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  1. bell123321

    English Test Advice Cambridge or Pearson

    Hi I would not say one is easier then the other. My OH kept failing PTE on speaking and then took IELTS and passed first time. However everybody is different and your husband may find the format of say PTE easier then IELTS.
  2. bell123321

    Documents for VETASSESS 'Not Claiming Points'

    My oh is in the process for the skills assessment just waiting on technical interview. He also isn't claiming work experience his just short of 3 years but he still had to submit all the payslips, contracts, qualifications etc etc
  3. bell123321


    My Oh did PTE twice and scored very low on the speaking element both times so he took the Ielts and scored a 9 first attempt and 8s in the other 3 elements. He loved the idea of PTE but found IELTS easier.
  4. bell123321

    Do more points mean a quicker result?

    I think a lot depends on what occupation you have.
  5. bell123321

    TRA Video Request

    My OH had this request last week. He spoke to his manager and asked if he could go in voluntary to record himself prepping food/cooking food etc (his going under cook). His manager was fine with that but not during his shift. Good luck
  6. bell123321

    Visa granted!!

    Congratulations :-)
  7. bell123321

    Illegal for Children to travel to school alone

    I always wonder if it was actually safer or if people were less aware due to social Internet presence. I used to walk to school by myself around 10 years. At my daughters school (uk) they say from year 5 (age 9-10) upwards are allowed with written concent. Though as we are a 30 min walk I am not happy with my daughter walking to school by herself. She's currently 10. Maybe at 11 I would be up for discussing the idea. I think high school age is a good age. I can understand why 12 though I would have it from first year of high school.
  8. bell123321

    Holiday ideas?

    I have a friend who 10 years ago flew to Vancover and travelled on an organised bus through the rocky etc. She did a month long trip and loved every minute of it. If you want I can find out what company she used.
  9. bell123321

    IELTS test validity - 887 visa

    I thought it was two years but sure someone will confirm for sure.
  10. It varies. My partner took PTE twice but failed badly on the speaking. His since taken ielts and got the results we need. First time he waited 9 days for the pte result, second time he had his results in 2 days. Fingers crossed for the 7s this time for you both.
  11. bell123321

    IELTS Vs PTE Academic...any thoughts?

    My husband tree pte twice and couldn't pass. He particularly struggled with the speaking element as I lot was on how well you can interpret graphs etc. His native English and didn't even get 10 points. After advice on here he took ielts and scored 8.5 and 9s on all elements on his first attempt. On both tests he got books and studied. I guess it's completely down to the individual on which suits you best.
  12. bell123321

    Ielts academic for ANMAC?

    Maggie is right I was sleep deprived when writing my response and wrote it the wrong way around.
  13. bell123321

    Ielts academic for ANMAC?

    IELtS academic PTE general in most cases, (in our experience)
  14. I'd like to thank @Kirstyj and @supercow for suggesting the other half try ielts after failing badly on the speaking on Pte. He got his result today on ielts and scored 9, 8, 8.5, 8.5 so thank you for your suggestion super happy he did much better on the ielts.
  15. bell123321

    PTE Academic Tutor

    Just say we feel your pain. Oh has taken Pte 3 times and failed speaking all times whilst scoring fine in the other 3 sections. A week ago he tried ielts for the first time. We are awaiting on the results though he felt it went well. Time will tell. He also went to the London test centre did not think about going to another one, though could help if quieter esp for speaking.