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Found 40 results

  1. hevchick

    UK Student Loan

    Hi all, I was wondering if anybody has had any experience of paying back their UK student loan (Student Loans Company) while living in Australia or has any information on this please? I'm post 1998 so the SLC website says I'd be paying back an amount based on my income and that for Australia the earning threshold is currently £18,000. I can pay back via international bank transfer although I'm guessing that this maybe expensive due to charges and currency fluctuations so are there any other options that would be a less expensive way to make the monthly installments? I also heard sometime ago while I was travelling that if somebody left the UK for more than 5 years they would not need to repay the remainder of their student loan - is this true? Sounds too good to be true to me! Any information or advice would be much appreciated please. Thank you very much :biggrin:
  2. UpsidedownKev

    UK Student Finance

    Hello, Myself and my girlfriend have just moved to Sydney. She has a student finance loan that we would like to pay off, and we are looking for the best way to do this. Has anyone recently had the same issue with a loan issued after 1998 and before 2012? She earns over the UK threshold for Oz workers. Can we pay into an Aussie account, and can we claim the tax back on this or have it taken pre-tax as we would in the UK? The worry is that we have to pay 295 pounds a month (minimum payment) after tax and after financial exchange rates. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello. So to very quickly give some crucial info and get straight to the point. I am on a WHV currently ready to transfer to defacto with my partner. However due to irrelevant circumstances i don't have the 4750$ necessary and need to get a loan or by other means. I have until december 30th to get it. I am a US citizen, she is full from birth Australian. We both have unblemished but at the same time blank credit history. If anyone has knowledge or experience that could help us in securing a loan of 4750$ or otherwise securing that money i would be forever indebted.
  4. Hi, I've been living in melbourne for 4 years though still have a way to go with my student loan, it's means tested so I have to pay an amount each month I have found a way to minimize any bank fees sending money to the uk by creating two Citibank accounts ! One here in Melbourne and my dad opened one in his name in the uk, (you have to be employed in the uk to do so) it's free to transfer between Citibank accounts, I hope anyone else who is in the same situation finds this helpful However, I am still paying it post tax, if I'm correct, in the UK we pay before tax, is this right? sounds pretty good really! Is there a way to pay my loan before it's taxed? That would save me heaps overall! Thanks!
  5. Radlam

    457 Home Loan

    Hi all, Anyone know what the max you can borrow for a home loan whilst on a 457 visa. We are waiting for our PR to come through but fed up of renting now! Thanks Rick
  6. Hi all, currently awaiting the outcome of my de facto partner visa application. Fingers crossed if all goes well I'll be moving over to Aus to be with my partner. We are hoping to buy a house asap with a joint loan. He being an aussie and good job should have no problems but I was wondering if we are likely to experience any problems as I'll be a temp resident? Has anyone had any problems with this? Will we have to wait until I am a permanent resident? Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  7. Hi, We have PR visa and hubby has a job and contract. We need to buy/get a car as soon as we get there..... But we also need to start our credit rating. Which would be our best option?
  8. Hi guys, Can anyone shed any light on car loan rates in Perth? We opened an account with NAB and are going over in 3 weeks. From its website seems like NAB's car loan rate is about 15.5% which would be high in comparison to Irish rates. What would be considered a good car loan rate by Australian standards, excluding finance specials for new cars? Thanks very much in advance! Kate
  9. Guest

    Car loan

    Hi all Recently been got 475 visa and moving to DUBBO NSW Jan 2012. Can i get a car loan with out any security? (new or used) What is the possible methods.. Any newsssss or suggestions Rex
  10. Guest

    Question about Loan

    Can you qualify for a loan if you are already a co-borrower on a loan? Can you simply show proof that the other loan is payed by the borrower and your income isn't needed.
  11. leanne1287

    Secured car loan

    Need help we have a secured car loan which we want to get an unsecured loan for to buy out the car. Our bank said no because we have only been in our rental for 7 months. Can anyone recomend a loan company that will say yes! We really need to get back to the uk. We will continue to pay loan from the uk.
  12. Hey Everyone, Has anyone fille dthis form out? Really confused with section C, what evidence do I need to provide? What should I put as I don't have a job or no work, do I put my savings information? Will they deduct from that? Please help anyone, I want to do the right thing! Link to form below if anyone can make better sense of it!! Thanks x http://www.direct.gov.uk/prod_consum_dg/groups/dg_digitalassets/@dg/@en/@educ/documents/digitalasset/dg_078083.pdf
  13. MikeW

    Car loan

    Hi, I'm in the process of buying a car. The bank were going to charge 15% interest so I went for finance with the car sales garage as it was 9%. When I saw the paperwork last night I was shocked to see $600 fees for the loan. I have told them unless they take the charge away I may not buy the car. Are these charges normal and should I therefore just accept? I'm annoyed as i'n effect the car is now 600$ dearer. I am aware it may still be cheaper than the bank in the long term as the interest is lower. By the way, on the forms they also ask for guarantor details. Is this normal? Having been in Australia for 1 month only I don't know anyone I could put down ad guarantor! Cheers, Mike. Mike.
  14. MikeW

    Loan - Bank or broker?

    Hi, Based in Canberra and looking to buy our first car in Australia. Went to bank yesterday to enquire about a loan, 15.5%. Seems very steep to me. This was one of the major banks too. A couple of people have mentioned brokers give you the best deal. Has anyone used a broker and do they get you better deals? Thanks, Mike.
  15. I was looking at buying an existing business over in Australia.I have been to the westpac bank today and because the only collateral that we have is our UK property they will not be able to loan us the money .My partner works full time and earns around $100000 per year ,we were willing to put $15000 down and get a loan for the rest.Is there any other way around this . Regards
  16. andyjackie

    home loan how much

    Hi every one i hope to be moveing to be moveing to WA mid 2012 . with wife 3 kids my question is our conbined income will be $100.000 . how much could we borrow if any bodie has just applied for a home loan ur 6-12 mouthjs a go wouid be great to hear from you :wink:
  17. I have a question regarding a car loan on a 457 visa. I'm currently 2 years into my current 457 and looking to leave my current company and transfer my 457 over to a new company. I currently use public transport but getting fed up of this. I have an interview with another company coming up which would be a pain to get to using public transport, therefore I would like to get a car. Seeing as I only have two years left on my visa this will limit the size of the loan i can get. I'm rubbish and cursed when it comes to cars so would prefer a newer more reliable car rather than an older one that might break down lots. My main questions are 1: Is there the option to extend my 457 back to 4 years when transferring to a new company/sponsor, therefore giving me more options with size/length of loan? 2: I have an Australian girlfriend who I've lived with for over a year and qualify as de-facto. Given this can I use her to get a joint loan and would my 457 situation affect this? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  18. Just wondering can you take a debt with you and pay it off over there in oz? We want to keep our money for the House down payment when we get there and not have to put down the minimum if you know what i mean. i want a good start for us and not be left with the minimum. cheers
  19. hi i am now a qualified midwife in the uk. hoping to go over to oz later this year if we get granted that golden ticket. i have a £10k student loan from when i was a student midwife, and pay a minimal amount every month through my wages. there is no way in the world that i would be able to repay the full amount when/if we get to go to oz. as i dont have that sort of spare cash lying around. can this debt be transferred to australia and could i keep paying it through my wages there. am really worried about this. i also have an overdraft through my bank which at present am paying back £100 per month, i still owe £2200. would this need to be paid back before going or again could this debt be carried over to oz and paid there. any advice would be great. thanks nicola
  20. zoedan24

    Student Loan....

    Ive read up on the internet about paying back my student loan when living in auz, but would like to know other peoples experiences on how they payed it back, e.g did you tell the student loan company your moving before you moved? how did you sort out the currency change? looking forward to hearing your views! zoe xx:cool:
  21. I'm one of these people who hates loans but i keep doing the maths and it seems like a good idea!! Am thinking of getting $12000 loan to buy a cheap campervan. over 7 years its $53 per week I've justified this in my head by.... The savings on fuel between the camper and my car will be at least $30 per week The saving whilst tarveling will be between $50 - 300 per week I can always sell the camper and pay the loan off and i'd be sure to have good fully comp insurance incase of accidents. Whats peoples thoughts? i'm really stupidly indecisive lol The other option is sell my car, buy a cheap car like a barina and camp when travelling in the future and be debt free.?
  22. I'm possibly going to repeat a load of stuff here but thought it might be worth it considering the amount of grief I've had in finding the answer. We arrived in Oz in full knowledge that we'd be expecting to pay upfront for the school/TAFE fees for our children. However we made the mistake of thinking it would be simple to obtain a loan from one of the banks in Oz. I was given the same answer by 3 of the major banks in various Sydney CBD branches "we do not give personal loans to people on a 457 visa". I was thinking I may have to contact a UK bank and ask them for a loan instead. But its complete insanity of course you must be able to get a loan in such circumstances. I did a bit more web surfing and found that one bank at least does give such loans provided you have an active account with them (i.e. you have your wages paid into their bank). The ridiculous thing is that it was one of the same banks that gave me short shrift when I asked in person at a branch. We didn't have an account with them and so I'm in the process of setting one up and then we will be able to apply for the $15K loan to meet school fees. The key seems to don't talk to people in branches and don't apply for loans search for their "moving to Australia" sections and international sections then phone them. I don't know the rules for posting bank names but the one I've got our loan set up to go through rhymes with health.:jiggy:
  23. pylchung

    Getting a car loan

    I'm on a visa subclass 820 and have been for just over a year. Me and my wife recently had our first child and want to replace my wife's temperamental, too small, old car with a new car, but I'm having trouble getting finance as I'm not classed as a permanent resident. My wife currently doesn't work as she's looking after baby so she can't get a loan. Is there any way of obtaining finance for a new car in my situation? Thanks for any help. Phil.
  24. Guest

    Student loan

    Hi, I am in the early stages of emigrating to Aus and as a student from 2003-2007 I have a debt with the student loans company which I have been paying off for the last 3 years whilst in employment. I have read many posts about the slc writing off debt and after reading the slc site it appears this is untrue. They say you have to inform them of your move or penalties will apply and also you have to pay them in GBP and foot the transaction charges. Has anyone failed to inform them of the move and if so what were your experiences? Thanks
  25. Guest

    Help car finance loan

    Hi can someone please help me, we are intending to move back to the uk in the next few months, my hubbie has finance on a car and phoned them to see if he could sell it and pay the remainder off in installments, they told him no that it all needs to be cleared in one balance!! needless to say we dont have an extra $8-$10 thousand spare. We are now very worried as what to do.as the loan is nearly twice what the van is worth:arghh: we really want to go home, does anyone know the law and is there another way round this!!!!! If you dont have the money, what can they do?????