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  1. Hi there, My parents have their application in for visa sub-class 143 and wish to withdraw it and and apply for the 804 instead. Do you know if they can do this? They applied for the 143 off-shore and want to apply for the 804 on-shore while they are here. Has anyone successfully managed to do this? Also, if they are granted the 804 do you know if they can come and go as they please whilst waiting, or do they have to stay outside of Australia? And will they be covered under medicare on an 804? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help. Gypsy10
  2. Yes sorry I called it Bridging by mistake. Do we know how much they cost and can they live here whilst they are waiting for the 143 to come through?
  3. Hmmmmm...I'm thinking it might be best to stick at it and wait for the 143 to be granted(fingers crossed). I wonder if this new bridging visa due to come out in July will allow them to come and temporarily stay here while they are waiting for their 143 to be granted?
  4. But while they are waiting am I right in saying they can live here?
  5. Hi there, We applied for a Contributory Parent Visa (subclass 143) in December 2015. Recently we have been toying with the idea of changing our application to a Parent Visa (subclass 103). I'm not sure what the consequences would be or even if it's possible. Has anyone done this before? If so do you have any advice you can share? Are there any people people out there whose parents are here on a 103? If so are there any restraints they have had to face? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks
  6. What would you say about Woodvale gpo1971? QUOTE=gpo1971;1936392048]Never been to Carramar, the name reminds me of Caramacs and I hated them. So, that would put me off living there. Alkimos is going to be a building site for 25 years, jib that. Those areas near Whitfords seem a bit meffy, plus they are the hotspot breeding ground for the new generation of 18 & 19 yr old SuperBogans about to be unleashed on society. I'd forgotten Ridgewood existed. The best place is Two Rocks; its like Runcorn in Australia i.e. that zombie movie set in the shopping mall.
  7. gypsy10

    New years eve

    Happy Christmas! I hope had a good one. Ours was lovely although very different to what we're used to. We emigrated 10 weeks ago and so far so good. I was just wondering what people have planned for new years eve??? Look forward to hearing what you''ll be getting up to. Manisha
  8. Gpo1971 you are so funny! You should right a guidebook about all the different suburbs. I'd buy it :laugh:
  9. gypsy10

    Beaches SOR ???

    Hi there, We've been led to believe that the coastline SOR is not as appealing as NOR. Is it true that it is very industrial in places and not as pleasing to the eye in some places? We wanted to know if there are any parts that are non-industrial that anyone could recommend to us? We do not want to rule the south out as we are concentrating on the north at the mo, but a nice coastline not too far away from home is one of our priorities. Any recommendations, thoughts, opinions would be much appreciated?s Cheers
  10. gypsy10

    location in perth

    Hi there how do you rate the beaches in the south? I've heard they are not as nice as the ones up north. We arrive this Saturday so will be interesting to see. Thanks for the link I'm going to check it out tonight.
  11. gypsy10

    Mandurah or Bunbury?

    Great thread. Does anyone have any ideas on what the job industry is like for IT(software testers) and CAD engineers in the oil and gas industry. We arrive this Saturday and will be researching areas to settle in. We have 2 boys aged 5 and 7 so our main priorities are schools and employment. Any thoughts, opinions will be much appreciated. Thank you, Manisha
  12. Hi there, Anybody have any thoughts on Duncraig and surrounding areas for a young family, with schools in mind, house prices, people etc etc etc. I am panicking BIG time now as we arrive this Saturday! :eek: Our main priorities after arriving is finding a good area with a good primary school and securing a long-term let. Any thoughts, opinions, advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. Manisha xx
  13. Hey Paddyburt, Aiden our youngest is also 6 in February!!! What date is Conor's birthday? Aiden's is the 6th :smile: We're staying in a holiday let for the 1st 6 weeks in East Victoria park, during which time we'll be frantically looking, north and south for a good school and a long term let. I'm sure you'll be doing the same thing too. Where are you staying? Do you mind if I pm you?
  14. Hi there, We move over on 19th October from the UK with our 2 boys aged 5 and 8. It would be great to meet some people in the same boat as us. Can you give us more details nearer the time. Looking forward to it xxx