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Found 102 results

  1. Hello, i figured it may be useful to start a thread that would pull together peoples experiances of trying to gt to Oz as a spark, or what it's like over there as one..! It seems there are a lot of us out there! i am mainly domestic, but with a good measure of 3-phase and light commercial thrown in! I am on my way to Oz, have let our property in London and are travelling around to get a feel of where to live, probably somewhere north of Sydney. I did the Vetassess in the summer of 2008, i am waiting for the 175 to come through and will then be applying for the ARTC, i am going to try to do the wiring reg's asap and then apply for the license without much on shore experinace as i have been told it is possible.... well worth a punt anyhow..! To start the 'helpful' bit of this thread off the following is what my Vetassess day was like; Vetassess assesment is very broad, it seems to look at electronics, domestic wiring as well as light industrial, they seem to be looking for a general level of competance and an understanding of most things. Electrical units you are quite right in that they expect you to know all of the basic definitions (V, I, R, Z, etc) this will ensure you can understand / answer the paper based question... ELV, yes 50v in a AC circuit and 120v in a DC... etc etc.. As far as learning all of the formulas off by heart it can do your head in slightly, what i did was refresh myself with all of the basics, ohm's law, reisitance & reactance calculations, RMS etc, i did take a few notes in with me but to honest never needed them.. What did come up that i didn't expect though was transformer winds ratio's and quite a lot of health and safety stuff. One thing to note (which did worry me a bit!) is that it is all done to our reg's not the AUS/NZ reg's as they are quite different in some respects.. If it helps i will just quickly run through my day for you; 07.45 regsitration, we had to show passports for id etc. 08.00 paper based test, we had to do a few ohms law calculations, resisitance calculations showing overall resistance of circuits with resistors connected in series and/or connected in parrallel, transformer wind ratio's and some general health and safety stuff. 09.00 we were taken into the main practicle room, here we were each given our own boothe, we had to then instal from a paper diagram a consumer unit with x2 circuits, one was for a socket outlet, one was for a lighting circuit with a two way lighting arrangement. the installation used all methods of wirng, T&E clipped, in plastic conduit, metal conduit and loose cable also... this took all day as whilst this was going on we were each individually taken off to do the following; 1, wire up a DOL motor control circuit with thermal overload and on/off switching, we could choose whether to wire it in star or delta. 2, had to connect up a simple pin board with resistors and then calculate the overall resistance of the circuit one arrangement being with the resistors in parrallel and one with a couple in series as well, we also had to test it to prove our calculations. 3, we then had to safely isolate and disconnect a dummy motor, we had to lock it off, apply safety tag's and notices, note down the direction of rotation, power rating, etc, we then had to reconnect it. prior to doing this though we had to write down the whole of the isolation and disconnection process as if we were on site, and the reconnection process, we then also had to test to prove all was safe. finally we then had to test our main installtion, all of the basic domestic tests you would expect, we all aslo had to prove our 2 way lighting worked! The day ended around 4pm, we had all had a 1hr lunch break. There were 8 guys on my test day including myself, all of us bar one had brought our own tools, the guy who hadn't was lent some so it didn't seem to matter either way... I hope this thread proves useful, if not then... at least i tried..! If anyone has any useful infor about the ARTC, wiring reg's, on shore experiance or contractor license i would greatly appreciate it.. All the best and hppy sparkin... James...
  2. Jason Davis

    Any UK electricians in Gold Coast??

    Hi thereI'm a 32 year old fully qualified electrician from Wales U.K. and have decided after years of talk to move to the Gold Coast, Queensland with my wife and 3 children. I have run my own successful electrical company for over ten years now and am really interested in taking the plunge for a lifestyle change. My one main concern is the reality of finding work once I'm there. Once I have sold up I am considering going out alone for a month or two just to be sure I can find a job as I don't want to drag my wife and children over if it doesn't work out as planned..I have done a bit of research and learnt that before I move I should get my OSTR in place, obtain my white card and apply for my provisional electrical licence while I'm in the uk so it saves time rather than doing it in Australia, hence speeding up the process while I'm there. Please correct me if I'm wrong but can I apply for a provisional licence while I'm in the uk?I understand that you can only do gap training in Australia, is that true also or can you do the theory part to it in UK? And just do the logbook part in Aus?? Can anyone advise the best way to approach/contact possible employers either it be through an agency or either by turning up and talking to them face to face when I'm in the area? Any help would be so much appreciated from anyone who's been through this similar process..Many thanks Jason
  3. any electrician wanting info on licencing, jobs, artc, tra or vettesses i`d recommend that you also look here for information Electricians : British Expat Discussion Forum i know its a link to another site but as there is so much info there it would be phyically impossble to repost it all here, and at the end of the day this is about sharing info with others in the hope it helps someone regards steve ( an electrical contractor working and making a living in australia )
  4. Good evening to everyone I am a reasonably new member but so far I have received FAB advice support and help from PIO. My OH and I are relocating to Brisbane my OH is an electrician over here and we run our electrical business together my OH mainly deals with domestic installations and he is a registered inspector. However we have just downloaded the Vetasses check sheet and my OH is extremely concerned that quite a bit on the tick sheet he is crossing ie the commercial electrics. Can anyone advise regarding this my OH has been an electrician for the last 12 years in the domestic market so will vetasses test him on what he has trained in or does he need to know all the info on this sheet? If he does then it will be impossible as we or should I see he only deals with the domestic side of electrics and has not really been involved in commercial. I hope someone out there can help basically my OH is a general domestic electrician. You can always pm me or email me if its easier. Thanks Lisa:wacko:
  5. Maintenance Trade Assistants / Electricians Wanted At IRP we pride ourselves on finding the right role for our candidates and the right candidates for our clients. We are currently searching for experienced electrical trade assistant's to work for our client on various sites around the metro area. Head office is in Wangara, you will meet every morning where company vehicles will be supplied to enable you to move to and from the various sites. The following criteria are essential for this role: Current A grade licence (WA) (Preferred) Experience with PLC systems in a commercial environment At least 2 years experience in a similar environment Reliability and technical skills to suit role Reliable transport and current driving licence Excellent OHS and communication skills Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident with full work rights Ability to pass Pre-Employment Medical (Inc D&A) A safe and mature approach to your work and fellow colleagues 2x current work references Immediate availability Exposure and familiarity with conveyors, hoists or other industrial control systems would be highly regarded for this role. For more information and to apply online follow the link below. http://www.irp.net.au/job-search/job-details.php?Maintenance+Trade+Assistant/Electricians/in/Northern+Suburbs+and+Joondalup/5926259 or Call the Office on 08 9463 3277
  6. Hi all, I'm in the early process of migrating to Australia, preferably looking to move to the sub-urbs of Melbourne. I am looking to get some clear advice on the steps I need to take to be recognised over there as an electrician, employment prospects and general living. I'm 21 years old, served a four year apprenticeship, along with a further year and a half experience, gained my C&G 2330 level 2+3, 17th edition, AM2, NVQ level 3 2356 and inspection and testing 2391. I have extensive experience in all aspects of heavy industrial work and commercial work along with testing. I do also have moderate experience in agricultural and domestic work. I am also a JIB graded installation electrician (soon to be upgraded to approved electrician),- I already appreciate that a lot of people say none of my qualifications are recognised over there, but surely Electrical contractors over there can appreciate English equivalents along with written references, even my NVQ log book as evidence? Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance, Lewis.
  7. If you have experience in any of the above and would be interested in living and working in Newcastle NSW. Its near Port Stephens and Lake MacQuarie in the Hunter Valley with access to Sydney in two hours (but not Sydney house prices). Port Stephens and Lake MacQuarie are fantastic holiday areas and the Hunter Valley is a world renound wine region. House prices are generally lower than most othe Australian cities. The company I am working for are specifically looking for:- Control Systems Engineer of all levels from a few years post graduate experience to senior people with experience of Rockwell, Siemens or Schneider PLCs, Citect SCADA and or Fieldbus and industrial ethernet. Electrical engineers and drafters again at all levels. Electricians with experience of installation and or commissioning. I will check the posts every few days and hopefully any one looking to migrate can send me their cv. Providing short term accomodation for the right candidates has been mentioned by the companies HR manager.
  8. hi fellas hope everyones doing ok just wondered if any body is doing the practical in london end of march, or anybody has any tips and tricks advice they would like to share as I'm really nervous about the whole day !!! going back to the science formula is driving me up the wall please help !!!!!!!!! cheers joe
  9. Hi, just wondering if anyone on here knows of any electricians or electrical contractors who are Sydney based and are looking to take on apprentices? I am a qualified bricklayer who came over on a 175 visa with my partner and we have been 'yo-yo-ing' between Brisbane and Sydney for work purposes but my partner has now realised that she has much more opportunity in Sydney. Even though I am 28 there still ( as in the UK) seems to be the opportunity for a mature apprenticeship with some contractors. Anyone have any advice?:biggrin:
  10. Can anybody help with the wiring rules distance learning book - if you have done this? i'm not sure, on each question it say's clause - is this the reg number and do you have to quote the number on your answer? Also, are they looking for the wording from the regs or in your own words i.e. define earth fault loop impedence. May seem trivial but want to give what they are asking for....... Cheers guys Rich
  11. zxrninja250

    Any Automotive Electricians out there?

    Hi All I am an Automotive electrian looking at doing my skills assessment anzo code: 321111. I dont have any direct qualifications but have 5 years exsperiance. I am gathering evidance for this but im not sure if I put to much stuff in it will go against me any idea? Any advice on good evidance to get? Many thanks Mark
  12. Alanlisa

    Electricians Help

    Hi, I am currently drawing up the portfolio for VETASSESS, I am using the templates provided within the portfolio builder from the VETASSESS website. Can anyone tell me if when completing their CV they just put a brief description in the boxes and then elaborated further on in the document or would you put your full description in the box??? I really want to get this bit right!!
  13. Found this whilst looking for work for myself on Seek. Thought there might be someone out there who would find this useful. Here's the link to the advert. http://www.seek.com.au/Job/auto-electrician-sponsorship-available/in/melbourne-melbourne/21055108
  14. Please PM me if you are interested in any of the following - we are located in Manly, Brisbane. Ritz hot stick power pole fuse remover and attachements - 3 months old. This is used in Queensland by Electricians to remove power pole fuses. GORILLA fibreglass extension ladder - 12 - 21ft - 3 months old. Mitsubishi Express Van (white - 2008) only 30250km on the clock
  15. Okay, I've tried looking up on Google about this, but it seems to throw up so much jargon I couldn't make head nor tail. I have been in the army as an Electronics Technician for 16 years. I have a BTec in Electronic Engineering with much experience on vehicle electrics on tanks, Land Rovers, tracked rocket launchers, Bedfords, DAFs etc as well as with guidance systems, thermal sights and transmitting equipment. I am keen to move in to the field of Auto Electrics but all of the jobs would require a AQF Certificate III with 2+ years experience or a AQF Certificate IV. What is the equivalent UK qualification and would it be accepted in Oz? If not, how would I go about converting(?) my qualification in to an Australian equivalent?
  16. Hey Guys I have just arrived in Perth WA and have applied to have my City & Guilds qualification transfered and because I am doing it in Australia I have to apply through the TRA as apposed to applying before hand in the UK and applying through VetAssses. The TRA have requested that I do a Trade test at Neca, college of electrical training. So here are the big questions: Has anyone done this trade test recently and what can I expect? Can you chose the specific tasks in the the different sections of the practicle or are you told which tasks you are required to do? I am worried about the theory and practicle with regard to Single phase and Three phase motors: 1 phase - Universal Motor? 1 phase - Capacitor Start - induction Run Induction Motor? 3 phase - Direct on Line? 3 phase - Star Delta? If any one has any advise or wouldn't mind a chat about the trade test please get in touch! Thanks guys, I'll let you know how it goes, I write on the 13 December 2010. For those of you who are in same boat I will let you know what is coming!
  17. ive searched and searched for this but cannot find any definitive answers im pulling my hair out:arghh::arghh: I am an irish sparks and have a 176 visa with my wife and 2 kids. I got an OTSR with vic uni as part of my application. I am looking to apply for my grade A WA license but I've heard I can only do this whilst im in Australia, but Im not sure Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.:wideeyed:
  18. Guest


    Hi to you all out there, I am looking for some help and advice. I am time served 41 year electricain looking to move to the McKay region of QL with the family and would appreicate any advice of applying for my electrical mechanics licence and visa etc. Do i go through TRA then visa and ARTC before i come to OZ? Also is there anyone out there in McKay that could let us know what areas etc are best. Cheers for any help
  19. Guest


    Hi everyone, Me my wife and son are emigrating in January to Perth on a 176 Skilled Migrant Visa (granted March 11). I have been looking at jobs on the internet and it seems like there is a lot of work for electricians in Perth and I have even tried applying for a couple of jobs. The only problem that I have found, is that all the jobs request A grade license electricians, basically if you don't have a license don't apply. Has anyone had any luck in applying for a job from the UK or is it best to just go, get a restricted license and then apply for jobs once in Perth? Thanks guys Steve
  20. I'm trying to locate a copy of the austalian wiring regs (preferably on pdf), been searching the internet, book shops, even the australian ebay site, but would you believe all I can find is BS7671 - 17th Edition, even on the australian ebay site!!!! If any sparkys out there have a pdf file of them that I could have a look at it would be appreciated. Want to start swotting up in prep for my test. Thanks Guys Neil:biggrin:
  21. Hi to all we've recently moved to the gold coast in the hope of a better lifestyle and lots of work to recession hit England we are fully qualified 17th ed sparks, we've been ringing companies for 3days now with still no joy. And keep reading in the bulletin how there crying out for skilled labour especially in the mines. We've offered our services as a trade assistant if needed whilst we get the conversion done. Also have a White card any help out there??
  22. Hi there My husband is a qualified electrician and we are seriously considering a move to Australia, either around the Sydney area or Perth area. I just wondered if anyone can tell me how hard or easy it is to find work out there and should you get a job before you go or once you are there? Sorry if i sound totally clueless but i pretty much am! Not sure which irder we need to do things in, what to do first etc so any help or advice at all would be very greatly appreciated. Many thanks xxx
  23. 2 x Electricians required, Wirez electrical requires 2 x electricians to carry out various types of work, you must be motivated and able to work as an individual and as part of our growing team, lots of opportunity for the right candidate, Wirez is a rapidly growing electrical contracting company with a great team of tradesmen and trainees, if you are a motivated great electrician contact us today immediate start available, uniforms and mobile phones provided. Contact: Jay[at]wirez.com.au
  24. Just wondering about, money, conditions etc
  25. Alanlisa

    VETASSESS - Electricians

    Hi All, I've just read a thread on here which states that a full work history has to be supplied before the practical test is completed. Someone stated that their's was 30 pages long...:arghh::arghh: I really wouldn't know where to start with this and any help is appreciated. :biggrin: