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  1. Brexit

    It's almost like the "experts" were making things up.
  2. Brexit

    You'd think the rest of the EU would be happy we're leaving, as apparently they get no benefit from our membership.
  3. Brexit

    WTF Juncker talking sense, maybe he's sobered up
  4. Brexit

    Wow, a massive 150 jobs, can the economy survive!!!!!!! we might be OK
  5. Brexit
  6. Brexit

    The Good News on Brexit They’re Not Telling You
  7. The cost of living

    In England you can get a PPC £104 for 12 months, covers the cost of all prescriptions, quite a saving on our medication costs compared to Australia.
  8. Brexit

    Could, must be the most overused word in this tread.
  9. Hgv driver moving to Victoria

    62 year old HGV driver, what visa has he applied for?
  10. Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Yes, and plenty of it by the look of it.
  11. Sunset/sunrise Photos

  12. Brexit

    Most people I know expect a few bumpy years, but are confident things will be fine in the long run.
  13. Brexit

    Some posters showing their true colours, advocating ageism, it beggars belief.
  14. Brexit

    The experts told us the car industry would be devastated, looks like they were wrong AGAIN
  15. Brexit

    No,no, you've got it all wrong, they love the EU, in fact they love it so much, they've gone to the ends of the Earth for it, correction, to get away from it.