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  1. Liz B

    TV show on ping pong poms

    I guessed from watching it that they had cut loads of things out etc and didn't think much of the bloke interviewing, if that's getting the story then it's a poor attempt. I myself have been here in Perth 5 years and it has been extremely difficult and lonely most of the time and miss people big time, especially the ones that you can just call and say are you free for a brew without making a weeks appointment for it. In saying all of this I think the warm sunny days, not baking are lovely and looking at the ocean and seeing different wildlife etc, but at the end of the day people can't help it if they miss home and if they can get the funds to make it back then why not? I'm sure there are Aussies living abroad that mention what they miss or compare, it's what they are used to. Hope it works out for you back home. Liz :yes:
  2. Liz B

    Wanted down under

    Thanks for that and I know they only show bits and bobs after editing. Liz
  3. Liz B

    Wanted down under

    Hi, I saw some men with cameras filming a couple at a Mindarie school a few months ago, was this you and when will it be on tv? I was hiding behind my sunglasses at the top of steps and tried not to look their way. If I am on the box, I will have to tell my family to look out for it. Sorry if I've got the wrong people. Liz
  4. Liz B

    I can't believe I am actually getting to go home

    Good luck and hope all goes well for you, I'm sure you will have many emotions about it. We are confused what to do, and want the best for all of us of course. Again all the best! Liz :cute:
  5. I think mine and my hubbies expectations were probably a bit high, and probably thought we would be superfit and mega active. We try and get out walking and getting bikes for christmas so we can all have a bike ride together. We have a swim in the warmer weather, but I can't help thinking about sharks now! We saw one just over a year ago at quinns beach, and quite close to the beach! Hubby didn't believe and realised after he got out and saw it, that he should have listened to the people shouting, I think it put the kids off the vac swim down there in the early morning! Anyway after living here for over 4 years, I know that I want to move back to blighty, but it isn't just me and that makes the decision so hard. I also know that there will be some things I would miss from Aus, but know it is not for me in the long term future. A lot of peoples thoughts and what they feel I can relate to them all. Lizzy :wubclub:
  6. Liz B

    Coming back- why so many??

    Hi Quoll, Glad to see you have finally made it back home, and hope you settle well after many years away. I agree about what you said and feeling like the odd one out, but after reading folks experiences it is also good to know I am not alone, also if it gets too much the help is there to talk to someone arranged through a doctor. Are you looking forward to Winter and wrapping up? Best of luck. Liz:wub:
  7. Liz B

    What are the main reasons for returning to UK?

    Yep everyday trying to decide what's best for all of us. Nice to know I'm not alone in this though. Liz :wideeyed:
  8. Liz B

    What are the main reasons for returning to UK?

    Great that you have decided, I have the same feelings as you, but can't make the decision due to kids, lack of money and overall being bloody scared as we can't even afford to have a visit back to see how we feel. Good luck Liz:cute:
  9. Liz B

    boomerang poms

    Hi, Sorry to hear about your oldest and yes we remember saying we wanted to come for a better life etc, but the struggle emotional and financial as I said has been extremely difficult and my mental health has suffered. My daughter who is only 9 years keeps saying she misses England, but I think it has been to do with our struggles. My son who is 12 is fine, even though he knows there is tension. Husband is having to work away to be able to pay the bills etc and we don't buy expensive new goods, the list goes on. Anyway I hope all goes well for you back there and your eldest starts to settle eventually. Liz :hug:
  10. Liz B

    boomerang poms

    Sorry to hear about what happened Poppet and hope your hubby is recovering well. It is difficult and expensive and we are not sure what to do either as really struggling here, not just financially. I am glad other's haven't found it so, but we came over more or less on a wing and a prayer a few years ago. How are the kids settling in? Take care. Liz x
  11. Liz B

    wisdom teeth

    Hi, I have been told I need five out and need a CT scan to see the position on the x ray clearly. I was told around $3,500 nearly a year ago, so I would check on these prices. The surgeon would do it at the day surgery there, and probably rest for a while and get a lift home and antibiotics prescribed. If you need the details, I can look for the surgery, but you need to get referred from your dentist. I can't afford it as yet and it doesn't look like medicare cover it, but I think if I'm correct that you can claim some back when it's tax time if you spend over a certain amount. It's a bloomin nightmare and when I do have them done eventually I will be scared stiff! Liz :swoon:
  12. Liz B

    LeTs MovE :)

    Difficult one that but just watched a program filmed in Tassie and it did look lovely, in the UK probably the South West even though I am originally a Staffordshire girl, just wish I had seen Robbie Williams around when I went shopping up Stoke!
  13. Just thanked the wrong post before! I will ask the manager about a reference thanks for that. I just get soooooo fed up when I have had an interview in the past and they don't bother to let you know, I even went in person to one of the places and asked for the boss to complain and ask him not to do it to anyone else, after all someone has gone for an interview and made the effort! I am not hot headed but wanted to say my piece. I can type also touch type, the kids covered my eyes once whilst I was typing and were amazed how I knew I had made a mistake and went back to the correct key! I have just applied for another volunteer job today in admin. Good luck and thanks again. Liz :wubclub:
  14. I think I will try that Ken Mellor cd, so thanks for the link. Hard to make any decisions and it does my head in as Son doesn't want to leave, he is 12years, daughter doesn't want to be in Australia and DH is just exhausted from stress and having to work away to pay the mortgage and bills! Also need to think of how to pay for the orthodontics and to get my wisdom teeth out, which the dentist keeps telling me to get done now. I have been trying so hard to get employment and nobody has given me a chance as yet even though I have done my financial cert III and currently doing cert IV and I also volunteered at Vinnies for a while which was good but I desperately want a permanent job. Somebody gave me a few hours casual, but unfortunately they don't need me as yet. When I go for interviews I tell them I wear hearing aids, but I can still do the job perfectly well. Maybe I shouldn't tell them, but I want to be honest as if using a phone I need ones that's compatible. The one thing that makes me unsure about moving back is the inlaws as they are difficult at the best of times! Although we wouldn't live nearby we would obviously need to visit every few months. The one thing that goes in your favour Landv is your child being young, you have time on your hands with school etc. Good luck with what you decide and lets hope this cd helps. ps: Sorry for the long rant! Lizx
  15. Liz B

    I Saw You Coming!

    You are making me curious now, as I keep getting told I need 5 wisdom teeth out at around $4,000 as they are difficult to look after. I wonder if the dentist gets any funds from the surgeon that would be doing it, they are in a different suburb. The dentist keeps telling me every time that I need to see this man and get them taken out, they do not cause any bother at the moment but they told me I would have problems later on. Liz