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  1. NowPerth

    Best bank for personal banking

    HSBC are worth considering while you start up as you can open an account in the UK. Then open an Oz one from there and link the 2. Just depends if there is a branch near where you are going to live in Oz.
  2. NowPerth

    Shipping Dog Toys

    I kept an unwashed jumper for each pet (which they had slept on for a couple of weeks) and packed it in my suitcase to take on the plane., which was fine. I took them to quarantine on the first visit so the pets had something familiar that smelt of home while they were in quarantine. The beds were washed and disinfected and went on the container. Their toys were cleaned too and went on the container.
  3. NowPerth

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Sunset near Perth today
  4. NowPerth

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Yesterday, near Perth, WA
  5. NowPerth

    shipping baggage

    Does it have to be quick (ie on a plane) or is a couple of months ok (ie, boxes by sea)?
  6. NowPerth

    How often do you visit back to uk?

    I aim to get back every 12 to 18 months. Not because I miss England, but to see elderly parents who won't ever be able to come here. I'm very happy here, and so is the whole family, but I want to see my parents. I enjoy my time there, but when I'm there I don't feel homesick for England, but look forward to getting back to Oz. My husband hasn't been back and has no desire to go back. Our children are all teenagers, and we've paid for them each to go back once during the long summer holidays here. They all really wanted to go back (for a visit, not to live), but once they'd been, they said they'd rather people came to visit them here. Now that they are choosing their own holidays, they are choosing places nearer to Oz with their mates over visits to the UK.
  7. NowPerth

    Wildlife thread

    Beautiful tree snake pic Bob. I haven't seen a wild one yet.
  8. NowPerth

    Where to go

    I know you like wildlife, and several of these are fantastic for wildlife lovers. Not all are on the main tourist list. Kakadu National park, east of Darwin. Google it, the size and statistics are mind blowing, as is the wildlife. Penguin Island south of Perth. Sealions, dolphins, pelicans etc. Bunbury - stand in the water with dolphins swimming around you. You can swim with them too but it's quite expensive to do that. Kalbari National Park. Coral Bay and Ningaloo ( North of Monkey Mia). Amazing snorkelling. Less touristy than Great barrier reef because it's so remote, and much closer to the coast. Pinnacles desert, 2 hrs ish north of Perth. Karijini Gorge Parliament house in perth. Free tours round. Interesting talk and history.
  9. NowPerth

    Wildlife thread

    Flying fish.
  10. NowPerth

    Wildlife thread

    Humpback calf, about 3 months old. Yesterday, about 1 mile North of Rottnest, off Perth.
  11. NowPerth

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Sunset in Perth
  12. Usually there is a section of small print about the excess. The main part will state the standard amount of excess. The small print usually says how much extra it is for certain categories of driver (on top of the standard excess), such as under a certain age, less than so many years holding a full licence, driving on a foreign licence.
  13. Your insurance excess is lower once you are on an Aussie license.
  14. NowPerth

    Dusters ......

    You could, of course, do like an elderly relative of mine, and recycle worn out pants for the role!
  15. NowPerth

    Dusters ......

    Are you talking about dusters as in 'dusting cloth', ie square of material, or 'feather duster', ie little pole with feathers or nylon fronds on the end? Have you checked in Red Dot? All supermarkets seem to have micro fibre cloths in. I saw a mini 'feather duster' yesterday - may have been woolworths or red-dot.