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  1. Many thanks. I'll ask beth to connect with her. Whereabouts in Perth do you guy's live?
  2. Ps. We live in Bingley near Bradford, so another family of northerners moving north of the river :-)
  3. Thanks a lot Wendy. Have sent you a Facebook invite and I'll ask Beth to send Hannah one later. If you are free, we are going to Hillarys on sat 9th November at 12pm for a picnic and fun by the beach. Hoping that other families will be there too so might he a good opportunity for everyone to make new friends. Please let me know. Great to connect with you and look forward to meeting your family :-)
  4. Hi there. Me and my family are arriving in Perth on 1st November. We have 3 children - Beth (15), Mia (9) and Harry (4). Beth would like to make contact with teenagers of a similar age. She loves music (plays the guitar and sings), dancing, drama, the beach, parks, shopping and going on trips. We are hoping to secure a property in Currambine, Kinross, Joondalup or Ocean Reef and so if you live in one of these areas or close by, that would be ideal. I suppose the easiest and safest way for them to make contact would be directly on Facebook maybe? Could you please let me know if you can help out? Many thanks, Philip.
  5. Hi there. Me, my wife and three children (4,9, 15 years old) are meeting at Hillarys on Sat 9th November at 12pm for a picnic, drinks and fun by the beach. Other families are coming too and it will be a great opportunity to socialise and to meet new people. Don't worry if you don't have kids, this is an open invitation for everyone. Look forward to seeing you. Please let me know if you can make it. Philip
  6. Hi. I have signed the petition and shared things on social media. I am due to arrive in Perth in Nov 2013 (hopefully, and if this does not stop us coming!) Please keep me informed regarding other planned activity. Thanks
  7. Hi there. Me, my wife and 3 children arrive in Perth on 1st November 2013. We are aware that school fees of $4000 per child are coming into effect in Jan 2014 for each child of a parent on a 457 visa attending a public school. Does anyone know how the payment will work? Can you pay in monthly instalments or do you have to pay it all up front? We have 3 kids at school age so finding $12000 at the start of the year will be a challenge. Thanks, Philip
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    Make new friends

    Hi Shelley. My name is Philip. Me, my wife Yvonne and 3 children (Harry, Beth & Mia) will be arriving in Perth on 1st November. We have a 4 week holiday villa in Clarkson but will then be living in Currambine, Kinross or Joondalup (depending where we can secure a property). We love socialising, eating out, music, picnics, parks, the beach, etc. What are your interests as a family? It would be good to maybe have a family meet up at a park, hillarys, the beach or a beer garden? Let me know if you are interested. :-)