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    Shipping from South Yorkshire

    We moved from Rotherham in 2008 and used John Mason. They were fantastic from start to finish. No problems whatsoever. T x

    Anyone emigrating from Yorkshire?

    We migrated from Rotherham, S Yorks in June 2008. Been a rocky road since then but we are still here in Victoria and still enjoying life. Still miss my pork pies from Jump in Barnsley though. Would kill for one of them!!! T

    South East has been badly hit

    We are in Pakenham and spent last night trying to keep the water away from our house. Sweeping and digging trenches to direct the water in the pouring rain, thunder and lightning is no fun. This morning has revealed a complete mess in many areas. Creeks have burst their banks and flooded the main roads in and out of the town. Many homes are flooded. We had 130mls as at 9am this morning according to my mate's measure in the garden and it was still pouring down for hours after. Still nowhere near as bad as Qld, but we had a taster of it. T

    Daughter doesnt want to go to oz

    Our daughter had no strong views either way when we migrated. She knew that she was the child, and we were the adults, and what we said, went. She was 10 and we were always aware that she might hate it here in Aus. We decided we would see her through school and assess the position then. Almost three years down the line she absolutely loves it here. She considers herself Australian. She recently told me that her greatest fear was that I would want to return to England. She loves school and everything about her life. Children are amazing!! They adapt so well. They are so flexible and far more open minded than we give them credit for. When it comes to the crunch, they have to do what we say. We also dangled the "dog" carrot and we welcomed Franklin into our lives about three months ago. He has been the icing on the cake for our daughter and basically she is living the life she deserves. I hope your daughter has a life as full as ours does. T.

    need help with rentals please

    It is possible, because we did it - but its not usual. We migrated in 2008 and we were able to secure a rental from the UK but only because of circumstances. Long story cut short - we came out to validate and stayed with some friends for a few nights. After we flew back to UK our friends had an offer accepted on a house of their own and gave notice on their rental, we contacted the agent and they agreed to let us take the lease over when our friends vacated. Like others have said - you have to have viewed the house first. Our situation was unique though and I'd agree with Magnentic that it might be wise to extend your holiday let to give yourselves more time. You really can do without piling on any more stress than you need to. Things are hectic enough in the first few weeks as it is. Good luck. T.

    Printer toner cartridge

    We brought our HP printer out here too. Scoured the shops for replacement toners and ended up having to get then shipped down from Sydney and even then they were only compatibles. So everytime family have visited, they've brought a few cartridges with them for us. But as others have said, printers are reasonably priced here so we'll probably just end up buying a new one. T
  7. Our daughter has been at Beaconhills Valley Campus since 2008 (year 5) and is absolutely thriving there. It's true that a lot of people seem to send their children to state school and then feed them into private schools at year 7. We pay a fixed amount each year and its flexible how you wish to pay it. We pay weekly from the start of the school year to the end, and then have two months off during the summer hols. All school trips, camps, outings are included in the fee and as usual, books, uniform and any extra curricular subjects are on top. Our daughter takes saxaphone lessons which we are billed for separately. To be honest, we never looked at state secondary schools when we were researching, as the fees at Beaconhills are very reasonable and the school had such a great reputation. I often say that choosing Hayleigh's school was probably the only thing we got spot on and have never had any regrets about. T

    Putting stuff on the wall in a rental...

    The best thing to do is simply ask your rental agent if you can put a few piccies up. Just say you want to put up x amount of posters/piccies and what would they recommend to use. I do a lot of end of rental cleans and there only seems to be a problem when permission hasn't been asked. Also, don't be tempted to use those self adhesive hooks. They don't always live up to their claim not to leave marks. T

    Help! Packers coming next week!

    One of the best pieces of advice we had was to designate a room "not to be touched". We kept all the stuff that wasn't going in the container in there and let the packers know. We stuck a notice on the door and it worked just fine. Packing day is frantic enough without having to watch every single item. T x
  10. Similar thing for my OH. He got his first ever speeding ticket before we came out in June 2008. Nothing carried over when we changed to a Victoria license in August 08. T x

    John Mason - thumbs up!!

    We used them too a couple of years ago. Faultless service both ends. Couldn't do enough for us.

    I dont no if i want to go!!

    Hi Molly. My daughter was 10 when we moved to Melbourne and she was fine about it until the day we left, when she cried buckets all the way to the airport! She is now 12 and she absolutely loves her new life here. She had no problems at all with school and is doing really well. She has made loads of lovely friends and regularly goes on sleepovers, outings, etc. She loves her AFL, rugby and cricket and we go to watch matches all the time. She still misses her old friends, of course, but accepts that its all part of life that we lose touch with some people, and then make new friends in their place. Life is just a series of meetings and partings. I'm sure you will be just the same as my daughter. You have so much to look forward to and are going to have an amazing adventure. You can keep in touch with your friends in England and update them with what you are up to. Don't worry too much about spiders and snakes. They don't bother you if you don't bother them. I hope things work out for you and your family and good luck for your new lives. T x

    Anyone used Ian Harrop & Associates for their agents?

    We used Ian Harrop too, in 2007. They held our hand all the way. They also had a guy there at the time who dealt solely with the TRA aspect of the skilled independent visa. He was fantastic, especially as my OH had so much employment history. Would definitely recommend them. T x

    Good and Bad shipping companies

    John Mason. Fantastic service, nothing damaged. Good price. T x

    Yellow dusters - what do Aussies use???

    I cheat and get them sent from England. I don't want to brag, but my laundry cupboard is stuffed full of fluffy yellow dusters :biggrin: T x