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  1. HEY PEOPLE Im thinking of organising a social gathering/ drinks in Perth somewhere on a Friday or Saturday in May some time. Would just like to get an idea of numbers and interest. We are based in the north currently in Currambine so was thinking somewhere north of the river or the city. My partner and I emigrated over a year ago from Kent in the UK. We have made a few friends but would like to make more and meet some new people in Perth. We were thinking maybe leederville, CBD or Mount Lawley so we could maybe do a bar crawl. If your interested please reply on this thread and lets get a night out on the tiles organised. Regards Tony and Emma :wink:
  2. tony_bezza

    Query about 190 visa

    No disrespect but you haven't read my question properly. I have stated that we are getting married and defacto is out of the question. My point was, do we have to be married before application or can i be added during the process if that's when we marry. Basically an immigration agent in the past suggested that we could marry whilst the visa was in process and then I could be added. Is anybody able to answer this without copying and pasting information on defacto relationships that are not relevant in this circumstance. Kind Regards ​
  3. tony_bezza

    Query about 190 visa

    Hi there good people of the Poms in Oz forum I have a tricky question that I hope someone on here can answer for me. My Girlfriend just received an offer of state sponsorship from Western Australia and her skills select application is going to be updated shortly to show that she has an offer of state sponsorship. We have been told that we will hear from the Dept of Immigration in due course. My question is about my personal situation. We are currently in a relationship and we are thinking about getting married in the next 6 months. We have been together for 6 years but are not currently living together (so defacto is out of the question). How will this affect the visa? Obviously my partner and I want to go together on the same visa. Will we have to be married when she applies or can she apply then marry during the process and update the visa at the time with a change of circumstance form - as long as this is before the visa has been granted? Thanks in advance
  4. tony_bezza

    Police checks

    yeah I am really not sure. Do you see my point that I am looking to get a police check from a time period in the past. Surely this would not have any valadation cause its something that has passed. if it was to present then of course. For example if I applied for my visa and then got asked for my police checks and showed them one from last year for the current day then this would be wrong. I could have commited a crime within that time period but for the police check i need from Aus that was in 2005 Jan to jan 2006 the information cannot change.
  5. tony_bezza

    Police checks

    I was going to apply for it now before i even start my application as i know that later on it will be needed. Confused now. HELP . LOL
  6. tony_bezza

    Police checks

    I cant see how my police checks from australia in 2006 to 2007 can only be valid for a month cause nothing is going to change cause its in the past. Are you sure this is the case. I understand present checks being valid for only a month but a police check from 2006 shouldnt have a validation cause its not gonna change is it .
  7. tony_bezza

    Question about marriage during application!

    Thanks for speedy reply! It is Emma that is the main applicant on the visa so should we add myself as the defacto partner? Do you not have to send hoards of information to support this - or would we have to do this anyway, to 'prove' our relationship? We have been together 4 years. Thanks for any advice
  8. tony_bezza

    Police checks

    oh ok thanks for your help.
  9. tony_bezza

    Police checks

    Hi there peeps, I am familiar with the police checks and the ACPO website. I know that once I am requested to do so that I will need to get my medicals and police checks. The problem I have is that I have heard if you were in Aus for a years working holiday, which I was, then you will need a police check from there too. I was wondering if there was any truth to this and if there is how do I go about getting my Aussie police checks? If this is the case how long will it take to obtain as I am in the UK. Regards Tony
  10. Hello guys and girls Looking for more advice please from you lovely people! My partner and I are starting off the process to obtain our 175 visa. We are wondering if anyone knows or has any experience in this, in regards to getting married mid way through our application! We want to get the ball rolling and get our visa app logged asap but will probably get married after the process has begun. Does anyone know how easy/difficult it may be to add a spouse once the application has already been logged?? Any advice you can give would be much appreciated! Many thanks in advance Anthony & Emma
  11. tony_bezza

    where to start

    Hi good people of the PIO forum Just wanted to pick your Brains really. Me and my girlfriend want to start the process of getting a visa granted for Aus (perth). We have recently been to see an agent called and are being assessed at this current time for the best way forward. My girlfriend is a pre primary school teacher and I am a lift engineer. The consultant said we will be best to go with her skills on the visa application. Really i just wanna know if we choose not to go the way of an agent where do we start and could you please break it down in lehmans terms for us. As somebody who has been through this whole process your comment are invaluable to people like us. Regards Tony and Emma
  12. Thanks for your reply Sandra. Do you know how much evidence we need to show that we have been living together for 12 months? We have a joint bank account registered to parents address'. Is this any good as proof or not? Many thanks
  13. Gill, chris, ps webb, bug family, sandra you guys and girls have been so nice and forthcoming with your comments and answers to questions. Me and my girlfriend Emma are truely taken back by the time and thought spent in trying to help us with the start of our migration process. We have explored the various links and info provided and are getting our heads around the process now. We are still looking at what way we should go about applying - which of us should be the main applicant etc. As we are not married and do not live together we are unsure if we qualify for spouse visa. We have been together for 3 years and have a joint bank account but thats the only proof we have of our relationship. Once again thanks alot to all of you for all your help and time spent replying to our thread. Best regards Tony & Emma
  14. Thank you so much for your reply. I will take a look at the links you gave me. I am 28 and live in the UK. My girlfriend is a Primary school teacher, she has a degree and a PGCE in Education. All of her experience is with what we call 'infant' school children which I believe to be the same as what the Australians call 'Pre-primary' (3-7yr olds). She was told by the migration consultant that once she has 12months experience she can apply for the state migration visa. We are trying to assess which route would be the best for us. I look forward to your reponse about the AQF and once again, many thanks for your help with my query.
  15. thank you so much for your reply that was a well thought out response and am quite taken by the time you have just taken to answer my question. Could you please tell me if i did need to get my skills recognised where would i get this done. You mentioned that the TRA are in AUS but is there a way i can get my skills assessed here on the job. Thank you so much again for your reply and good luck in getting out to the beautiful AUS. Me and Emma want to go to perth its beautiful, where were you thinking.