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  1. Pozz

    457 to pr

    Hi. Currently, no it doesn't. You need to have held a position for 2 years whilst on the 457 to be eligible for sponsored PR.
  2. Pozz


    Hi. I've got a couple of posties, a '48 BSA, a zx6r, and a bolwell scooter I fixed up for my gf. I tend to ride around west Melbourne but have done the GOR and Phillip Island for the MotoGP.
  3. Pozz

    How much did it cost you to migrate to Australia.

    I have referred to myself as a 'ten thousand pound' pom.
  4. Pozz

    Motorcycle license query

    Hey, I only held my full license for a couple of years and it was valid when I moved here. It was categorised on my UK driving license and automatically was added to my Aus license when I applied. I didn't have to ride on P's or have any restrictions at all. Hope that helps.
  5. Pozz

    Melbourne negatives: facts or stereotype?

    Melbourne...the most liveable city in the world. Decide what you want from life then google Melbourne; if the weather isn't right for you then head somewhere else.
  6. Pozz

    Australians say no to 457

    Really? That's news to me! Or are you being sarcastic?!
  7. Pozz

    Australians say no to 457

    I can only comment on my own experiences and of those in similar professional circles. My experience shows that employers have to prove themselves worthy to sponsor 457 temporary, and 186 permanent visas, which is not an easy process. I can not comment on 457 visa processes outside of the UK, of which I am dubious of.
  8. Pozz

    Australians say no to 457

    I think jack13 was saying that most people who complain about 457's have no idea what they are talking about, and those that do come here on that visa are because there is a void in the australian workplace.
  9. Pozz

    Motorbike License in WA

    I had this dilemma before moving to vic. In vic you spend ages on a restricted license, so I did the direct access in the uk then transferred to a full Aus rider license. Have a look and see what the criteria are
  10. Pozz

    Australians say no to 457

    I got here on one, and can testify that it is nowhere near as easy as everybody here says! I decided to go this route when the point system changed, and as a medical professional with 14 years experience suddenly dropped enough points to no longer be eligible for a skilled migrant 175 to get here during one of the many criteria changes; emailed the minister for immigration via an open forum to ask how i could migrate to australia. The response I recieved advised me that sponsorship via work or state was preferred. This was in 2010. Fortunately I found sponsorship, and now have pr through the 457 transition scheme. I don't know anybody on a 457 who is flipping burgers, or doing unskilled work, and believe me I know a lot of people on 457's.
  11. Pozz

    Petrol Mower not working - Suggestions?

    I have a sprinter from bunnings too....with the Briggs and Stratton engine. It's green and was quite cheap. The throttle cable on mine is a bit dodgy, and it is prone to getting debris in the fuel. Both these things would/could cause poor running and starting.
  12. Pozz

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    It's crazy. I did mine through melbourne without an agent, in july, 186 transition, sole applicant, front loaded everything except medicals...visa approved 1st November. I have colleagues that have waited 9 months so far.
  13. Pozz

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Visa granted on Friday 1st November. 186 ENS 457 transition. Application submitted 16th July. Asked for medical 7th October, attended a week later. Granted 1st November. No agent. Melbourne office. Very happy!
  14. Just wondering how long it takes from documents being requested to showing as received when checking online status/processing? I had my medical for my ens186 as requested, its been completed by medibank, but not yet changed after a couple of weeks. How long do things generally take to update or is it an open ended question? Thanks guys
  15. Pozz

    New Car

    Mazda 3. $20k and great cars.