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Found 48 results

  1. Hi folks, I'm new to this forum so please be gentle. This may seem long-winded but please bear with me... I've seen plenty of threads discussing AHPRA with lots of puzzled/frustrated applicants so I thought I would gain as much information from them prior to siphoning our bank account on an application. I wanted to help others with my findings too - hence, this new thread. Here goes... I've been having a "discussion" with AHPRA (and other users) on Twitter regarding my wife and her potential registration. My wife has a Dip-He in Adult Nursing and five years post-grad experience (qualified 2009) in Stroke & ICU - Critical Care. We "were" intending to emigrate on a temporary visa and then go for permanent a couple of years later. However, with the recent "assessment" changes (in October 2013, implemented Feb 2014), AHPRA want Australian Degree qualified nurses (or equivalent to Level 7 on the AQA framework scale)... I guess you all know the drill there. Anyway, back to my twitter discussion... I have raised the question (more than once) why a Dip-He qualification and five years experience is no longer sufficient and their reply is the usual IQNMs are the way forward and working experience is not part of their assessment (feel free to check my Twitter feed). Therefore, the Dip-He will probably be classified as a Level 5 on the AQA scale - So no luck there. I questioned how a newly qualified nurse (with a degree) with no working experience could possibly be viewed as a better candidate for registration over someone with five years experience. I'm still waiting for an adequate response to that one. In addition, a tweet from AHPRA to another twitter user states the NMBA does NOT accept ANMACs assessments for registration purposes. When ANMAC say a Dip-He is equivalent to Australian Degree it means absolutely nothing to AHPRA for registration (just like the song - Oh Vienna). I've also raised the question if the UK & Australia have reciprocal healthcare agreements for tourists, which they currently do then why is it ok for an Australian national to be treated in the UK but if the nurse (with a Dip-HE) treating the Australian national decides to apply to AHPRA, s/he is basically incompetent. The intellectual at AHPRA didn't quite grasp my point. In conclusion... 1. Dip-He nurses - You're not welcome, seriously! Save yourself the fees ($520) 2. AHPRA does not currently acknowledge ANMACs assessments. Save yourself the $900 assessment fee. 3. If you have a Dip-He and want to "top-up" to a Degree, I guess you'll need to fund it yourself. Don't be surprised to be quoted around £2,700 in the UK or even more on an Australian "Bridging Program". 4. The only valid reason to be assessed by ANMAC is for the extra 10-15 points for the permanent visa application. However, if you've still "only" got a Dip-He, the assessment still won't gain AHPRA registration. If you're happy with that, good luck to you. 5. If you've a Dip-He, don't bother with the English test because even if you were to score 10's, your Dip-He qualifications aren't good enough (save £125 there). Taking into consideration all of the above points, we are saving just over £3,500 by not bothering. That's excluding the Visa fees, medicals, flights... Until things change... Good luck Australia in filling those nursing posts. Paddy. P.s I've nothing against degrees. If you've got one... Fantastic, genuinely, well done, I know how difficult it is. My gripe here is against common sense and people being ripped off.
  2. girlwander

    ANMAC application

    I submitted my ANMAC info 4 weeks ago now, the website states can take up to 7-8 due to COVID and WFH. I've logged into my account today and it just says 'Documents Received, nothing else. Do they update this as they go? Has anyone submitted their ANMAC info recently and received their positive skills assessment so I have an idea on the timeline please? I'm a Midwife currently on the PMSOL list so keen to get this process moving!!!
  3. Hi, I am an offshore registered nurse. I got my ANMAC done ON 19/9/2019. I am applying for EOI on my own. does anyone know which is the reference number in the skills assessment section. I mean id is the reference number of our application or the LOD number. Thanks a million.
  4. How long does it take for the modified skilled assessment(ANMAC)? I submitted mine on 29th July 2019. One of my friend got her result after 3 weeks, another got her result after 23 days. How about yours? How long does it take recently?
  5. Dear All, I'm looking for Anmac Professional reference example for Nurse Educator Occupation. Thank you
  6. Hi Everyone I'm making a start on my application for a 190 State Sponsored PR visa as an ICU nurse. I'm 43 and have 4.5 years experience. - As ANMAC will be taking online applications in a week or so, is it a good idea to apply simultaneously for both AHPRA nursing registration and the ANMAC skills assessment at the same time? - I did a 2 year postgraduate nursing course in 2013 (which is above degree level 6) and was taught and assessed at postgraduate level 7. Has anyone else with this qualification gained visas? It's relatively new and I'm expecting a lot of "Your course is below degree level" responses when actually it's higher, and wondering how ANMAC will view it. Thanks for any advice! Lee
  7. abin.thayyil

    ANMAC assessment

    Dears recently my anmac asessment was done. But in LOD they only mentioned about my current working experience and there were no mention about my previous work experiences for which also I had given complete docs with specified format. Can I enquire about the same with them and what could be the chance from their side of admitting mistake if it's from their side?
  8. Hi. I graduated in 2016 with a bachelor of nursing. I started my grad program last year and finished this year in February. The rotations for my grad program included Surgical ward, Rehabilitation, The NSW Eye centre, and main theatres. All these rotations were 3 months each but I have a cumulative experience of 12months. So I submitted my professional reference for ANMAC however they requested that I provide more information about your individual daily tasks, clinical skills and competencies as observed by your supervising nurse. So with that being said how do I write a reference that includes all these components. Also, do I have to apply under one ANZSCO code? The visas I am applying for are the 189 visa or 190. If you have written a letter recently could you please help me out.
  9. Silas

    489 visa

    I have completed diploma of nursing in 2016 and looking forward to apply for 489 visa. But I heard that, according to the new visa rule that we have to have 3 years work experience to apply for that visa. Is that correct? I am looking forward to your reply.
  10. aman78


    I am looking can someone help in skilled visa for nursing... i done bac. Of nursingh..
  11. Hello this is my first post on my own, so apologies for asking something someone may have already asked. I received my positive nursing skills assessment from ANMAC at 2am Thurs morning, and put in my Expression of Interest onto the immigration page for the 189 Skilled Visa by 3am!!. I am a Registered Nurse Surgical (254424) and know that I am cutting it fine before I turn 40 in July and lose points. My question was - How long do people think I might have to wait to be invited? I know that nurses have not reached their occupation ceiling yet. What do I need to scan ready to upload or get certified if I am invited? Do you think when I am invited it is best to do medical and police checks and front load them? It is just me on the visa, as I am recently widowed, and have marked my application as that. Many thanks in advance xx
  12. Hi Everyone! Just received my skills determination from ANMAC, and I was approved, however, there were many errors in my years of experience. They gave me credit for every job, just the years and dates are all over the place. For example- my current hospital. I started in January 2014 as a travel nurse and stayed on as staff starting in September 2014. My manager clearly stated this in the letter that I am still a current employee, and have taken on more roles etc since transitioning to staff. ANMAC after the fact requested a letter from HR from the travel company as well, which states that my contract ended in September (which it did because I became staff). However, on the letter they wrote from January 2014-September 2014 (ignoring the period of time that I have been staff that my manager clearly explained). Also, I worked at one hospital called Washington Hospital Center, and another called George Washington University Medical Center (similar names, yes, but different places) and they gave me 9 months of experience at George Washington Medical Center when I had 4 months there and 5 at the other while doing contract/travel nursing, and didn't list the other for experience. Finally, my work experience at all of the hospitals has been the same role. The way the hospitals explained the information was also very similar. However, for my first 2 hospitals as staff, and then 3 as a contract they gave me work experience for NEC. My final hospital (where they made the dates mistake) it says they give me work experience as Perioperative. Does this matter or not? Can I just claim overall work experience added together? Does anybody know how to get them to rectify the dates? Does this need a full appeal and $400? All of the information is already in front of them so I'm not quite sure how this works. Also, with the letter in hand can I go ahead and apply for the expression of interest? Do I have to only list what they gave me credit for (or can I list what I've actually done?). On the letter it does state this advice is the opinion of ANMAC, but does not guarantee the awarding of any points. Weird feeling to be happy and completely frustrated at the same time. I turn 33 in April so am trying to have this all finished before I lose points and with all of my experience should have been at 75, so was hoping to be invited quick. Thank you for any and all insight! Lindsey
  13. Melguest

    ANMAC experience

    Hi So I’m just working out my points to decide whether it’s an 189 or 190 visa I need to apply for.... it kind of depends on what ANMAC accept as experience. I have worked as a registered nurse for the last 5 years since qualifying with a diploma in nursing, I have recently topped up to a degree in order to apply for a visa so will my previous experience count or only my experience since obtaining the degree? Thanks in advance for anyone who has any info on this ?
  14. Liz24


    Has anyone has an LOD from ANMAC recently? How long did it take? I'm getting very impatient as have been waiting forever!!! Would be lovely to hear from someone who has had a LOD
  15. CatLady1234

    ANMAC and APHRA...very confused!

    Hi there, Hoping someone can clear up some confusion. I am trying to complete process of migrating to Australia to work as a nurse. My university will provide me with the required transcript of my qualification but need to know which institution to send this to, as the university says they send the transcript directly to the institution, not to me. So I am confused...is this ANMAC or APHRA this should be sent to? Where can you find the actual address? Also in terms of NMC and certificate of good standing, should this be sent to ANMAC or APHRA? I am really confused as I know I need to complete skills assessment via ANMAC but I presume all paperwork like transcript and Certificate of good standing is sent ahead before submit assessment online? So I am hoping someone can clarify the steps I should be taking and where ANMAC or APHRA these forms should be going to!!!??
  16. Good morning guys I thought I was ready to submit my documents to ANMAC for my skills assessment however before I could pay my $600 there was a line saying " I have received a valid notice of principle approval of registration subject to proof of identity from APHRA" I was under the impression the skills assessment from ANMAC took priority then I could apply for nursing registration after. Both agencies are wanting the same documentation and $600 each. Does anyone out there have any experience of this?? Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
  17. abin.thayyil

    ANMAC update mails

    Recently we had applied for ANMAC assessment. We got a mail asking to produce one document which we sent , but after which there is no communication from them. It's been 1 week since the document reached there. Should we intimate them via mail that document has reached there or ask them about current status? Sent from my HTC One mini 2 using Tapatalk
  18. Exchanger

    Need help about ANMAC assessment

    Hi everyone, i have a question about ANMAC assessment. My wife has total 5 years+ work experience at a Singapore hospital, but it consists of 1.5+ years ANZSCO 254425 and 3.5+ years ANZSCO 254418. she needs extra points for visa. So how will ANMAC calculate her work experience? will they recognize it under different ANZSCOs respectively as max 5 points(3.5-year 254418) ? Or regard it as combined 5+ years work experience together and claim 10 points? anyone got same situation like wife? please~ give us some advice, thank you~

    ANMAC Question

    Quick question, am I right in thinking once IELTS is passed and a suitable score obtained nurses/midwives etc have to then apply to ANMAC and once the skills assessment is approved then and only then can they apply for a skilled visa? once the visa comes through then AHPRA should be applied to due to the new rules?
  20. mrsgellerby

    UK Nurse making the move

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. We're currently in the process of using a visa agent to hekp us with the migration process. We'll be going over on a 189 visa, my Husband is an Electrican but we'll both be going on my visa as hes not fully qualified over in Oz. I passed my Academic IELTS the second time and our visa agents have submitted my details to ANMAC for skills assessment. I know the current processing times for ANMAC are around 11 weeks. I was just wondering what other peoples recent wait times have been in ANMAC, 189 visa and APHRA? My Hubby has booked Rugby League World Cup final tickets for Brisbane for Dec 2nd!! Thanks in advance
  21. Sye ev 101

    Reference refusal

    Hi guys, I hope someone could advise me. ive worked in Oz for 7 years as a nurse. Now applying for residency but some of my employers are refusing to provide me with a personal performance reference and only a statement of service as I've not worked for that organisation for over twelve months. This is hindering my application due to no fault of my own and may possibly prevent me from obtaining residency.. Anyone experienced this. Thanks
  22. Im a mental health nurse and I am getting all my documents together to apply for modified skills assesment from anmac...only thing thats taking time and probably will b done wrong anyway is my professional reference...anmac website confused me a little on reference requirement so I emailed them and they replied that I did not need a reference if my qualification was solely in mental health, only needed it if it was a general degree...im really pleased about this as means i can apply straight away, I dont need the points for work experience either. .. but also a little wary..ive heard ppl say they get told things by anmac n immi that then turn out to be false...and on here every1 seems to send a reference...anyone any idea? I dnt want to get it wrong. Thanks
  23. Tasha Johnston

    Looking help with ANMAC

    Hi , i am looking help with applying for my ANMAC assessment. I have only qualified as a nurse so i do not have experience to get 3 months references. I am registered with AHPRA though so i can apply for a modified assessment and it states you do not necessarily need 3 months experience to apply. I want to know if not having experience will mean i will not be successful. does anyone have any experience of applying newly qualified? Thanks!
  24. DeniDeni

    ANMAC documentation

    Hi, i am in the process of collating my documentation for ANMAC. The checklist specifies a certified copy of everything except marriage certificate. Has anyone sent a certified copy? I'd really rather not send the original to Canberra!
  25. I am a British registered nurse planning to apply for the subclass 190 visa permanent residence visa. I am registered with AHPRA and will have 60 points if I get state nomination. I have a few questions. Could someone help? 1. Can I apply myself or do I need to apply through a migration agent. Is it difficult to do by myself? 2. Should I get ANMAC (special) assessment first and then state nomination before I apply for EOI or am I supposed to apply for state nomination and EOI together. 3. What is the time frame to apply once invited for application. I need to know as I work full time in case I apply myself I need to plan the time. 4. Is form 1276 the identical to the online application form e-visa form 1393? And am I supposed to submit health and character documents along with the e-visa application. 5. There is any e-book,guide or book which could help in applying for the visa?