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Found 452 results

  1. Guest

    where do i start

    i am a plasterer from Erskine in Scotland and my wife works in internal audit, we want to move and work in oz but dont know where to start or where to go pleeeeeez help
  2. Hello, Can anyone recommend any names of fully furnished, self catering apartments / houses for 4 or 5 weeks in Darwin, whilst we have time to look for longer term rentals that won't cost us the earth. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Cheva
  3. UserName

    Adelaide or Melbourne

    hey guys, I planed to make a Work n Holidy trip to australia, traveling the eastcoast upward to the north in one year (enough time... i hope ). I´m asking myself were to start.... Melbourne or Adelaide?! Were would you starting the trip? Which one of these cities/territories has more intresting sights (heard Kangoru Island is awesome)? Were is it easier to get a job? ...and which one would you personally prefer? ...thanks previously for your answers and sorry for my bad enlish skills :cool::wink:
  4. Im about to sort out my WH Visa after planning it for over a year. All seems straightforward. Now I come across the health insurance problem. As I understand there is an emergency reciprical agreement between UK/OZ but I still have to pay for other costs. Apparently policies are based on what state you are in so I cant do QLD and NSW. So NSW it has to be. Ive got quotes of $200/month to $100/month but it is going to take an age to sift through these. Can anyone recomend a good policy?
  5. Hi, We are moving to Gladstone, Queensland in Feb 2012 and want to know about primary schools for our 6yr old son.....do we organise now or wait till we get to Gladstone??? so much to think about....any help would be greatfully received....any good schools in which areas...? thanks so much
  6. Hi everyone, My name is Roxi, and I'm almost 22. I have a 14 month old Daughter named Lola. I was born in Manchester, and have lived all around Australia I am looking for any other Mums or Dads living in or around Secret Harbour WA, who would be interested in starting a Mummas group with me I look forward to hopefully hearing from you all !!
  7. Hi, we have been in Australia for 8 months now and all is going well, hubby has a good job and enjoys his work. We were however thinking of setting up a small online business selling crafts etc. Are we allowed to do this under the conditions of our 119 visa? It could be in either or both names if there are any differences in constraints placed on myself and my oh Thanks in advance
  8. Hi everyone! I am part of the recruitment team at Bankwest in Perth and we have an immediate vacancy for a Project Accountant on a 9 month fixed term contract to cover some maternity leave. Some of the key responsibilities of the role include: - Preparation of project business cases - Assist with preparation of quarterly forecasts and annual project budgets - Providing accounting support on projects as and when required We're looking for candidates who have the following: - Relevant tertiary qualifications in accounting, business or finance - Professional qualification (CA/CPA) or progressing towards this - Sound understanding of core accounting principles - Experience in preparing and reviewing financial and analytical models If you are new to Perth and looking for an immediate start then please feel free to contact me
  9. Hi all, I am one of the lucky many who can enter Australia on a skilled independent visa - state sponsored by WA. Now before settling and looking for work around Perth I wanted to go for some extensive outback travelling, you know buying a 4WD and do a once-in-a-lifetime outback trip for a couple of months:cute:. Can I give a c/o address of a friend in Perth to the WA Immigration Authority once I enter Australia or can I only change my overseas address once I have a job? Or is there some other sort of registrations needed (tax file number/medicare) before I can change my address with the Department? Is the 6-monthly survey compulsory and has to be completed within a deadline? Thanks for advice on how to handle this. Best regards, Stephen
  10. Hi everyone, We are hoping to move over next year so I wanted to get the rabies vaccinations out the way incase other half gets a job offer. But how do I go about starting? I have been on the daff website and found the information package 4 and understand the process that needs to be done...but are there forms somewhere I need to fill out before I take kitty to get jabbed and the blood tested? I don't want to take her to the vets and get it started if i'm doing it wrong? Are there no documents to take with me to the vets to get it recorded that its been completed? The only form I have been sent is the export permit.
  11. Mr Fabricator

    when to start selling stuff and pack up

    Hi All , i know everyone will be in a different situation but when do u feel is a good time to start to thin out personal posessions , clear away all the crap that should have been junked years ago and decide what is going to oz ?? ive pretty much just started the long process but have been sorting , and clearing since i first appointed my agent . Couldnt bare the thought of being granted a visa , booking flights and then having my whole life to shut down . I do have a business to shut down aswell as my personal life so its pretty much double and not just a case of handing my notice in and taking my office coffee mug home . Ive been ebaying big items , ( 2 motorbikes and 3 cars ) from home and work , funds from these have all but cleared up my debt's Ive been through my wardrobes and seem to be skipping things on a weekly basis , i look at stuff everywhere and think when do i use that , why did i get that ?? BIN !! Its actually liberating and with the waiting game that is the visa process it maker me feel like im still doing something and making progress . thoughts ? lee
  12. Just wondering when did the charge to apply for WA sponsorship come in??
  13. cartertucker

    Doctors ~ Where to start?

    We have just registered for medicare, so thats all sorted :wink: Now just need to find a Doctor, but where do I start? :unsure: We arent living in the area that we will settle, so how do I know which one to choose? :confused:
  14. Sherbetdip23

    When does the clock start ticking?

    Hi All Just been thinking.... does the time start ticking from the date the cat has the blood test or from the date you get the results? I have been thinking it's the date the blood is taken but now worried that I have been wrong to think this which will mean 3 weeks longer in quarrantine :-(
  15. Hello there peeps. We are moving out to melbourne in april/may next year. :biggrin: When is the best time to start looking for rentals? what documents if any do we need to give the rental company? how long does the process take??? I hope people can help - i am getting confused with everything we need to do!! :confused: Many thanks
  16. Guest

    Where do I start ???

    Hi everyone, new member and wanted to pick people's brains. I am wanting to migrate with my wife and 1 year old daughter. I am told that our line of work is a shortage in the new list 'child centre managers' but again cant find much info. I am 33 and wife 27 and feel i need to do this now but where do I start? I spoke to a company here that will charge me £2000 for a service but doesnt fully explain what the service does.. I want to know can i do it myself and what i need to do etc... I know this is asking a lot but any advice is greatly appreciated.. Just a Dad wanting a better life for my young family. Thanks Kevin
  17. hi guys. been reading on the internet for hours and im no further. so hopefully someone here has the answers :swoon: we are currently in Perth and wanting to make things happen asap. basically me and my partner are planning on making a skilled visa application. i am a carpenter and my partner a dental nurse but holds a degree in science. we have completed points tests on a number of websites and everything seems to work out good. now... is it worth while going through an agent or is it easy enough to do the paper work and send everything ourselves. would it speed up the process with an agent? i have a friend who done his himself and it worked out ok. but im sure every case is different. any help on this would be great. cheers:hug:
  18. Hi all I have been here since July 2010 and have played in a number of bands, most of which have not made it past the first rehearsal. I find the level of music ability not that great in Sydney and the music choices even worse (sorry Aussies you are great at a lot of things but music aint one of them) so i thought i would try this out to see if any other brits who can play would be interested in starting a band. I have been playing for over 30 years and have loads of gigging, session and recording experience and am looking to start either a straight covers band for pubs etc or a function band for corporate evnts weddings parties etc. My influences are mainly rock but not aussie rock, i like the Foo fighters, Nirvana, Hendrix, Muse, Arctic Monkey, The wombats, Two door Cinema Clu the list goes on. If we were to do a covers band i would like to play some of the above, however if a function bacnd then we would need to be a little more mainstream. At the moment it's me myself an I so need guitarist's, Bass Player, Vocals, Keys etc etc. If you are interested please get in touch. I have tried to put my contact details here before but they get removed. I look forward to hearing from you All the best Dave
  19. Im a a registerd nurse i have done my EILTS had overall socre of 7. I am planning to work in Ausrallia.I am currently in the UK.I need help as to where to start ,who to contact any help will be appreciated am new to this forum.:biggrin:
  20. So my husband and I have decided to take the plunge and move out to oz, we were there on WHV last year, loved it and want to go back, mainly since jobs here in NI for a quantity surveyor are non existent!!! No quality of life etc.. We think we may decide to use an agent purely since we are both busy and he works away 5 days a week. Should we do the DIY option, my question is do people start a skills assessment first before applying for visa? If so how would one go about that, if anyone has done the quantity surveyor one? Timescales costs etc? We want to get visa application in before these new "'don't call us we'll call you' to apply for a visa change takes place!
  21. Please PM me if you are interested in any of the following - we are located in Manly, Brisbane. Ritz hot stick power pole fuse remover and attachements - 3 months old. This is used in Queensland by Electricians to remove power pole fuses. GORILLA fibreglass extension ladder - 12 - 21ft - 3 months old. Mitsubishi Express Van (white - 2008) only 30250km on the clock
  22. My Scottish husband and two pommy born daughters will be returning home with early next year. We ate going ride out the recession in the sun! Can we just shop home and turn up at immigration? Or must I start applying for visas now? If do what visas would they need. My daughters have British passports like their dad.
  23. Hey everyone, I'm currently looking at working holiday visa to Oz and getting out of the UK for a while, but past the Visa application process I'm a little stuck about how to go about finding the work prior to leaving, finding accomodation and generally settling in somewhere new alone etc. :eek: I'm currently employed as an aircraft engineer in the UK forces but am due to leave early January. I'm not too fussed about location but narrowing it down is tough as there's so many places! I'm looking at Sydney, I know this is probably an obvious choice but my father worked their for a short while and praised it highly, although he was sponsored when he went. As there are restrictions on work contracts, I'm a little unsure of how to go about finding work on sort basis and how employers would view you as you would be only a temporary resident. Not sure if I've covered everything but any advice would be helpful, thanks.
  24. Steveathome

    Help! where do I start???

    Hi, my name is Steve and i am married with 3 children. We are keen on moving to Aus in the next couple of years but could do with some help and advice on where to start, and what the costs of visas are? Etc Etc.... Thanks
  25. Guest

    where to start

    Hi again we hope to land in Perth in January for a couple of weeks before heading Bunbury way does anyone know a cheap b and b place or similar? Have looked online and seems to be about 1000 dollars a week for 2 adults and 2 small kids which seems rather expensive.