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Found 37 results

  1. I'm selling a Black Holden Barina as I'm heading back to the UK next week and need it to sell asap!! It's incredibly reliable and economical, it has done 143,000 kms, it has recently had new break pads and has absolutely nothing wrong with it. I paid the rego and CTP insurance at the beginning of October so you won't have to pay that for another 12 months!! Ideal as a run around or travelling car which you can sell on. There is a small dent in the front driver side and the bonnet has lost it's shine but apart from that the body work is very good and shiny and beautiful! Comes with log book, all certificates etc. Has very powerful aircon, a CD player and iPod lead. please pm for number LOCATION: Ashfield, NSW Thanks!
  2. Hi Guys , I'm going to do one of the Package Deals being provided by Milcom in order to get an AQF111. I'm a telecoms technician (11 years) and hoping to get work on the NBN rollout when I get to Australia early 2012. The course includes the Open Registration and 6 core units of Certificate 111. Has anybody done a ' Fibre to the home ' or ' Fibre Optical Networks ' course with Milcom and are now working on the NBN rollout ? Can you apply directly to a company like ' Servicestream ' and be given a van / tools etc.. or do you need to set yourself up as an independant contractor and supply your own van / tools. Any advice on securing work in this field after completing one of these courses would be greatly appreciated. Cheers David
  3. Can't decided on how many nights stop over to do ??? Looking to go end of Nov. Anyone done the Singapore airlines stop over deal ? Is it worthwhile getting the attractions package?? We would like to go to the zoo etc but not sure if the ticket they give you included night safari etc. anyone done this package and shed any light on anything about it?
  4. Hi, Anyone know any good 'job agencies' that deal with Auto electrical work?
  5. I don't normally post this kind of emotional stuff, I don't really like to talk about it for fear of being ridiculed or not understood or just because of the feeling of too exposed. We've been living here 3 years, and although the first year went great, in the last two years have been a real struggle. It is constantly up and down, there are days when I think, it is good here, we should stay, and there are the days (more often), when I hate it here with a passion, constantly questioning myself as to why the hell did we ever come, missing the UK terribly, sometimes so much that it hurts and would be back in a heartbeat. Very often, these awful days are followed by days when I feel the complete opposite, and thinking, we would be crazy to go back. And there are days, when I just completely cannot decide what would be the best for us.:frown: It really is so difficult, am I the only one who feels like this? I just cannot believe that after 3 years living here, I am still in such a limbo, and cannot help but wonder, that by moving here, we just opened a can of worms.
  6. Mac1

    It's a done deal

    VISA GRANTED . . . . . .today we got the news we have been waiting for. We can enter Oz as permanent resdients to ACT Canberra . . . . .yeeee haaaaa :biggrin: :laugh: :cool:
  7. Just a gripe really. I have credit cards in 2 countries. Have shown a bank statement with decent funds. Proof of paying car insurance and utilities here. My Oz driving licence - credit card statements from overseas. But can't get a $19 cap plan because I haven't got a job!:policeman: Its $19 for goodness sake! I hate being "dependant" and really don't want to have this off the OH bank account. Just annoyed at the reality of it all Vicky
  8. Has the Australian Government got no compassion? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-13637307
  9. I already said this in my arrival thread, but I thought I'd post it here too as I've seen some questions about it. This definately applies to smartphones (iPhones/Android), not sure how this applies to "normal" phones. My OH and I are both iPhone users and when we arrived it was crucial for us to get an Australian sim card so we'd have everything handy from our phone (internet access in particular - sorry we're those type of people whose lives depend on it!). We went into the Telstra shop (I can't recommend Telstra enough - avoid Vodafone at all costs, not sure about the others), and as we have unlocked phones we only needed a sim card, pay as you go preferably as this will avoid you racking up unexpected costs. So here's the deal: You can buy a sim card for $2 and then you top up for a certain amount (on the pre-paid cap+ tariff). Check the Telstra site for exact numbers. We chose to go for the $60 top up at least the first time as this would give us 3GB of data for the month and we'd be travelling around a bit and wanted to make use of Googlemaps and other data services extensively (we'll probably top up a little less for the next month). This would ofcourse also give you $60 of voice/txts for you to use. However, Telstra also gives you bonus minutes and for the $60 top up, you get $940!! on bonus for calls (if you top up less this amount goes down). The BEST thing of this is, you can use these bonus minutes for international calls, landline aswell as MOBILES. Basically you can call from your phone to home for free for quite a significant time. I've been calling my family on their mobiles for no cost at all and I don't think I'll even manage to use up all those bonus minutes For us this is a very good deal as we are heavy smartphone users and the price would be similar if you were to get a phone and pay monthly for it with a limited amount of minutes and you are stuck on a contract for xx months/years. Please note though, if you bring your phone from the UK it needs to be unlocked or your Aussie sim won't work with it (if you haven't bought your phone unlocked you mostlikely can call your carrier, explain the situation and they can unlock it for you - though if you break your contract with them, you may incur charges). Hope this helps for some of you
  10. Mrs G and I hope to be moving down under in the early part of 2012. My parents are in the fortunate position to be in better health both physically and financially and will welcome the chance to come and see us at least once. Mrs G's parents on the other hand and likely to be un-willing to make the journey because they are not is such good physically shape. In the 10 years that we've been together, there have been times when my mother-in-law has tried emotional blackmail on us, claimed we dont see them enough, said we never want to spend time with them etc. etc. In reality, we live 5 mins from their house and see them a few times each week whereas my parents are 102 miles away and we see them every few months! The mother-in-law claims she's OK with us moving down-under but when the realisty strikes home in 8-10 months she's likely to be very different about it. We can already imagine "if you have children out there, I'll never get to see them" being one of the first lines. So how have others here dealt with emotional needs of their family? Have people tried to stop you?
  11. nurse sue

    Bogof car deal

    Just thought to let those that are looking for a car and live in Brisbane area Kia at springwood are doing a BOGOF deal on cars will try and find a link but just thought give you a heads up if looking for a vechileother dealers are also doing deals on cars that have minor damage on from recent hail storm someone may get as bargain :chatterbox:
  12. BritChickx

    Death - How do you deal with it?

    7-12 I did a 5 hour sit for someone who was dying....2 hours after I finished I go a call from someone from the office to tell me she passed away :cry: I could not stop crying, in fact, I am now. I've never lost anyone close me and I feel like I need to get used to it now, especially if I wanna be a nurse. How do you deal with it? I can't stop crying :cry: it's so hard not to get attached to people.
  13. Hello Folks, Just been offered 457 sponsorship with a financial contribution for relocation expenses. What would be a good relocation deal in AUD terms for 2 adults / 2 kids moving to Sydney?
  14. ive recently been regected,this is part of life,and my way of dealing with regection is to learn from it ,and move on--ahhhhhhhhh life it can be so complecated some days,i will learn from this regection,and become a better person for it--how do you deal with regection:wubclub:
  15. We are moving our stuff out to Melbourne with Anglo-Pacific. They state they have a deal with Qantas that can give us cheaper flights and 40kg of luggage allownabce (instead of 23kg). Only problem is I cannot access this deal on the website with my codes I have been given. I am having trouble sorting this out as neither A.P or Qantas, so far, have taken on the issue as their problem (ie they blame each other) My question is: Has anyone else managed to get a deal with Qantas through A.P? And how have you found the service from A.P? Finally would anyone recommend an alternative airline/shipping company if we cannot sort this out? Thanks, as ever, for all your help :huh:
  16. Hi, we have just told the relatives here that we are going home and while they have tried to understand (although they can't grasp it at all)and be supportive- they are obviously devastated- particularly my MIL & FIL as they are in their mid 70's and not in the best of health to fly. We have only been here 4 months but knew from day one we hated it and it has got worse every day. We've made friends here but we feel like aliens. We had a lovely life in the UK but felt our 3 young children were missing out on all their family here-the trouble is my husband left Oz over 20 years ago and feels like he belongs in the UK. The family here are wonderful, aunts uncles etc-but ours are the youngest grandchildren by far and we feel so terrible to be takng them away but just feel like the walls are closing in. The emotional stress this is putting on my husband is huge- as well as a very stressful job long hours with 4+ hours a day commute and the stress of moving here in the first place and knowing it is wrong. I know that we can't live our lives for other people but hurting people when you've raised there expectations is just horrible-has anyone had a similar situation.:sad:
  17. I have been looking into a stopover in Singapore on our way to QLD. Previously we stayed at the Shangrila Hotel on Sentosa / Singapore and it was great for the kids. Unfortunately when we go for good this time its shut for refurbishment. Looking elsewhere in Singapore we couldn't find anything suitable for young children. My travel agent, Kate Skaithe at NYS Travel in York has found a superb alternative. We now are going Heathrow - Singapore with Singapore Airways on the A380 and transfer in the international lounge to a Penang flight and do customs only once! We get picked up and taken to a beachside hotel, Shangrila Penang / Malaysia - Golden Sands for 5 days and then back to Singapore and on to Brisbane. For 6 of us this is coming in at less than £5K. PM me for Kates details She has always got great deals for us in the past and has always been better than the internet or high street for us.
  18. Hi everyone, When I say I'm moving to Oz the first thing everyone does is pull a face and make some sort of comment about there being loads of spiders and snakes and how I will have to check my shoes before putting them on blah blah blah... I thought I'd ask you guys who probably know better than hearsay! What's the real deal? I'm moving to a rural area north of Melbourne. Are there loads of spiders and snakes? Do they come into the house? I normally scream, run around and then grab a shoe and squash any spiders I come accross back home!! Can I do that with the ones in Oz? Do I really need to check my shoes? I'd just like to know the real facts really and what to do... I don't really like spiders and snakes but it wouldn't stop me moving somewhere or doing anything... there just might be a lot of screaming involved!
  19. Hi all, This may seem a stupid question to some but, as I wil be applying for skilled migrant visa, how does my fiancee and little girl get over there?? Are they automaticly put onto my visa or do they have to apply a different way? And does having a fiancee rather than a wife make things more difficult? I know that you have to pprove that you are in a long term relationship whoever if you are not married how can you prove anything? From what I have read from other posts even marriage doesn't seem to prove that you are committed. Any help as always would be great wade&lara
  20. Hi, We are searching for flights to validate our visas in May. Cheapest I can find it Qantas return fare to Adelaide, via Singapore for 2 adults, 2 kids for £2445.60. Does this look like a good deal??? Just looking for opinions before we book. Thanks Mandisfam
  21. Hi everyone, we are moving to Perth in June, and are busy getting some quotes for shipment and insurance for our 20ft container. most moving companies offered us 2,5%-3% for All Risk. Just got a quote in from www.lettonpercival.co.uk for 1,6%. Anyone got a better deal? Renette
  22. I now know sometimes why people want their parents to migrate with them..I sure wish my mum was here....I am 21 weeks pregnant and am having a normal pregnancy feeling fab so going for my 20 week scan last week I was all excited and not worried at all after having a normal 12 week scan....however, the scan has shown some problems. My lil bubby's brain is not quite as it should be, so after some stressful visits to a foetal medicine unit we have been told it is just going to be a waiting game to find out what happens next....specialist is really positive and confident that the problem will rectify itself in the next few weeks and we will have a perfectly normal outcome, but there are no guarantees and I am going out of my mind with worry. Baby had an MRI scan yesterday to check for other problems which i will get the results of on friday....the waiting is so hard. Best case scenario is a totally normal rest of preg with a perfectly healthy bub, worst case scenario, which I am trying not to think about is having to end the preg or risk having a severly handicapped bubby with a bad prognosis for the future. Life throws some horrible things at you, and I am dealing with it the best I can, its the waiting that is the worst. Wish I had family here, my OH and his mum are awesome but there is no-one quite like your own mum at a time like this!
  23. Guest

    What a deal folks.

    Sainsbury's online groceries My fav wine which is normally £9.99 a bottle.....now 3 for £10 I have had 12 bottles today, get it while it lasts, fantastic14% wine.
  24. Has anyone got any good friends who have acted weirdly since telling them you are going? If so, how did you deal with it without upsetting everybody (even though they are upsetting us?) :frown:
  25. The Ozcans

    $50bn WA gas deal with China

    A friend in Perth just told me about this. She mentioned 10,000 jobs, but the article says 6,000. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/natural_resources/article6801160.ece