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    Visa expiry

    hi, i have a query, we have been granted VE 175 (independent skilled) in june 2012. we have made our initial entry within stipulated period. In this June we are going back to australia. Our visa due to expire in June 2016, my question is, if we couldn't complete 2 year residency period what would happen? (out of 5 years, 2 years should be spend in australia), i believe, there would be 2 monthns short to complete 2 years. kindly reply estahapan.
  2. esthapan

    Fish on coral reef

  3. esthapan


  4. esthapan

    Can we do our medicals at different times?

    yes, you can. send primary applicant's health checks first.
  5. esthapan

    activating our visa?

    Hi, you just land anywhere in Australia with ur visas and passports, on arrival at airport, emigration people will scan your passport and upload the information into their system and stamp on the passport as 'emigration arrived'-your visa is activated. no hassles no hurdles.do you have a visa sticker on ur passport? it would be better if u get it done or else take the visa grant letter along with u. no other document is required.
  6. esthapan

    IELTS Results

    validity of IELTS score card is2 years for General IELTS, 24 months for Academic IELTS.
  7. esthapan

    Australian settlers and an old superstition

    hi all, The blood magic story was very much prevalent in several part of India till late 1940's. illiterate peasants believed that trapping some living creature or human would strengthen it and save the structure from natural calamities. it was only done for mega-structures like dams, bridges.. etc. Great grand father( an out cast, illiterate peasant) of one of my classmate was pushed down to a ditch (deep one, so that victim can't escape) and sealed with concrete at the time of constructing a dam across a rivulet funded by local civic body..! The unsuspecting peasant was lured to the site then pushed down to the ditch then within no time they filled concrete over him. when the filling reached his waist level supervisor asked him 'what do u feel'? (people believe that some sort of untoward incident occurs at the time of this alive burial) (the hapless victim surrenders to his destiny by then and speaks.) He said ' temple on fire' (temple of local deity). anyway that was true the local temple burned out, people say. the burnt remains of the temple was there when i was a child. it was renovated later. i have heard several similar stories like this. im not propagating superstition but, this thing used to occur in our society some 2 decades ago. still in some part people sacrifice cocks, goats or some other animal at the time of construction of mega-structures. BELIEVE IT OR NOT
  8. esthapan

    Electricians In Australia

    hi folks, after a long gap im coming back to this thread. In feb we had a validation trip to Perth. from now on i gonna concentrate on Licencing process thats the reason why im back to this thread. expecting more licence related post from veterans of this thread. thank you all.
  9. esthapan

    moving to perth in 2012..is anyone else?

    hi, we, family of three will be cming to perth in mid of Feb 2012 on a validation trip.
  10. hi, Title of this thread is 'what where....' , 'what were....' would be better.
  11. esthapan

    Customs problems with digital media?

    hi, after reading you guys reply, my problem of carriying 2x1 TB hard disc ( home vids) is solved. thanks all.
  12. hi all, first time im posting in this thread. im from India. after 2 years of waiting, we got our 175 in this June. we are a family of 3 and planning to fly to Perth for visa validation. booked tickets for Feb '12. we plan to stay in Perth for 1 day, and fly back. i would like to know abt the hostel/hotel/appartments rentals near Perth airport. somebody plz help. thanks
  13. esthapan

    Health Examination for GSM 175 Visa

    hello, since ur aplication is a new one, i can't predict anything. better u join the newly started thread in this forum ' new category 4, where are you now?' by Tania Holmes (?). join the thread asap. good luck
  14. esthapan

    Health Examination for GSM 175 Visa

    hi Srikant, when did u apply? what category ru? whats ur occupation? ru in new SOL? CO allocation depends on these factors. regards
  15. esthapan

    New Category 3's - Where are you now?

    End of an era!!! Conie is leaving!!! Connie u did a relentless job since inception of this thread, even after ur visa grant. Thank u connie, thanks a lot. We all'll rememeber u for long...wish u a successful carreer in oz. THIS MAY BE MY LAST POST ON THIS THREAD. God bless you. Kind regards