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Found 27 results

  1. tony_bezza

    lift engineer jobs

    wanting to go out to Aus once i have passed out at NVQ level 3 in lift engineering. once i am a trained lift engineer with a years experience i want to emigrate with my girlfriend to Perth. Was wondering what my chances are and if i need to find a sponsor etc... I have heard that the lift industry in Aus is split into mechanical and electrical and was wondering if anybody on this forum knows how my nvq level 3 in lifts would stand up. Also how long do you have to be in Aus before you can apply for residency and then citizenship.
  2. Hi all.... We lodged our 190 visa on 23/4/14.... ive been eagerly following the feb 190 posts but as they're a few months ahead of us I thought it might be helpful to start a new thread.... has anyone had any updates on their April lodged 190 visa?? Or even received the dreaded 'delay email'?? We have literally heard nothing at all. We front loaded our medicals and police checks so hoping that speeds up the process... hubby's trade is a lift mechanic... we are desperately hoping to be gone during the summer holidays, I think this can be done!!! Looking forward or hearing others thoughts and experiences. mel and adam ?
  3. Hi to admins and all forum members, I`m mechanical engineer and working in construction industry in middle east and have 4+ years experience with cranes and service lifts. I`m looking to move to Australia with my family. Till now I didn't found some suitable job vacancies similar to my experience. Is here somebody who can help or assist where to ask or where to send my cv for job Thank you in advance Milan
  4. My apprenticeship is coming to an end in the coming months, and recently going to Sydney/Melbourne on a 3 week holiday, I've got the bug to get back out there and make something of it. I've just turned 21, halfway through my 4th year Mechanical engineering apprenticeship working on all aspects of lift engineering/installation. I'm still undecided in what route to take, backpacking way (which I've kind of done) or the sponsor way, and settling down in the one place and finding my feet soon as. Advice? Im still yet to go through the migration and visa process, but once that's sorted in the new year, does anyone know what the lift industry is like down under? It's not just lift's I'd be interested in, I'd consider other engineering jobs. Any advice and information would be grateful, thanks. Jack.
  5. Fork Lift Technician (Field Service Technician), required for national company. Sponsorship available on 457 visa and later permanent residency. The nationally based company are seekng experienced Fork Lift Technicians in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. You will be responsible for carrying out a range of maintenance services and planned maintenance , repairs and modifications and are seeking people with experience in either of the following Fork Lifts: Electric Diesel LPG CNG We have positions for both Workshop Technicians and Field Technicians. You will required to service, maintain, diagnose, repair and modify customers existing Fork Lifts. Experience in repairing fork lifts is essential to be successful in this role. The company will provide sponsorship on the 457 visa and later sponsor for permanent residency. We would like to hear from anyone who has experience with repairing / maintaining fork lifts. Please pm
  6. Guest

    Lift mechanic pay

    Does anyone know what lift mechanics(electrical fitters) get paid in Brisbane/Gold coast area or could someone please point me in the right direction.
  7. Guest

    Lift engineers

    Hi just wondered if there are any lift engineers on the site and who you work for? I have nvq3 and was not sure if this qualification is recognised in oz, any advice would be great, thanks guys:biggrin:
  8. i have been looking in to becoming a lift inspector/ machinery inspector when i get to aus but cant seem to find any companies that specialise. In england these periodic inspections would fall in to the loler and puwer regs, do these regs exist in aus or is there any regs regarding periodic inspections. Any help would be greatfull thanks
  9. This is for my hubby I have many years of experience In tail lifts for all Manufacturers from around the world.Over the years i have had control of up to 16 mobile engineers and a vast amout of experience with parts at present i work in the office as parts manager but have also have vast amount of experience being a mobile engineer myself over the years.:biggrin: so if anyone knows of a job going or you looking for work could you please let us know . Many thanks
  10. Guest

    lift mechanic skills assessment

    Here is my dilemma, I have recently decided to look into moving to Australia. I have looked at a lot of information, so to start with, I found my occupation on the SOL list, lift mechanic, I also contacted a migration agent, and then thought maybe I could try and do the visa application myself. I know I need to do a skills assessment with TRA, and I want to try and get the assessment passed before any other process of the application, the issue is, about 10 years ago I began work as a lift engineer, I passed an informal apprenticeship, plus passed a NC college course on electrical engineering, 5 years ago, I changed occupation to a firefighter and then continued to work part-time as a lift engineer. So now I work 16-24 hours a week as a lift engineer, and when looking at the TRA website, it states you have to have been employed full time for 12 of the last 24 months, does anyone know if this will make my assessment invalid, I asked the migration agent I was initially in touch with, but they said email them a CV to start the application with them, I don't want to part with any money, if my trade won't be recognised. Any help would be great Thanks Neil
  11. Guest

    Fork lift licence

    Hi Everyone Does anyone know, if an Australian forklift licence would be valid in the UK?.I have scoured the internet and I cant find anything that helps. From the limited info I can find, it looks as if a Forklift licence is only valid in the state , the test was taken in, but I may be reading it wrong Any advice would be great Thanks everyone:smile:
  12. Guest

    lift engineer info

    hi im a lift engineer and am looking into moving to oz but i am finding it hard to see if there are jobs out there for me as all ive seen is jobs for plumbers, nurses, electricians etc it says lift engineers are needed on the sol list but not sure if im looking on the right job sites, i would be greatfull for any info that any other lift engineers have also are there any firms that may sponsor me thanks bacarno
  13. My girlfriend spoke to a migration consultant today and she was told that trades people struggle to get skilled migration visas. I am a lift mechanic and have worked in the lift industry for 10 years but have only been qualified for 1 year. I am qualified at NVQ level 3 but he said that I would have had to have done an apprenticeship as the dept of immigration only recognise this. Im not entirely sure he is correct in what he has told me. I did think I might struggle getting the skilled visa as I only have one years qualified experience but I have heard that if you have been in the trade for a while, there is something called a TRA. By the way he came across, even if I had 5 years experience I would not stand a chance because of my NVQ route. PLEASE HELP!
  14. Can anyone recommend truck hire in Mandurah area? We are moving house, have just tried a couple of local hire firms and they are all booked for that date!!! Starting to panic now........any ideas??!!!!
  15. Hi there, am new to the site so still finding my feet on here. My husband and our 3 children are hoping to start the visa prosses soon and will be going over on a 175 visa but my concerns already are that i've been on to seek and career one and although my husbands job is on the wanted list we can't seem to find anything on there so am worried that perhaps it's not as in demand as we first thought? Would be very greatful if someone could perhaps point us in the right direction to where these jobs may be hiding? maybe i'm putting job title in wrong? Thanks in advance for any info you can pass on madsam xxx
  16. Good news for those in WA and looking to buy a house House prices tipped to lift by 2012 : thewest.com.au
  17. Hi, I am a qualified Lift Fitter with 10 years mechanical experience in the industry. I came over in January to Brisbane with my family and am really eager to get back into work. I used to work for KONE in the UK and have contacted most of the well known lift companies but there aren't alot about for the mechanical side. Does anyone know of any vacancies with a possibility of training for the relevant electrical licence? PLEASE HELP!!!:
  18. Waitingawhile

    Fork lift truck licences

    Hi OH is a warehouse supervisor could anyone shed any light on whether his forklift truck licences wil count for anything or as we suspect diddly squat-if this is the case does anyone know of how you go about getting the relevant liceces quickly -we will be based in or near to Mandurah cheers:err:
  19. Good moring guys As you mostly know we are going to Oz on my skills as a hairdresser, my hubby is a print finishe (doesnt involve binding though) but he also has a FLT counter balance and reach license which has been part of his job for the past 5 years or so, so he has plenty of experience in it. Im just wondering if we could use his work experience towards ur points rather than me having to do the IELTS test, does anyone know if its on any of the skills lists, I want him to feel like he is contributing something to us going over there. I know there are FLT jobs paying around a tenner an hour (£ not $) so not too worried about him getting a job there,
  20. Hi All, What are the job propects like for a Lift Engineer in Perth? Terrie
  21. Guest

    Help lift engineer

    Hi to all, new to the site im in sydney at the moment and dont know were to start to find a job as a lift engineer i went into the recruitment agencies but i dont really trust them to many clauses in their contracts. I dont know if its the down turn in the economy but i'm having trouble finding work in that trade i've just got my t.r.a.'s classing me as a lift mechanic but im also a fully qualified electrician age aint a problem as im only 23. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  22. Guest

    We have lift off.. Finally

    Was on holiday in Devon and the Agent called to say that the Visa has been granted. :notworthy: It's been almost a year to the week when we started our journey, but I suppose the real journey starts now. Parents, House, Jobs, Money etc, etc, etc.... :goofy: Thanks to all the advice from various people on this forum... otherwise we would have lost the plot :arghh: a long time ago. We are planning on doing a reccie in September to Validate the visa, are there any meets going on in Melbourne, Sydney or Perth during this month ? Once again, thanks to all
  23. Guest

    Lift or Elavator

    In Australia is a lift more commonly known as a lift or an eleavator? Slight difference of opinion in the Proctor houshold this afternoon. Please help between disputing this non important matter with my wife and baby crawling up my leg demanding attention and leaving trickles of vomit all over the floor I am finding it diffucult to concentrate on todays rugby, although my attention is flagging after the first game.
  24. markandtraceyessex

    cranes, hoists and things that lift!

    hi all, my official uk job title is a lifting equipment maintenance engineer. which translates in oz (from a TRA point of view) to a fitter. i know ther's a lot of work for my skills in the mines and in western oz but my wife will need support initially and we have friends in central coast nsw. could anyone shed any light on if they think i would find work in that area??? as an example a company called "kennards lift and shift" are right up my street. the nearest depot is in sydney. any replies would be appreciated. regards mark