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  1. hookturn

    Extend visa189

    Hi, our visa 189 will soon reach it’s 5 yr expiry and we have not moved yet. We would like to have another year to move. Can anyone advise how to extend the visa?
  2. There is an article from an online newspaper stating that Home Affairs Department to force new migrants to live in regional areas. I cannot view the article. How true is this? Can anyone share more information?
  3. hookturn

    Extend visa 189

    Thanks a lot for the kind advices. Will sort things out. Unfortunately they might not be compelling reasons for DIBP
  4. hookturn

    Extend visa 189

    I would like to take some more time as I have some personal things to sort first. That is why I am looking for options to delay the move
  5. hookturn

    Extend visa 189

    I have sent maybe 2months in total these last 4 years and I have no compelling reasons. Looks like I will lose the PR if I do not make the move then
  6. hookturn

    Extend visa 189

    Hello all, I am on visa 189 and have been travelling to oz every year for the last four years on short trips. I will need to make the move to Oz within a year now but I am still not ready for personal reasons. Is there a way to extend the visa so that I get extra time to move?
  7. hookturn

    Opal card - capped fare

    Hi, I see that the Opal card fared is capped at $15.40 per day. Does that also include ferry rides in Sydney? If I have reached $15.40 rides in a day, will I pay if I go in the ferries after that?
  8. hookturn

    Phillip island

    I have only one day to spend there. Any coach tours at good price you can recommend? Driving is not an option for me
  9. hookturn

    RRV application

    Hello, my PR189 will expire in 1 year and I have not made the move yet. I would like to extend the expiry date. Anyone can advise how to proceed? I have only personal reasons for delaying the move.
  10. hookturn

    Phillip island

    Just for a day visit the back to melbourne cbd
  11. hookturn

    Phillip island

    Hi, what would be the cheapest option to visit phillip island with kid?
  12. hookturn

    The IT field Thread

    hi Ip77, I am based in Melbourne. I have more than 10years experience in oracle and sqlserver DBs
  13. hookturn

    The IT field Thread

    Hi Kevsan, I am an experienced DBA and would be glad to know openings you have. Can you please PM me your business contact or website?
  14. hookturn

    The IT field Thread

    I have been applying for all sorts of IT jobs I believe I can do for the last few months but got only a few negative responses and no positive at all. What am I doing wrong? Is the job market that bad? I am looking at Melbourne actually
  15. hookturn

    How to look for job?

    Hi, I am in the IT sector but I just wanted you to share how to look for jobs in Australia? I am moving to Melbourne soon. What tips you have? Should we apply on job boards website, go with agents ? And is it real that no Oz experience a disadvantage?