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    Brisbane Secondary Schools for Dyslexic 12 year old

    Hi eveyone. Thanks for your comments. We visited Brisbane back in May and went to see Wynnym High School. We were told that Dyslexia is not a recognised disability in QLD (although it is in some other states) so our son would not get any help. He may get a lesson a week with other children with disabilities but no more. Here in the UK he gets approx 15 hours a week support and many of his lessons have 2 teaching assistants on hand to help. We visited a school in NSW as well and both schools only have 2 teaching assistants for the entire school which highlights the differences between the 2 systems (ie here and in Australia). We were advised by the QLD school to look at Catholic schools as these may be able to offer more in the way of support.
  2. Hello We have been granted skilled migrant visas and hope to move to Australia in Dec13/Jan 14 to coincide with my 12 year old son starting secondary school. He is dyslexic so we are looking for a good school that will offer him the support that he needs (and currently gets in the UK). We also have a 9 year old daughter. Can anyone recommend a good school in the Brisbane area? Many thanks Hazel