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  1. nicolac34

    UK Student Finance

    If she has updated the SLC with her new Australian address they will post you out a form to complete in which you declare your income and provide proof (contract and 3 months payslips). Send this back and they'll write back letting you know what your payment schedule is. It is significantly higher than she would pay if in the UK, but you can negotiate this down - just write back to them (snail mail unfortunately unless you use fax) and say you can't afford the higher repayment and offer to pay something else. I did this when they wanted me to fork over £364 a month - I negotiated it down to £200. To make payments I used an Australian credit card that doesn't charge foreign transaction fees (mine was Bankwest Zero transaction one but there are others). Each month I'd log onto the SLC website and make the required payment. The SLC will chase you if you don't pay. They've become much more switched on to people going abroad and defaulting. If you can I'd pay it off as soon as you can, the exchange rate fluctuating was crap for us. If we'd paid it off when we first arrived it would have cost us $3k less than it ended up doing. Thankfully we've both paid off our loans now and have no reason to constantly check the exchange rate!
  2. You can't apply onshore for this visa unless you have a visa already which allows that, so they would presumably be on a tourist visa and if that has 'no further stay' in it, then no, they couldn't live here whilst waiting for it. You can apply for this visa outside Australia. If you are in Australia, you can apply only if your temporary visa lets you apply for another visa while you are in Australia. You must be outside Australia when the visa is granted.
  3. Do you realise the 103 visa has an exceptionally long wait time? The immigration website suggests 30 years.... My parents came over on a 173 and then got the 143, they did this so they could split the costs.
  4. nicolac34

    Young Family - Potential move to Perth

    So easy to do in Perth - we were the same before we had our son, $200k combined income, no savings to speak of but comfortable and wouldn't consider ourselves as having a lot of money (and no, not a huge mortgage... but then what is huge? Everyone's definitions vary) Now we earn a bit less because I'm part-time and we have daycare to fork out for but we still manage. I find if you earn it, you spend it. Well we do anyway!
  5. nicolac34

    Young Family - Potential move to Perth

    1) Childcare! - As we have 2 children who are young, I have done lots of research and i've seen that childcare is around $90AUD a day for 1 child. I have two children so that will be $180 per day - Is any other young families in the same situation? And how do you manage the costs? I know we can get a rebate, but its not much to help. You'll be doing well if you can find $90 a day, my centre is $120 a day (in the suburbs, 25km south of the City). You do get the rebate, which is $7,500 per child per financial year, which does help, but yes it's expensive. 2) Although we are both qualified with lots of experience, i'm concerned around job availability, is anyone or has anyone stuggled to find work? Perth is in the doldrums at the moment, we are both in work thankfully, and don't know anyone out of work - but that's not to say that there aren't plenty of people struggling. Best keep an eye on Seek and email a few recruiters to get an idea of whether you'll find something easily or not. 3) What areas of perth do you live in and how long does your commute take you? We live down near Cockburn central - suburbia really. It's 24km from the City, 5km from the beach and 5km to our nearest station. We both drive to work which is a right PIA so we are moving closer to the City. So many areas to choose from, it really depends on budget and whether you need access to public transport (wouldn't recommend driving to a station to park and catch the train, never enough spaces). 4) Have any females had luck in securing a 4 day working week? or do you know any companies that are flexible with family life? Plenty of companies say they are flexible... finding one that is in reality can be hard. I work 4 days a week, but only because I was full time first and this is what I wanted when I came back from maternity leave. And my so called family friendly employer is pushing very hard for me to go back full-time. My husband however has lots of flexibility, and although he officially works full time, he's the one that takes sick days or does appointments for our little boy. Big question is - do you have family support over here? Can be super hard without it.
  6. nicolac34

    Perth to Brisbane - Western Suburb recommendations!

    Great, thank you. Certainly gives me a starting point on where to look! I think renting will help, as we don't want to jump right in to a suburb without knowing what it actually 'feels' like to live there - and will certainly be doing a reccie before we commit to moving anyway.
  7. So the time may be approaching for us to leave Perth and head over East. We've given it a good shot (4 years) but it's time for something new. Hubby has a job opportunity in Ipswich, we know nothing of the area and the surrounding suburbs so wondered if there were any helpful souls that could point me in the direction of some nice suburbs that I can attempt to google to death! I will need to work as well, so should probably aim to have a half decent commute into the CBD if that's where I end up working (although will be on maternity leave for the next 8 months). We are a young 30's couple with an impending newborn, would like to live somewhere with a bit of 'life' to it - so cafes, restaurants, shops but also will need facilities for schooling and for me to find some socialising with a baby. We've done suburbia in Perth and find it lacking. We'd be renting initially for 6 months and then looking to buy. We'd like not to spend a fortune, in an ideal world would like something requiring not much work (did the total house renovation thing in Perth and not sure I'm up for it again...), with a pool for under $700k (but ideally $500-$600k if we can find something that ticks the above boxes).
  8. nicolac34

    Loan interest rates in Oz!

    Yes loan rates here are quite high for personal items, unsecured the most - wouldn't be getting one of those anytime soon that's for sure! The issue with getting a loan in the UK right now is that you are going to be at the mercy of currency fluctations to be able to repay it. As it is the dollar isn't doing so good against the pound - if that continues and you're having to send funds regularly back to the UK that good interest rate is going to seem like an ever increasing burden. For example if we had paid off my husbands student loan when we first arrived and the rate was 1.45 we'd be repaying around $3k less than we have to now it's $2.05....
  9. nicolac34

    Visiting UK with babies born in Oz - passport dilemma

    If they are born here don't they have to have Aussie passports first anyway? My friend is getting both for her 3 month old and she said she had to get the Australian passport (as he is a citizen) and then get the British one - as he is British by decent.
  10. nicolac34

    Are people still moving here ?

    I'm out of the O&G game in Perth now, was good while it lasted and I made a pretty penny thanks to a big Canadian Company buying us out back in June. Sure I was made redundant, but all's well that ends well and I got another permanent job 4 months later (and tbh if you remember me complaining about being on the 857 and stuck there it was a relief to leave!) Now in not-for-profit company that is not likely to go belly up anytime soon (big household name). Otherhalf also in a quasi-government agency that isn't going anywhere either. So for us life in Perth is looking pretty secure for the first time in a long old while. Also funny how neither of us got anywhere with recruitment agencies and got these jobs directly. I don't think you'll be seeing many tumbleweeds in the CBD this weekend - I reckon it's going to be packed and I'm pretty excited!
  11. Just thought I'd pop back and update as it's always nice to hear when people get their visas! My parents 173>143 was granted yesterday, so 2.5 years since their original application Timeline was: 24th June 2014 - 143 Application Submitted August 2014 - PCC and AOS requested September 2014 - AOS Completed 2nd Feb 2015 - 2nd VAC Requested 7th Feb 2015 - 2nd VAC Paid 10th Feb 2015 - 143 GRANTED! They are pretty chuffed to be PR now, especially as their contracts go through on some land they've purchased in the next couple of weeks - means they'll get their $10k FHBG instead of having to wait. Think they are a bit shell shocked at the outlay, but still love it every day they are here. And they are super happy as they are here in time to welcome their first grandchild - having my parents 5 minutes away when I have our first in August is going to be Awesome!! Good luck everyone! :smile:
  12. Thanks Barry, assumed it was a typo! That means they shouldn't be too long then hopefully!
  13. We've submitted the bond money ($14k) at Commonwealth and they send the confirmation to Centrelink and immigration I assume? Sorry I thought that once the money was paid over that was it done and dusted! Do we need to follow up with Centrelink again?
  14. June 2013? So they are taking 18 months to process the 173 to 143 visas now? I think they were under the impression it was 8 months or something... Yes you're right, the did apply a bit later (just checked my emails), end of June 2014 their application went in and the AOS and police checks were requested in August 2014 and completed in September 2014.
  15. Hi everyone, Wondered if anyone had got a 173 to 143 recently? Parents lodged their 143 back in April time I think, lodged the AOS back in October last year and haven't heard anything since. I thought once they'd requested the AOS and got that it would go through pretty quickly then - but has been very quiet!