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  1. libbysmum

    sponsoring an overseas worker

    thank you snifter. and no Shelleymc as yet am no further forward with this situation.
  2. Hi all, I was hoping for some advice maybe from a registered migration agent regarding possible pathways to source overseas workers. We have a small barber shop and find it extremely difficult sourcing qualified experienced staff locally. Currently, looking at the employer requirements, we would only be eligible to nominate via the rsms 187 visa. However after looking into ways to nominate overseas workers etc it seems as though there are lengthy wait times for visa processing even when sponsoring an individual for work. A working holiday maker could only work for a maximum of 6 months with one employer and any bridging visa would have the same condition, but the visa takes around 12 months to process? Am i missing something? Is there any way to get workers who could start immediately and continue to work whilst visas are processing? Thanks Sarah
  3. hi, I am an employer researching the option of sponsoring a 187 direct entry migrant. I am aware of the regional certifying body fee that I have to pay, but are there any other fees that I would need to pay to the DIBP? thanks in advance
  4. libbysmum

    Moving to Hervey Bay from UK in 2015

    Different people obviously like different things, and i'm far from a city lover, prefer the quieter pace and away from the rat race, no sitting in traffic on way to work school etc etc, so here's my take on the town. People say its mostly a holiday retirees region, but that is so old school now, we've been here 2 years and the development that is going is unreal. It is THE fastest growing region in queensland, there are new housing developments being built all the time, a brand new shopping centre which is pretty decent in terms of what we did have previously. In the last few months I have noticed nearly every childrens playground on the esplanade has had a revamp with work still ongoing. As the saying goes "build it and they will come" As long as you have a job to come too, you're winning. That's the major issue in this region, lack of industry etc. I can only comment on the school I send my young children to, Kawungan State School (primary). It has a really good reputation and my children settled extremely quickly made friends easily and love their teachers. I think they are doing a great job educating my littlies. There are about 6 state primaries, 2 state high schools and maybe 4 private primary-secondary schools, considering this is supposedly a "retirees" area that's a whole lot of schools and a whole lot of children and families! Kawungan has in the region of 1000 pupils alone. As for settling down and feeling at home ourselves, we are nearly there I reckon, its difficult as we are still renting, hubby made his own work here by opening a barber shop and we cant get a mortgage until he has 2 years worth of tax returns as is self employed. Once we get that home of our own, I think that will be it for us, Hervey Bay definitely will be "home". We've even started saying we have to back to wales for a visit, rather than saying we have to go back "home". The weather is pretty perfect in my opinion, this summer has been very sticky which has been the downside, however as long as you have aircon in your house it shouldn't bother you. I would say if you find it difficult coping in heat then make sure you get a house with aircon, our previous rental didn't and was in a pocket where it didn't get much in the way of breezes, that's the only reason we left as just couldnt cope. Winter is gorgeous, cool sometimes nippy mornings and evenings but generally every day will be dry and sunny - "happy weather", reaching around 20 degrees during the day. Our lifestyle consists of days out to the beach, fishing, bbq-ing, taking kids to parks, biking, walking, eating out at the numerous eateries around the place, maybe travelling outside of the bay at weekends and still exploring the vast region around us. Going bush/beach in our 4WD vehicle. Fraser island is a must! Absolutely Beautiful! We are seriously considering buying our yearly pass for the island as we love it so much. Generally just embracing all things Aussie. In the 2 years we've been here we've yet to make it to Brisbane lol, too much to see in between. We've been as far south as Australia Zoo, erm 6 times lol, kids love it and whenever we get visitors its a must for them lol. I've waffled on a bit, but if you need any more info and want to meet up when you arrive then you're more than welcome.
  5. libbysmum

    Cost of Living in Australia 2015

    So this is based on a family of 6 living regionally in Hervey Bay QLD Cost of a hotel? No idea Cost of Public Transport? Public Transport.........Hervey Bay?? Erm nope, the odd bus every hour or so but that's it, don't use it, need a car. Price of a coffee? $3.50 upwards Price of a Beer? In a pub - $5 upwards Price of a Loaf of Bread? - from $1, I pay about $3 for the loaf I like Price of Milk? $1 per litre Price of fuel? 1.29 approx. for diesel Price of a 4 bed rental? approx.$330 upwards. Prive of a 4 bed house to buy? around $350 upwards dependant on location etc Electric costs per quarter? $410 Gas costs per quarter? No Gas Water costs per quarter? $60 Rates per year? Don't know as currently renting House Insurance? n/a Car Insurance? 680 per year which covers 2 4wd vehicles fully comprehensive Internet? $70 for 200gb plus $23 for the phone line Food costs per week? I average approx. $200 with baby milk and nappies etc School Fees? Don't know as kids attend public school
  6. Hi Since making the move over we have had 2 babies who obviously weren't on our initial application and don't have Visas We are permanent residents so both babies will be automatic citizens and entitled to Aussie passports. If we go ahead and get them their Aussie passports is it going to be a bit of a nightmare at UK immigration, I mean which queue do we head for? we have british, the babies would have Aussie? We could get their british passports but then what happens returning to Oz as they wont have a visa in this passport. We could go overboard and get both passports, but the expense would be enormous especially as our older 2 need to have their passports renewed too, and can you even enter on one passport and leave on another, would that even work with booking plane tickets? Confused.com
  7. libbysmum

    Barber wanting to move to Oz

    Hi Sezza, we moved over nearly 3 years ago, my OH applied as a barber only has nvq2 in hairdressing and only ever cut mens hair, we didn't have any problems, so yes it is possible!!
  8. libbysmum

    Looking to move North

    Wherever you live in Hervey bay you're never more than 10 minutes drive from the beach at most and in many suburbs easily walkable in that time. Work would be your issue though, relatively high unemployment here but if you can find permanent work its a fab place to bring up a family
  9. libbysmum

    Oh its nice here- Hervey Bay in Queensland

    Totally agree, we moved here after an unsuccessful start south of Adelaide followed by a 6 month tour of the east coast. We found ourselves our little gem. A retirees area? Yes, but that's not to say its not family friendly, far from it. There are plenty of families here. To put it in perspective my daughters primary in the uk had around 300 kids, her school here 1100, and its one of about 5 state primary's, 2 state high schools and at least 3 or 4 private schools. Definitely no shortage of kids!
  10. Any experienced barbers looking to head to QLD? My OH is looking to employ a traditional mens barber, we are regional based in Hervey Bay, 3 1/2 hours from Brisbane. an offer of employment for over 12 months could open up the 489 visa pathway as hairdressing is on the QSOL. His shop, Just Men Barber Shop has now been trading over 9 months and is at the point where he requires another pair of hands. Any interest please message, Thanks Sarah
  11. libbysmum

    which high school

    Hi there, We have been in Hervey Bay for 9 months but my children are younger and in state primary school so no real experience with high schools, but have heard good things about Urangan state high school, not so good things about hervey bay high school. We have friends with children in Xavier catholic college a private school which is apparently very good, and have also heard good things about fraser coast anglican college. Riverside Christian college in Maryborough seems to have an excellent reputation and I believe they operate a school bus from hervey bay. Obviously it all depends on whether you are looking for a state or private school. Hopefully this info will get you moving in the right direction. Sarah
  12. Hi all, whats the cheapest way to get a parcel back to the uk, it will be about 5kg, but could split into a few smaller ones if ths makes it any cheaper? any guidance appreciated sarah:wubclub:
  13. so how would I go about unlocking it????? can I do it myself online? Or would I need to find someone to do it? I wonder if it's worth the hassle of trying to sort it out, but from what I have found to buy a dongle for a PAYG plan over there can be around $99, thats before you pay for any data allowances.
  14. just as the title suggests really i want mobile broadband for first month or so on pay as you go when we arrive until we are ready to get a contract. I have a 3 pay as you dongle i'm currently using and it is quite new being hspa+ enabled, getting downloads of over 5Mbs. Can i take it over with me and just get a new sim on whatever network is needed or would it need unlocking like mobile phones, or would it just not be compatible full stop???:wacko: thanks Sarah
  15. libbysmum

    Car rego

    Thankyou all for that :wubclub:, much clearer now. I think I get it now:biglaugh: