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Found 53 results

  1. Hi all, My old positive ACS assessment which was for Software Engineer 261313 is now expired. Meanwhile, I have got 482 TSS and currently working in Australia and while lodging the application for 482 the consultant lodged my profile as ICT BA 261111. Now, I want to again apply for ACS, please let me know for which code shall I again apply. ICT BA or SE? Question2: if now I apply for ACS with BA code then can ACS change my previous exp or skill from SE to BA. I will get points for SE or BA in-case I apply for 189/190. Also, My employer is going to provide sponsorship for 186 ENS visa and for that I should have an active assessment. Please let me know what will be the result of my assessment if I can re-apply for assessment and change the code.
  2. Hi All, I'm new here.:wubclub: I just need some help regarding my ACS assessment. I have both bachelors and masters in IT and planing to get myself assessed as ICT Business Analyst - 261111. I have five years experience in Telco domain, but there's a bit of a problem with my designation, it goes as Product Development Executive but my day today job tasks involve the tasks as explained in both ABS and ACS sites. My queries; I can get a letter from my employer but my designation will be Product Development Executive will it be a problem for ACS? When I write this letter do I have to mention about the individual project I have carried out like most programmers and software engineers does? Problem is when it comes to programmers they can say that they used different technologies & programming languages for each and every project, but I don't really undrstand how to go to that minute level & is it really necessary for this BA ANZSCO? Highly appreciate your feedback & hoping this thread would be useful for future applicants going to take a similar route :wubclub:
  3. Hi All , I am a Bachelors in Arts - BA in Economics and MBA in Marketing . I am working in IT sector for the past 10 years . I want to apply for 189 VISA with Skill as " ICT- Business Analyst " . I wanted to know if someone could please guide if my education qualification will be considered as relevant . Please advise .
  4. Hi All , I am a Bachelors in Arts - BA in Economics and MBA in Marketing . I am working in IT sector for the past 10 years . I want to apply for 189 VISA with Skill as " ICT- Business Analyst " . I wanted to know if someone could please guide if my education qualification will be considered as relevant . Please advise .
  5. Hi all, I intend to apply for ACS Skills Assessment under the ICT Business Analyst category. Following are my details: Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications Masters in Telecommunications 4.5 years of genuine BA exp under the title Business Systems Analyst with a Telecom software vendor Questions: - I am not very sure if my education qualifies as ICT related. Where and how do i find this out? - I was told, for a non-ICT degree I would need 6 yrs of relevant exp before I apply for assessment. Is this true? Any suggestions would be great. In the mean I am trying to understand the info on the ACS website. Cheers
  6. Hi Everyone, I am interested in applying for a 189 Visa for ICT Security Specialist. I have 4 years experience in the ICT Security field and I am CISSP qualified. Unfortunately I do not have a degree which means I do not have enough experience to get a positive skills assessment from ACS. My question is: Does anybody know if ACS recognise CISSP as an ICT qualification and what experience would be needed to gain a positive skills assessment if they do? Thanks! Jack
  7. Hi, I have applied for a skilled Visa under an ICT Analyst (I'm a Business analyst in my field) but I have no computer related qualifications so need to complete a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). I think I have over thought the document as I am in a complete mess over it. How does it need to be written? Does it need to be 3rd person? Does it need to be really technical? I have so many questions...... If someone has completed one and has any advice it would be really appreciated.
  8. Am have few queries regarding academics/educational qualification evaluation (ICT related) by ACS. Preface – Two parallel studies carried out. Primary qualification is Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com – 3 years) through correspondence. Secondary qualification is Diploma in Computer Applications from DOEACC Society, i.e. O level diploma course of two semesters (10 hour / per week) followed by A level diploma (in continuity to O level) of two semesters (15 hours / per week). Q 1 – How to treat the overall qualification, will it be considered Full time or Part time? Q 2 – What’ll be overall coverage of ICT content, will it be considered ICT Major, ICT Minor or ICT Diploma? Q 3 – How many years of ICT related work experience will be considered/consumed to meet the eligibility? Will appreciate some insight and clarity in the said question… Thanks…!
  9. Hi. I'm moving over to Brisbane in August this year and I'm looking for a job as ICT Project Manager. I have 8 years of experience and good recommendations. So now I wonder how difficult it will be to find a job once I touch down. I will have a work visa in place and can start working ASAP. What do you guys think? Any idea please. Anyone in the similar situation or experience? All information is valuable. Thanks.
  10. Dam74

    How to find a sponsor in IT ?

    Hi all, We are willing to relocate quickly to Melbourne with my wife. The easiest and quickest would be to get a sponsored skilled visa (457) as I have 13 years experience as a Software programmer in Java. Is there any web site where companies missing IT resources are posting sponsoring-ready job offers ? Thanks for your help, Damien (France)
  11. Hi, Anyone here have tried to apply TRA-ICT Customer Support skills assessment? Please share experience. My case is that I happen to have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and 10 years experience as ICT Support. Just confused on how to fill up the TRA application as it state there "Vocational Training"? Can anyone help? Thanks!
  12. hi, anyone have any idea about state sponsorship 2013 for ICT courses from any state? is any state is going to open new occupation in july ?
  13. Hi all, To cut a long story short, My wife and I are interested in a move to Perth, but I'm looking at other options in case WA decline my SS application. Is there much work for Business Analysts in Canberra? I notice the position is still open on the ACT SMP. Also, what kind of wages should I be looking at, and what would I need to support a family of 3 (my son is 3 years old) - we'd be renting, and needing at least one second hand car (assuming I can bike or get public transport to work. Finally, what's the turnaround time fro applying for SS and it being processed? Thanks for any help!
  14. Hi, I'm about to start the independent skilled migration process and have to submit an ICT skills assesment. There are three skills on the skills list I could apply under - I've got years of experience of each: Analyst Programmer 261311 Developer Programmer 261312 Software Engineer 261313 Is there a way to find out which is "best" please, ie which will get me to Australia the fastest? Any help appreciated, cheers. Pete
  15. Hi All, I am looking to apply for the subclass 190 visa and manage to get the 60 points required on the skills test but I have been told by 2 migration agents that a HND or diploma level is required and another has said that a degree level is required to be eligible for the skills test. I have 3 -Levels and not sure whether they count for anything (Can't see what the Aussie equivalent would be) and also whether my industry qualification would count for anything? I am also looking to go for my CCNA but again I'm not sure if this is worth doing if it won't count for anything despite being a highly regarding industry qualification. Age - 27 Occupation - Customer service officer(SOL) (certifications - CompTIA A+) Knowledgeable with Windows OS, and Macintosh. Work experience -3 Years in IT Support Education - 3 A-Levels I appreciate there's probably a lot of these type of posts but some clarity on what level of education is actually required would really help! :arghh: Thanks all
  16. According to the new priority, IT graduates who have already applied under the occupation 2231-79 Computing Professional (ICT Recent Graduate) will fall into category 4? This is very illogical because for new applicants, they can now apply as one of the ICT occupations on the new SOL (eg. Developer Programmer or Software Engineer) instead of being grouped together as Computing Professional (ICT Recent Graduate), which is no longer on the SOL. Would this mean that new ICT Graduates who apply under the new rule will fall into category 3 but ICT Graduates that already applied under the old rule will fall into category 4? So, given two people with the same qualification from the same university who finished at different time, the one who finished later and applied using the new rule will get the application processed before the one who finished earlier and applied using old rule? Does anyone know if there is a work around to this problem or if they are attempting to fix this problem? This is because there seems to be no way out. You can't change the occupation and get new assessment. Also, for graduates who have been graduated for over 6 months can't even make a new application even though you can be assessed as one of the ICT occupations in the new SOL. Edited 12/04/11: Link to 2231-79 timeline spreadsheet: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?hl=en&key=tHQP8Hpmu2NRl1EfjvQw3YQ&hl=en#gid=0
  17. Job title: Open IT for Oracle CRM on Demand Company: Information Technology Location: Victoria Job type: Permanent-Full time Salary: Attractive rates Number of positions: 20+ Job Description: Our client requires application for applicants with Oracle CRM on Demand(CRMOD) Configuration experience with R16/R17 who can assist with implementation and configuration of environments. This individual must be well versed in all aspects of Oracle CRM on Demand operations including configuration, data loads, ongoing maintenance, vendor support and troubleshooting in a business production environment. Key consulting responsibilities and skill requirements may include the following: * Ability to define and design Oracle CRM on Demand Functional and Technical business requirements. * Ability to complete extensive Oracle CRM on Demand Configuration and custom development. * Experience with CRMOD email/campaign marketing modules, advanced field management and custom object development * Experience in mapping requirements to CRMOD entities, workflows, validation rules and reports. * System administrator and end user support as needed. * Satisfactory understanding of web services is required. * Configuration of environment per prioritised in-scope requirement. * Functional and technical design documentation for all configuration performed · Completion of unit/system testing. * Adequate knowledge transfer sessions to client and as needed system administrator support activities. Previous experience: · Minimum of 1 year experience with Oracle CRM On Demand custom reports, analytics and dashboards · Minimum of 4 years of Oracle CRM On Demand configuration If you meet the criteria and are seeking an attractive salary package, please contact us for further details. Visa 457 Please email Cv's to register your interest victoria@thamesmigration.com To view this position and our website: http://thamesmigration.com/liveandworkinaustraliaaustralianjobopportunities
  18. Kudos to all the Gurus ! I m a noob here. pls excuse if i sound thick. I am planning to apply for visa subclass 190 but stuck at the no. of years of fulltime experience required. 1.I did my Bachelors in Electical and electronics which qualifies as ICT minor and 2.I hold microsoft certficates (Microsoft certified IT pro & Microsoft certified technology specialist,xchange server) which qualifies as AQF diploma. the immigration website says 5 yrs of fulltime work experience with either one of the above two qualifications.( i have 3 yrs) Now since I have both,can this makeup for the 2 yrs of work experience I am falling short of?? Thanks cheers, decipheran
  19. Hi, So far I've found many useful information on this forum. I also found the members & moderators very helpful and proactive. No I want to share some of my confession with all, so that any one can help me out. I'm Software Project Manager, worked for three organizations so far. My job specifications matches closely with the job specifications of 261111-ICT Business Analyst. Now I want to apply for the Sub Cluss-190 with nomination form Western Australia. My Question is: 1. Does ICT Business Analyst accepted by Western Australia or not? 2. Does any one applied for this catagory "ICT Business Analyst" for assessment to ACS. Can I get a sample Job Reference Letter of ICT Business Analyst? Regards, Julker Nine
  20. Guest


    Hi folks I'm Stevie and me and my family live in Scotland. I've been saying for years "we should move to Oz" and finally I think she's listening...I'm 46 in a week or so and my wife Vicky is 45 in Oct, we have three kids, two under 18. Maybe we've left it to late but I got some good IT qualifications and possibly a profession that's listed on the Skilled Occupation List. If anyone has any advice or information for us we'd really appreciate it and love to hear from you. And by the way, I've been twice in the last ten years or so. Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns and Darwin..Love the place
  21. Hi all, I am looking to move to Melbourne around October time. I wondered if anybody had any thoughts on the ICT Project management area in Melbourne. I am Prince 2 qualified with over 20 years experience in ICT in General and my recent experience tends towards ad hoc consultancy in the waste and recycling area consulting to the public sector. I would be happy to take a more lowly role if it would get my foot in the door. Also what is the job market in the ICT sector like at the moment? TIA GW
  22. Dec05

    ICT Skills assessment & RPL

    Hi all we have finally started on the the visa application process & have been reading up a lot here & on the immi site. I need to get my skills assessed by the ACS, I dont have a degree but have 10+ years of experience so will have to go down the rpl route :eek:. Has anyone here any experience of this ? I would really appreciate some pointers . Looking forward to chatting here with y'all.
  23. Dear All, A quick question just for confirmation. ICT security Specialist - 262112 is not in SOL sechedule-1 in list below on link. Does it mean i can't apply for Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175)? http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/sol-schedule1.pdf Your input/comments will be highly appreciated Regards
  24. Guest

    ICT in Perth

    Hi All, Just a quick one, I am a IT Architect (mainly service orientated and infrastructure type projects), from what I understand, Australia is a little short of people with my skill set, especially in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, however, I was wondering, does Perth have a thriving IT employment market? Just trying to get a feel. Applied for my visa, and I am now trying to figure out where I would like to settle! Cheers
  25. Hi, Does anyone here have tried to apply Skills Assessment for ICT Customer Support under TRA? My concern is that I hold a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and have work experiences As an ICT customer support. Will it be correct to have my skills assess under TRA or VETaSSeSS? Hope anyone can help me out or share his/her Experience relevant to this matter? Thanks. Appreciate.