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Found 12 results

  1. glh95

    WHV 417 medical examination

    Hi all Im new to this forum and wondering if anyone can help me out as im not sure where else to turn to. I just submitted my whv 417 and Its telling me I now need to arrange for a health check and attach the medical information before the application can be approved. The medical examination is going to cost me £500 or more which i dont really have. When the application asked me what work i planned on doing in Aus i said working with children, in a hospital and with animals. I didn't realise at first that if you state you are going to work with children or in a hospital setting that you would need these medical checks. If i ask to change my work to just working with animals and get rid of children and hospital will this then mean i no longer need to complete the health check? Is this even possible to do? Would this have a negative impact on my application? I appreciate all help Thanks
  2. Cry of a desperate mum. My daughter wants to sit the Selective exam in Victoria in 2012 to enter year 10 in 2013. Has anyone been through the process, coming over from the UK? The subjects offered at the exams are: Numerical Reasoning Verbal Reasoning Reading Comprehension Mathematics Analytic Writing Are the exams like the UK verbal reasoning exams for 11+? Are there any resources on or off line. The exams are sometime in June 2012. Any type of help will do. Thanks
  3. Guest

    Health Examination

    Hi I would like an answer to the following On the site you talk about an health examination or an aged visitor check for persons over 75 years -is this still operative when you apply for a 676 long stay visa and if you went to say N.Z before the expiry of that visa and then re-applied for another 676 visa would you then have to have one of the above checks? before entering Oz If you applied for a 103 visa in U.K. would this allow you to go to oz hen you wanted to and would you be allowed to stay for what ever time you liked---would your answer be the same if you applied whilst in oz Thanks in anticipation:goofy:
  4. Guest

    Medical Examination

    Can anyone tell me what the medical examination is like and what exactly are they testing you for?:err:
  5. asjad

    Kids medical examination!!!

    Dear mates, when we go under medical examination, they ask vaccination card of kids? Thanks for reply shaikh
  6. Hi there,:smile: I have lodged my application for GSM 175 Independent visa online through a Migration Agent in Australia. I am still waiting for CO to be assigned to my application. My question is " Can I undergo Medical tests before CO advise me to do so?" Your replies in this regard will be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Cheers, Shrikant:smile:
  7. Guest

    Thc and Medical examination

    Hi everyone Kindly suggest me I smoke Marijuna in little quantity but thrice a week. Though am physically very fit and enjoying good health. Now presence of THC (marijuna) /Tobacco/Alcohol can affect my medical for Immigration. Can they detail my application or i need to de-toxic myself before the medical? need your expert advise Thanks :cute:
  8. Hi! I am interesting to living and working in Melbourne like a kindergarten teacher or teacher's assistent. So I know everything about medical examination during visa process.I found a web site for teachers med. examiantions too, but there is nothing signed about medical requirements or deaseases ( diabetes, epilpsy, high blood pressure...)if you have them. Do some of you know anything about?
  9. In the DIAC online application form, there is a note saying: "You and your family members will be required to undergo medical examinations during the processing of your visa application. Please ensure you download medical examination and radiologist report forms at the completion of your application." I've filed out that it's only me who is migrating and my family members (parents and brother) are in non-migration section. Will they really have to be examined?
  10. hey guys....just a quick question. applying for my first student visa and just wondering what this medical examination is i need? I didnt have to get one for my working holiday visa's so why now? what does it involve? thanks
  11. Zoks

    Medical Examination Form 26

    Hi all, I'm sure I'm over-thinking everything so decided to ask ...... On Form 26 it asks whether I'm applying for permanent entry or temporary entry. I'm applying for a subclass 309 partner visa. It's a temporary visa which can result in permanent residency after 2 years. So do I choose temporary entry and say I'm entering Australia for 2 years 0 months?
  12. today I've inquiry to panel doctor clinic (want to know how much does is cost), the clinic said, If I apply 175 by online, no need to send to Sydney, they will fill in by online. I've explain again as need to sent to Sydney, but they said very sure, for online no need to sent to Sydney as doctor can fill up by online electronically. (How come Raffles Hospital Singapore can do this by electronically??? , they are not HSA related, am i right?) eventually I'm confuse. Please help