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  1. Fashionably Late

    Citizenship query

    My kids and I are eligible to apply for citizenship on 30/06/15. But we have to move in mid August to Dubai for work and for the kids to start the new school year there. Could I apply for Australian citizenship from the Australian embassy in Abu Dhabi as soon as we arrive there as I would have just left Australia or would it be possible to apply for Australian citizenship on 30/06 from Brisbane and hopefully be invited for the interview and test before mid-August and then fly back for the ceremony? Obviously it would be less hassle and less expensive to be able to apply from the UAE.
  2. Fashionably Late

    ICT jobs in Brisbane from August

    The market is horrible. My husband, with over 20 years in this field, has had to take contract work back in the UK as there is nothing here. Other friends here in Brisbane in the same field have had to take much lower paid work in Perth or Melbourne as the jobs dried up here unfortunately.
  3. Fashionably Late

    Brisbane state high entrance exams

    A friend was recently told that they were told that unless they lived in cachement, their kids weren't getting in. The school was apparently over-subscribed.
  4. Fashionably Late

    Jindalee state school for international kids

    I haven't heard of state schools charging such extortionate fees. Shocking. We have many friends who live in Jindalee and they choose to send their children to a Catholic school in Indooroopilly. We have had numerous French and Italian families coming in and the children speak no English and are completely fluent within a year and the fees are less than 1/2 of what you were quoted.
  5. Fashionably Late

    Moneycorp Issue

    But why have to upload funds first and then send money the next business day? That's the bit I don't understand. Hifx always did it in one fell swoop. I really like Moneycorp which is why we are still trying to make it work with them.
  6. Fashionably Late

    Moneycorp Issue

    My husband is back in the UK on a contract and has been sending money to us here in Australia. We previously used Hifx but changed over to Moneycorp based on recommendations here. We seem to be having time issues with them. My husband appears to have to upload money to Moneycorp and then wait 24 hours before he can send it. So even if we pay extra for the expedited service it takes at least 3 days to get here (usually closer to 4-5). We never went through this issue with Hifx and wondered why Moneycorp might be different and if anyone knew. He uploaded UK pounds to Moneycorp on Friday and then went to send the transfer but know it is saying he has to transfer the pounds to Aussie dollars and now this transfer won't even send until Tuesday. Seems like an awfully long time.
  7. Fashionably Late

    Boarding school experiences

    Both my husband and I went to boarding school and both had very good experiences. We seriously considered sending our daughters and if it didn't cost twice as much as being a day student, then we would definitely do it.
  8. Fashionably Late

    Thyroid ...

    I have been taking 50mg thyroxine for about 6 months now. It has helped quite a bit and I started feeling a bit better within 2 weeks.
  9. Fashionably Late

    Private healthcare costs family of five

    We pay $314 a month for a top notch policy and we are a family of 5. We are on quite a few meds and rarely spend over $100 a month on meds. The top price is around $36 for a PBS prescription and only one of ours actually costs that.
  10. Fashionably Late

    What labour saving cooking devises you got?

    My Thermomix. I wouldn't want to cook without it.
  11. Fashionably Late

    Brisbane Secondary Schools for Dyslexic 12 year old

    It is a registered disability in Queensland but I think that may be a recent change. The regulatory body wouldn't accept our dyslexia diagnosis from the UK so we had to undergo it again at a high expense. My children attend Catholic schools in the Western suburbs and they have been brilliant with all learning disabilities. My eldest, who is 15, has dyslexia as well as other learning disabilities and she is doing incredibly well here and receives excellent assistance.
  12. Fashionably Late

    Securing a rental

    We moved here on a Friday and booked temp rental for 6 weeks. Found the perfect house on the following Tuesday. Then ended up paying for both houses for the 6 weeks.
  13. Fashionably Late

    Epipen cost in Australia! Warning!!

    Each of my twins get two Epi-Pens each and we only pay $36 for each child.
  14. Fashionably Late

    Has anyone left their old dog behind ( i mean the canine variety haha)

    We rehomed our dog with my parents. He was a lap dog and needed constant attention and quarantine would not have been good for him. He settled in with my parents quite quickly and loves his life with them. We miss him desperately but he doesn't give us a thought and that is how it should be.
  15. Fashionably Late

    3 Beautiful Quality Leather Jackets For Sale ... Size 10 ....

    Could I see a photo of the Karen Millen one?