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  1. Lambethlad

    Does God Exist?

    All religions are nonsense. There is no God, heaven or hell. If it gives people comfort in deluding themselves that there is a God and an afterlife what is the harm, other than the loss of logic and reason.
  2. Lambethlad

    Is Australia your 'forever home?'

    I really dislike the UK and its climate. I also dislike Melbourne and its climate after many decades of living here. I really like the heat and humidity North Queensland and that would be my forever home if it wasn't for family reasons that keep me in miserable Melbourne with its long cold winters and nightmare traffic congestion.
  3. Lambethlad

    Should Donald Trump win Nobel Peace Prize ?

    I stand corrected. I guess that makes it okay then.
  4. Lambethlad

    Should Donald Trump win Nobel Peace Prize ?

    What Donald wants, Donald gets. To be fair, his wife was heavily pregnant at the time and he probably didn't want to inconvenience her by imposing himself on her. He's very thoughtful, the Donald.
  5. Lambethlad

    Should Donald Trump win Nobel Peace Prize ?

    Who cares! I've just checked out Stormy Daniels on Pornhub. Well done Donald - you are my hero.
  6. Lambethlad

    How long before you visited your country of origin?

    I found the same thing. I didn't realise how insular the modern British were. I had spent 30 years in Oz travelling and living and could have told some good stories about my wild, crazy, funny experiences. I would have thought there would have been some curiosity but no one showed any interest and no one asked. Talking about football or moaning about the weather or how Britain was going down the drain was all I heard.
  7. Lambethlad

    How long before you visited your country of origin?

    It took me 30 years to go back to London. I stayed with family in Harrow Weald which is a working class area. I wasn't very impressed. Houses were ugly, small, crammed together, streets were clogged with cars due to no off-street parking. Street-scapes were ugly due to lack of trees and greenery. Everything seemed run-down, weather was ordinary. Just a bit depressing so I haven't got much interest in going back again. I have only got one relative left that I keep in close contact with who I would like to see again before I kick the bucket. Flying first class might tempt me.
  8. Lambethlad

    How's that plain packaging on cigs working out?

    I don't agree. If the government wasn't making big money out of it they would have banned it by now.
  9. Lambethlad

    How's that plain packaging on cigs working out?

    I've been smoking for over 40 years. I told myself when smokes got to $10 a pack I would give up. That was about 20 years ago. Now a pack of 40 costs me $41 ( over $1 a smoke). I wish they would just ban the sale of tobacco - then I would be forced to stop. The government will never do that because most of the cost of pack goes to them. Plus smokers die much younger so save the government money on aged care.
  10. Lambethlad

    Caption this

    I'm surprised Turnball would allow himself to be photographed with those appalling women. Yassmin Abdel-Magied who showed a lack of respect for the history and traditions of her adopted country when she used the phrase "Lest We Forget" to push her own political agenda. Susan Carland, wife of Waleed Aly, a convert to Islam and self appointed spokes person for muslim woman. She made a fool of herself being interviewed on the Neil Mitchell radio show by showing a complete lack of knowledge of the history of her adopted religion. She made the comment that "abuse of women is not tolerated in Islam because the Prophet did not abuse women". Well the Prophet "married" a 6 year old girl and consummated the marriage when she was 8 years old. He also had hundreds of captured women as concubines (sex slaves). He beheaded 800 men of the Banu Qurayza jewish tribe and sold the women and children as slaves. Yet, according to Susan, Mohammed did not abuse women. End of Rant.
  11. Not interested in looking at a bunch of shallow, narcissistic, exhibitionist, attention seekers cavorting in short shorts with the bum cheeks cut out.
  12. Lambethlad

    Who plays the pokies?

    I love all forms of gambling including pokies. If you don't like losing don't gamble. People can spend their money how they want. Some like flash cars, big houses, holidays etc. Others like to gamble. Before pokies the pubs were dying in Victoria - it was rare to see women in pubs but now women make up the majority of players and pubs are packed during the day. Pokies have created thousands of jobs and raised billions in taxes that pay for hospitals. schools, roads etc.
  13. Lambethlad

    Barnaby gone bye bye

    He brought bad karma on himself when he deported Johnny Depp's dogs. The curse of Pistol and Boo done him in. I love seeing him squirm in front of the cameras - just like Johnny Depp when Barnaby forced him to make that humiliating public apology.