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  1. burmtra

    Anyone done the citizenship test recently?

    Thanks Bristle, sorry the 28th of September last year (or the 28th of August this year?)? Many Thanks
  2. burmtra

    Anyone done the citizenship test recently?

    Does anyone know what the current wait time is in Perth from submitting the citizenship application to actually sitting the citizenship test? Many Thanks
  3. Hi, does anyone know whether citizenship can be granted whilst overseas (ie we are applying now but expect to be overseas for a few months - up to a year during the application process - we would also return for the test and be onshore for that)? Many Thanks
  4. Hi, we are just wondering when you submit the citizenship application how long do you have to wait to sit the test currently. Also if you are overseas are you allowed to sit the test later when you return (ie a good few months later? as we are looking to go travelling for a while (upto a year) whilst the citizenship application is pending. Many Thanks
  5. burmtra

    462 Substantive visa?

    Hi my partner has been in Australia for 4 years this month which includes 1 year on a 462 (Work AND Holiday (not 417 working holiday) visa). Can anyone confirm is the 462 visa regarded as a substantive visa for the sake of the first year of qualifying for citizenship? Many Thanks
  6. Hi my partner came will reach the 4 year qualifying criteria in regard to being in Australia on the 23/09/18 being 1 year on a 462 visa, 1 year and 3 months and the rest on an 801 visa (4 years in total). What we are trying to clarify is whether we are allowed to leave Australia after the 25/9/18 as we had planned to go travelling for some time. We are trying to determine; 1 - What the current processing time is for Citizenship applications? 2 - If my partner comes up in the queue to sit her test etc whether she can do this from overseas or online or whether they can put it on hold until we return from our travel in 12 months? 3 - Whether there any other restrictions problems we could encounter in this relation to citizenship application? Many Thanks
  7. burmtra

    Medical cost?

    Hi does anyone know what the cost is of the medical exam for an 820 visa and how long it takes to organise? Thanks
  8. Hi, my partner had to return to her home country during our relationship for some time due to her mother being ill, we have medical records to evidence this but am unsure which evidence/document type to upload them under. Can anyone help? Also does anyone have a current timescale they have been waiting for on this visa - we lodged online (living in WA on the 1/9/15) All help appreciated! Thanks
  9. Hi, I have applied to sponsor my partner on an 820 visa. I am trying to determine whether I myself (as the sponsor) need to provide police certificates for all of the countries I have lived in for more than 12 months (4 countries) during the past 10 years in relation to my partners visa application? Thanks
  10. Hi, we are just wondering if anyone has any experience of the current 820-Spouse visa processing times.. We submitted on the 2/9/15 onshore and online. We haven't heard anything. Thanks..
  11. burmtra

    Processing time 820 in WA?

    Does anyone know \ or have any experience of the current processing times in WA of the 820 visa? We submitted the 1/9/15.. Thanks
  12. Hi, I am the sponsor (Australian citizen) who has applied to sponsor his partner on the 820 visa. What I'm trying to clarify is whether I (as the sponsor) have to provide police certificates for my self (in addition to my partners police certificates)? - Also, if so do I have to provide certificates for all of the countries I have lived in for more than 12 months during the last 10 years (4 countries)? Thanks All help is appreciated.
  13. Has anyone had an onshore 820 granted in Perth recently, if so how long after the application was submitted? Thanks
  14. Hi, we are uploading the Applicant; and the Sponsors statements in regard to the history of the relationship (820 spouse visa) - Does anyone know which 'Evidence type' to upload these under?? Thanks