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  1. MissionMelbourne

    Where to go for anniversary meal in Brisbane

    The best place we ate at in Brisbane was a sushi place called Saké right next to the eagle street pier, the restaurant is very plush and the food was incredible. We sat at the sushi bar which runs around the kitchen and as good as the food was, it was an equally brilliant experience watching the chefs at work as every dish and platter that was sent out was a work of art. I strongly recommend this place.
  2. MissionMelbourne

    Advice before submitting EOI

    Take an IELTS English test, a score of 8 or above in each of the areas will get you 20 additional points. After speaking with a migration agent, she told me about how New Zealand residents are now subject to the same points based migration system as we are which means we are now in a larger pool of people all trying to get their hands on limited numbers of visa invitations which means more points are ultimately needed to set yourself above the rest as they invite the highest points holders first.
  3. MissionMelbourne

    Any Electricians done the Future Skills Tests????

    Perfect, thanks for the advice, I've not had much experiencs working directly with motors so im going to need to do some research by the sounds of things.
  4. MissionMelbourne

    Any Electricians done the Future Skills Tests????

    Thanks! Seems pretty straight forward then!
  5. Hi there, I've been told my my agent at the down under centre to get some I information of the practical tests that I will fave at the Future Skills International assessment in London, if anyone has any info that would be fantastic!! Thanks!
  6. MissionMelbourne

    The best place for one way flights!!!!!

    I was just browsing potential one way flights for myself and my partner again but when I had searched before, it seemed that it was cheaper to buy a return then a one way for some reason but this time I found a new tool on skyscanner.net. It isn't available on their app yet but it is on their mobile website. In the departure date section it has the option to chose the cheapest month. So type in your departure and destination locations, chose the cheapest month feature then boom, this then brings up the cheapest prices for the individual days in the selected month so as long as your mildly flexible, you can pick up a right bargain. For instance I'm looking at making the move over next May and I found a one way flight with Malaysia Airlines for £383pp, when the cheapest that I had previously seen was over £650!! Unreal! Just thought I'd share this as this looks like a real money saving way of booking a one way flight!
  7. MissionMelbourne

    6 months in...... best decision ever!

    Exactly what you said PQ!!!! Brilliant to read such positivity so people like us who have just booked the Ielts and the skills assessment stuff starts tomorrow. We are extremely early in our migration quest so this just fills me with confidence!!! Love this!!! Good luck to the original poster, sounds like you're smashing it!
  8. MissionMelbourne

    189 or 190, what was your approach?

    Yes thats excatly whats happened, I've looked into the 189 quite a lot but barely touched on the 190. I just saw the 190 was sponsored so I presumed it was employer sponsored rather than state so I had a little panic! Ive calculated that ill get 70 points so it makes sense to stick with the 189! Always learning! Thanks!
  9. MissionMelbourne

    189 or 190, what was your approach?

    Just from a jobs perspective really, but I suppose there's no harm in applying for jobs whilst in the 189 process
  10. Hi all, we as a couple have decided to start the migration process and we have earmarked the 189 visa as the one we would choose. Have any of you experienced or heard of someone looking at the 189 then changing to the 190 upon getting sponsorship? At the moment I do not have a sponsor but I will be hunting for one as soon as we start the process so in my mind I'm thinking of dropping the 189 for a 190 of possible. Thanks
  11. MissionMelbourne

    She Said Yes!!!!!

    We would be looking to go on a 189 or possibly a 190 if the opportunity arises. We decided on eastern Melbourne based on a few things, we spent our time looking in the Berwick, Beaconsfield and Officer area.
  12. MissionMelbourne

    General question

    Let me know how you get on
  13. MissionMelbourne

    She Said Yes!!!!!

    ...... to the move!!!! Nearly 2 years of chatting and dreaming and a 3.5 week reccie in March, my girlfriend has agreed to start the process of getting everything in place for a move to Melbourne. It's been a fairly long road with a few emotional hurdles but the positives of a life in Aus have outweighed the negatives of leaving home. Long road ahead but I'm so bloody excited to start the process. Thanks to everyone we have spoken to and the people that have given us great advice. If you have made the move to Aus recently please tell me the positives and negatives that you experienced on your journey, and if you'd have done anything differently. Thanks again and I can't wait to start this journey!
  14. MissionMelbourne

    General question

    There's a really good website called Numbeo.com they update their figures regularly and you can get the data from your nearest town and compare those costs and things with various places in Aus, it's really worth a look, beat comparison site I've found.
  15. MissionMelbourne

    Meet up in Melbourne end of March?

    We didn't move just yet, it was just a Reccie, but a very successful one!