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  1. Wizz Air celebrates 'major investment' as base opens at Luton airport
  2. Comedy post of the year, no excuses BUT, if we hadn't destabilised the middle East, then this wouldn't have happened.
  3. you were having a dig at the UK, sunshine.
  4. Nothing useful to contribute then...just saying.
  5. That's weird, the quote is from sunset
  6. Of course they would, ISIS have killed far more Muslims than they have any other faith, they are either the wrong kind of Muslim, or not Muslim enough for those bastards.
  7. No excuses, no deflection, it's nobody else's fault, just a brainless lowlife scumbag.
  8. I think it's fair to say no one, central or local government, Conservative or Labour can avoid some blame for this tragedy.
  9. Yep that makes sense, recruit them in the UK and then transfer them to Austria, great plan, I guess they'll still be selling them to their biggest market, China, probably be able to sell more once we untangle ourselves from the EU business brake, oh and as we import more than we export to the EU the tariffs will provide a nice little bonus to the government, even after they've compensated exporters.
  11. 1 dead, terrible.
  12. Let me guess, the Irish Times
  13. If that's true then how was that allowed to happen, who signed it off? someone should face corporate manslaughter charges!!
  14. And Labour and the Greens don't really get on that well, Labour will be listening to what the unions say not what the Greens say.