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  1. dejani

    I have 482 but I need to find a new job

    Thanks on your answer @Wonderingaloud . I see that I haven't formulated my question in the right way. I was not looking for a job/employment. I wanted to ask for others experience when they have been in the same situation. How does it work? How did it go for them/you? What is the best thing to do? I hope I'm more clear now.
  2. dejani

    I have 482 but I need to find a new job

  3. Hi, I have a 482 visa and the employer that sponsored me has unfortunately lost a job contract just before I started my first day and I need to find a new employer who will take over sponsorship or sponsor me. I work with IT as Project Manager. As you all know I have two months to find a new sponsor. And I'm starting to panic. Doesn't mater what state or city, I just want to find a job. Please share your experience and how my chances look like for the moment? All help is highly appreciated.
  4. dejani

    Writing RPL for ACS

    So I have today submitted my RPL via my agent and I would like to know what your experience is with getting a positive assessment when submitting RPL?
  5. dejani

    Writing RPL for ACS

    Thank you KnK. Your answer is what I needed I would say. Because I have written about 5 pages and I will write 5 more and I hope that will do. I have an agent who is helping me and as I have understod it the essays and the project reports doesn't have to be to long. But I want to thank you for taking your time to write. It is of big value for me. Congratulation for your visa.
  6. dejani

    Writing RPL for ACS

  7. dejani

    Writing RPL for ACS

    Hi guys, I haven't been able to find much about the RPL for ACS so I need to check and ask how detailed and how long does it have to be? I know that they have given instructions but I want to hear real life story on how it was for others that had to write the RPL Report.
  8. dejani

    457 visa cost thru immigration attorney.

    Okay thanks to good advices. My question now is if the employer can anyhow force me to use heir own immigration lawyer or if I can use my own?
  9. My situation is following: I'm in Australia on my tourist visa and I got a job offer and I have signed a contract with company A. Company A has their on immigration lawyers and they came back to me today with a quotation that 457 visa application fee for me ($4.500) my wife ($3.000) and for our 3 year old son ($3.000). So in total $10.500 for a 457 visa for us. On immigration website the price is $2.330 in total. So Now I'm in the situation that I got a job and want to start working. There is no other option as I can see then to go thru their immigration attorney. Does anyone know if this is a an acceptable price or if this is just way to much. Thanks for any answers in advance.
  10. dejani

    The IT field Thread

    Can you please ask some of your friends if the situation is same or similar in Brisbane? I'll be moving there in a couple of months.
  11. dejani

    Swedes in Brisbane, Gold Coast area.

    Anyone please!
  12. dejani

    ICT jobs in Brisbane from August

    I will be employeed by Lester Associates and directly with the Company A. That's how it works.
  13. dejani

    ICT jobs in Brisbane from August

    Well that is exactly what I'm looking ibn to but I'm on the edge of being approved by ACS due to my experience. I hope it will work but are not 100% sure yet.
  14. dejani

    ICT jobs in Brisbane from August

    What I have is a written guaranty from Lester Associates that they will support me with a visa once I get a job offer. And according to them it can go very smooth and fast.
  15. dejani

    ICT jobs in Brisbane from August

    Sorry with work visa I mean I will get a 457 via Lester Associates if I can find a job. So basically I will only have a tourist visa when I arrive and once I find a job I will get a 457 via Lester Associates.