't quite grasp my point. In conclusion... 1. Dip-He nurses - You're not welcome, seriously! Save yourself the fees ($520) 2. AHPRA does not currently acknowledge ANMACs assessments. Save yourself the $900 assessment fee. 3. If you have a Dip-He and want to "top-up" to a Degree, I guess you'll need to fund it yourself. Don't be surprised to be quoted around £2,700 in the UK or even more on an Australian "Bridging Program". 4. The only valid reason to be assessed by ANMAC is for the extra 10-15 points for the permanent visa application. However, if you've still "only" got a Dip-He, the assessment still won't gain AHPRA registration. If you're happy with that, good luck to you. 5. If you've a Dip-He, don't bother with the English test because even if you were to score 10's, your Dip-He qualifications aren't good enough (save £125 there). Taking into consideration all of the above points, we are saving just over £3,500 by not bothering. That's excluding the Visa fees, medicals, flights... Until things change... Good luck Australia in filling those nursing posts. Paddy. P.s I've nothing against degrees. If you've got one... Fantastic, genuinely, well done, I know how difficult it is. My gripe here is against common sense and people being ripped off.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to the site so I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I handed in my AHPRA application in Sydney on 17/02/14. The lady I gave it to told me to check the website as the verification of qualifications process had changed two weeks prior. When I looked I felt sick seeing that they had changed the requirement to degree level. I called and explained that although I have a diploma, I have 10 years experience. I was told that they would consider the application but looking at the site it seems pretty clear that this is not the case. I just wondered whether anyone else knew any more than I do or has any advice? I don't want to wait months for a rejection when I could be getting on with doing a degree...which I really don't want to do! Thanks
  3. This are following question which put me in doubt 1.Does diploma courses promise job which can lead to PR in Australia ? 2.How many years of work experience in required after doing diploma for PR ? 3.After doing 2 years Diploma,Is lateral entry to university possible ? ,How many years more do we need to finish the bachelors ? 4.Is going directly for a bachelor degree very expensive ? 5.Which course provide more job opportunities when we compare Diploma in mechanical Engineering and Diploma in information technology/Network Technology ? 6.what kind of job title will be available after Diploma courses mentioned above ? 7.last but not the least i am in a relationship with a girl in my country how can i take her before getting my PR ?What are the options ?
  4. Hi all Just read APRHA's latest statement! and its all about nurses who have a diploma/degree. I have a really sick feeling about this now. What about us nurses who did the old style training in the 90's and came out as an RGN but who have worked as qualified nurse ever since???? Do they not want us any more? Will I be able to register - was just about to Positive ANMC assessment that costs $$$ I've emailed them to find out, but wonder if anyone has any thoughts. Cheers, from a very upset and worried but STILL a qualified nurse (as far as I'm aware)