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  1. Brexit

    This was interesting
  2. Brexit

    Watched much BBC lately?
  3. Brexit

    I know it's stating the obvious, but
  4. Brexit

    Junkers wine bill.
  5. Brexit

    Good luck with that closer European integration by the way
  6. Brexit

    Mutti has spoken
  7. Brexit

    Some people aren't going to be happy about this
  8. Brexit
  9. Brexit

    Another thing that amazes me is the number of people that can't tell the difference between "no deal is better than a bad deal" and "no deal is better".
  10. Brexit

    either way, no one will be brought to their knees, but everyone can have a good outcome if the EU elite start acting like grown ups.
  11. Brexit

    Is there anybody on the planet, that thinks countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and so on joined the EU because they believed in the EU dream they joined to get their noses in the trough, and now the amount swill in the trough is about to be dramatically reduced, on top of that, the Brussels elite are telling them, WE are willing to let YOU sacrifice YOUR economies so WE can punish those nasty British for leaving our wonderful dream, yep, that's going to work
  12. Brexit

    What amazes me, is that anyone could believe the leaders of 27 nations, are going to sit back and let some silly old fools in Brussels wreck their economies, all because EU elite have had their egos bruised,
  13. 3 Days in London

    I think us men have all suffered a variation of that scenario
  14. Brexit

    1 in 10, and they wonder why no one listens to them now
  15. Ticket is bought!

    Best of luck, you've had a really tough time, nothing can make up for the loss of Scott, but maybe the move can bring a little light into your life.