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  1. Bob1

    457 child with epilepsy

    The child is on medication - from Cambodia and hasn't had a seizure in school but does have behaviour problems - spaced out, autistic features. We want him to see a paed in Oz to rule medication causing the behaviour problems but parents so far haven't done this and I was thinking it may be because they hadn't declared the epilepsy when they applied for the visa. Want to clarify if that would be the case - or if on a 457 then declaring an illness is not an issue.
  2. Bob1

    457 child with epilepsy

    is part of 457 requirement to have private health insurance?
  3. I work in a school and there is a child on a 457 visa who has epilepsy. they are taking medication that was prescribed in Cambodia - where they are from, and parents seem very reluctant to go and see an Australian Paediatrician to have the medication reviewed. I don't know anything about this visa and am wondering if they may not have received a 457 if they had declared the illness. Does anyone know - would they have got a 457 no problem? Thanks
  4. Woodvale is much better. The average ATAR for each high school was published this month. As a rough guide you need a minimum ATAR of 70 to get into Uni and 80 for the best Unis in WA. Woodvale's average ATAR was 82.15. Butler College is new and is not up to Year 12. Kids in that area go to Mindarie College - their ATAR was 69.4, one of the lower ones in Western Australia so I'd go with Woodvale.
  5. Bob1

    Education system Aus vs UK

    There's your answer then, listen to the person who has worked in two schools in Oz comparing it to the UK or you can google the results of a scientific, international organisation who conduct studies worldwide and analyse the results, that are published worldwide, pfft what do they know. .
  6. Australia has two of the top 25 drama schools in the world - WAAPA - Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and NIDA.
  7. "Bali far richer in culture than Australia" that's an interesting one
  8. Bob1

    Education system Aus vs UK

    Australian results for 15 year olds compare very favorably to other countries. Here's the results of the PISA tests, 15 year old world wide take these tests so I wouldn't worry about the standard of education. http://www.bbc.com/news/business-26249042 There are some very mediocre private schools in Perth and you'd be better to be at a top ranking state school - choose wisely. Several Universities are offering foundation courses and you can go straight into them from GCSE courses.
  9. Bob1

    maths in england v maths in aus

    Rather than reading anecdotal comments, look at world rankings in maths. The OECD test 15 year olds world wide every three years and publish the results. Australia is always several places above the UK and does much better across the board. http://static.businessinsider.com/image/529db2aa6bb3f7f9318b1f62/image.jpg?_ga=1.138953267.1227905634.1463592118 One of my theories.....people come to Oz from the UK where they may have lived in a decent area. They want a nice house so go for best house in poorest suburb or just can't afford the more affluent suburbs. Local school turns out to be below national average standard. Then they start saying that the whole of the education system must be behind the UK. Stick with world wide studies and choose your school and suburb carefully.
  10. Bob1

    Whats your views on Mandurah?

    Warts and all? 6th worst suburb for car theft 5th worst for home burglary 5th worst for assault Public high schools really poor results For car theft https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/wa...for-car-theft/ For home burglary https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/wa...or-burglaries/ For assault https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/wa...assault/#pause Check out a suburb here - https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/wa...pots-revealed/
  11. Bob1

    Good suburbs for a young family?

    Anywhere on the city to Freo train line, if that is out the budget start working North to Scarbrough.
  12. Bob1

    schools and areas

    Top four State schools in Western Australia are consistently Rossmoyne, Willeton, Shenton College and Churchlands. I disagree with previous post andcwouldcpayvextracrentvto get in the catchment areas for these schools rather than pay for a mediocre private school. These schools beat many of the private school hands down. Rossmoyne and Willeton are the top SOR, John Curtin runs a specialist art, music and drama programme and is worth considering and Melville is ok and a good area. You'll be fine with any of these, older established areas with bigger gardens and good family facilities.
  13. Bob1

    Enrolling children in school in WA in 2016

    Why Halls Head? Halls Head Community College would be the local high school and it is very poor in terms of results - significantly below the Australian average in terms of numeracy and literacy testing and results in Year 12 (final year) didn't make the league tables as they were so poor. 42% of the families fall in the lowest income bracket (average for Australia 25%).You don't have to enrol them beforehand as schools will often want evidence of where you are living - you have to be in the catchment area though sometimes they will take kids out of the area if they have space. Private schools you can enrol now. 4 weeks in a holiday place would probably be long enough to find a house. Voluntary contributions - is voluntary but that's because the school can't ask you to pay it. the contribution might make the difference between having an extra teacher assistant, or an art/music teacher in primary school, or an outside organisation to come in and teach PE - it pays for the added extras that make the school a good place to be and that are not provided by the Education department. If no one paid it then schools would struggle with resources and have to do lots more fund raising.
  14. Bob1

    Continuing the Private vs Public School theme....

    Here’s the top school ranking by results 2014 for Perth just to give you an idea. I don’t know the fees for some of them, just giving rough estimate There are some private schools that re beaten hands down by the govt schools and it would be better to pay more rent than school fees. 1 All Saints' College Private, mixed, $15,000 2 Perth Modern School Govt but selective – have to sit an entrance exam 3 St Hilda's Anglican School For Girls $25,000 4 St Mary's Anglican Girls' School $20,000 5 Christ Church Grammar School Boys - $25,000 6 Presbyterian Ladies College Girls $25,000 7 Hale School Boys $25,000 8 Santa Maria College Girls, Catholic $12,000 9 Penrhos College Girls $15,000 10 Perth College Girls $15,000 11 Scotch College Boys $25,000 12 Methodist Ladies' College Girls $25,000 13 Iona Presentation College Girls Catholic $12,000 14 Wesley College Possibly mixed $15,000 15 Willetton Senior High School Govt - free 16 Churchlands Senior High School Govt Free 17 Rossmoyne Senior High School Gvt free 18 Shenton College Govt Free 19 John Wollaston Anglican Community School Mixed $10,000 20 Aquinas College Boys $20,000 21 Sacred Heart College Catholic Mixed $10,000 22 John XXIII College Cathoic Mixed $10,000 23 Trinity College Boys $15,000 24 Kolbe Catholic College Mixed $10,000 25 CBC Fremantle Boys Catholic $10,000 Eleven schools are in the Western Suburbs of Perth
  15. Bob1

    Rockingham Schools

    The my school web site has the results of the NAPLAN results- like SATS. http://www.myschool.com.au/ If you put in a suburb all the schools will come up. Go to NAPLAN on the left and 'results in numbers'. If it is red then the schools results are below the national average. Rockingham Beach is red/ dark red which isn't great. The high school isn't great, very poor results. A bogan is someone rough - google Rockingham and bogan and all will be relieved.