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  1. hookturn

    Substantial ties

    Is having my sister in oz a substantial tie and should I upload her details?
  2. hookturn

    Substantial ties

    I am looking into applying for an RRV. I see that I need to upload documents for substantial ties with Australia. Can anyone please advise what are the documents that can be uploaded?
  3. hookturn

    Extend visa entry

    Hi, I had visa 189 which I activated. However after 5 years, for personal reasons I was unable to move in oz permanently and currently out the country. My visa reentry expired in January this year. Any possibility for me to enter oz for good on PR 189?
  4. hookturn

    Head hunters

    Hello, can anyone please advise how to get in touch with IT head hunters? And can recommend some good ones
  5. hookturn

    IT jobs in melbourne

    Can anybody share current job market status in IT in melbourne? More particularly with database, sql , banking skills?
  6. hookturn

    Driving license

    I need to take tests for having my driver’s license. What is the nearest or easiest to go test centre with Melbourne CBD?
  7. hookturn

    Perth Transit

    Ok thanks to all. I hope the self bag drop lets me drop my bag 12hrs before the flight
  8. hookturn

    Perth Transit

    Yes it’s a connecting flight. Would be great if I can check-in my luggage when I arrive in Perth
  9. hookturn

    Perth Transit

    Next flight is to Melbourne on Virgin
  10. hookturn

    Perth Transit

    Hi all, I will be transiting in Perth arriving 9am and leaving at night 11pm. Can I already check in my luggage on next flight or should I leave my luggage in a locker at the airport? As I want to visit Perth
  11. hookturn

    Car seat

    Victoria. Thanks for the info!
  12. hookturn

    Car seat

    My son is going to be 5 years soon. Can he used the booster seat from mothercare when travelling in the car? Or does he need the child car seat with harnesses?
  13. hookturn

    Extend visa189

    Hi, our visa 189 will soon reach it’s 5 yr expiry and we have not moved yet. We would like to have another year to move. Can anyone advise how to extend the visa?
  14. There is an article from an online newspaper stating that Home Affairs Department to force new migrants to live in regional areas. I cannot view the article. How true is this? Can anyone share more information?
  15. hookturn

    Extend visa 189

    Thanks a lot for the kind advices. Will sort things out. Unfortunately they might not be compelling reasons for DIBP