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  1. theleggates

    482 visa do I need health insurance?

    Hi Thanks for your replies. As I mentioned, we were previously been to Australia on a 457 visa in 2014/15 for around 18 months before moving back home for the birth of our second child. We are now considering moving back and have a job offer and visa sponsorship offer from my previous employer. They have been consulting with their migration agent who has suggested coming over on a 482 visa and then once we are in Australia applying for a 186 employer nomination pr visa. Alternatively they say I could apply for a 186 straight away. I was under the impression transferring from a 457/482 temporary visa to a pr visa was quite straight forward once you have been living in Australia on a temporary visa but maybe this is not the case. The 186 visa would probably be our best option as we will not need health insurance and public schooling will be free so it will make living in Australia cheaper for us. I am currently discussing with my potential employer if they will cover the full costs of this visa for us but it is looking like they are willing to do that but I will be expected to work for them for at least 2 years or have to pay back the visa costs. The only downside of going for the 186 visa is the processing times are much longer. At the moment it says 5-15 months but in the long run it would be worth the wait to have permanent residency straight away.
  2. Hi, I am considering moving back over to WA on a 482 visa with my wife and 2 kids after previously living there on a 457 visa in 2014/15. I am just figuring out costs of living etc and I know we had separate health insurance on our 457 visa that was quite expensive but I am wondering if it is required on the 482 visa? I have read that it is but I also read that if you are from a country with reciprocal health agreement then medicare will will be enough and health insurance is not required. We are moving over from Scotland so we do have reciprocal health care. Can anyone confirm if we will need additional health insurance or not? Thanks!
  3. theleggates


    Hi bobby122, We lived in Gero from May 2014 till October 2015 and we absolutely loved our time there! If you like beaches, 4wd and boating it is the perfect place for all that. The beaches are amazing and in my opinion Geraldton has everything you need although it is quite isolated being a 4-5 hour drive from Perth. We lived in the newer part of Glenfield which is next to Drummond Cove and in my opinion either of those places are the best areas to live in. I also like those areas over the likes of Wandina because they are north of town which means you will drive past Glenfield IGA and Target on your way in and out of town. I don't know if you have kids or not but we absolutely loved the foreshore area of Gero and the water park was amazing(and free) for kids but since we left they have developed the foreshore even more and have lots more things to do there now. Crime was an issue in certain areas like the ones you mentioned but we never had any problems at all while we were there. Good luck and if I can help with any other questions feel free to ask away
  4. theleggates

    Life in Bundaberg

    No I have never been there before but the small size of it dosent worry me at all. I am from a pretty tiny place in Scotland and we were living in Geraldton,WA in 2014/15 which wasn't a big place so I have no desire to live in a big city. As far as the location is concerned I think its fine but was just wanting to know a bit about the different areas around Bundaberg. I was thinking Elliot Heads, Coral cove and Bargara look like nice areas
  5. theleggates

    Life in Bundaberg

    Hi, We are moving back to Australia from Scotland when our permanent residency visa is granted later this year and I have the possibility of a job in Bundaberg. I was just looking for opinions from people who live there or have lived there in what the area is like to live in and what suburbs/areas are the best to live in for a family with young kids (5 and 1 years old). We would probably be looking for a house on the coast rather than in Bundaberg itself as we are used to living by the sea and don't think we could handle not being able to see it! Thanks!
  6. theleggates


    Also have a look on seek.com.au and search for jobs in Geraldton. A quick search just now showed 166 jobs so it might give you an idea of what kind of jobs are going
  7. theleggates

    Retirement in Australia?

    I may have just found the answer to my own question! I have found you can get a 6 month holiday visa subclass 676 which sounds like it would be suitable for them to come for the 6 months
  8. theleggates

    Retirement in Australia?

    I am hoping to emigrate back to Australia (previously been on a 457 but now back in Scotland) with my family on a 189 visa but one of our sticking points is my inlaws being a huge miss to us and our children. I know they can visit and stay for 3 months but I was wondering is it possible for them to stay longer? My father in law was saying he would love to spend 6 months in Australia with us and then spend the other 6 months back in Scotland. I have read some info on retirement visas but not sure if they would be eligible or if there is any other kind of visa that would allow them to do this? My father in law is 65 in March and his wife is 63. Any info would be much appreciated as it could be a deciding factor in us making a permanent move!
  9. theleggates


    We mved to Gerladton from Scotland in 2014 and were there for 18 months before moving back to Scotland. We absolutely loved our time in Geraldton but if we were to move back to Australia in the future we wouldn't settle there. It has everything you need and the beaches are amazing! Rent is pretty cheap and we never had any bad experiences as far as crime goes although we did hear of plenty of break ins and other crime going on. I would recommend Drummond Cove and the newer side of Glenfield. I know lots of people would suggest Wandina but we preferred living north of the cbd as you pass everything (as in Shopping centres, Supermarkets etc) on your way in to town plus the Glenfield beach is fantastic. If I were to live there again I would buy a decent car for normal driving and get an old proper 4wd or ute for going down the beach as thats something you will definitely want to do living in Gero! Good luck with it and hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Fire away with any questions I can help you with
  10. theleggates

    benefits of 189 visa over 457?

    Thanks everyone for the replies, they have been very helpful! I will take Chris up on his offer of professional advice to make sure I am eligible for a 189 and see whats involved in the process. From what you have all said it sounds like it will be much more beneficial to go with the 189, providing I can get it.
  11. theleggates

    benefits of 189 visa over 457?

    Hi, I moved back to Scotland last October after being on a 457 visa in WA but we are now thinking to move back to Australia next year as a permanent move. I have a wife, a 3 year old and a 4 month old at the moment and we will be staying in Scotland till he is a year old but after that we would like to return and I have been thinking a 189 visa would be better as I am not tied to one place of work. I am just wondering what benefits the 189 has over a 457 as it is a lot more money. The worry with the 457 is if for whatever reason the company that sponsors me for the 457 (I am a car mechanic) dosent work out then I will be forced to move back to the uk if I can't find another employer to take me on. Does a 189 visa help with costs such as child care and schooling compared to a 457? Does it also cover more medical costs that a 457 dosent cover? I have heard the 189 visa being called permanent residency...is that what it is? I understand that is completely different to citizenship but when we were on the 457 we were told after 2 years we could apply for permanent residency so is does that mean transferring to a 189? Just trying to figure out what visa to go for then we will have to decide what areas we would like to move to and then contact possible employers to see how many car mechanic jobs are available. In the end where we go will probably be decided by what job offers I can get. Thanks!
  12. theleggates

    Life in Busselton or Bunbury

    Yes I was thinking the 189 Visa would be most suitable. I did a quick visa eligibility assessment last night and my points score is high enough to be eligible for the 189 so I will look in to going down that route now as it may take some time. Thanks again
  13. theleggates

    Life in Busselton or Bunbury

    Thanks for the input folks! I realise that the final decision as to where we move to will be most likely decided by the job I can find. I was also thinking about this for Busselton and Bunbury as I am currently working for a Mitsubishi dealership (I also worked for Mitsubishi and Mazda in Geraldton) as I know they both have Mitsubishi dealerships which would be my most likely chance of employment although it all depends on how busy they are and if they are looking for an experienced mechanic at the time. I am also not sure as to which visa we would be planning to come on. When we lived in Geraldton it was on a 457 sponsored work visa but not sure what the visa options are now. Can we go straight for permanent residency (at a high cost I'm sure!) or is it still best to come over on a 457? The issue I had with getting mine is finding an employer who is willing to sponsor me especially when I'm not in the country. At least i have some experience working in Australia which Im sure would help. Realistically it will not be till around this time next year but I thought I should do as much research in to the areas I would like to live and then start contacting employers with plenty of notice as I know visas can take a while
  14. theleggates

    Life in Busselton or Bunbury

    Hi folks, New to the forum here but thought I would post to get some advice or thoughts on the Busselton area. Myself, my wife, 3 year old daughter and 12 week old son are currently living in Scotland. We previously lived in Geraldton for 18 months but moved back to Scotland last October mainly for the fact we were having a second child and as it was only me working(car mechanic) and we were on a 457 visa we were eating in to our savings and had no family support to help with the baby when he arrived. We have been back now for 9 months but we really miss the weather and lifestyle of australia so we are considering making the move back to Australia again sometime next year and moving for the long term. We really enjoyed Geraldton as the size of the place was ideal and we were right on the beach but the problem was how remote it was and also the crime rate was high with lots of break ins. Ideally we would want to move somewhere thats not a large city, is right on the coast and is also not too isolated so you can nip away at the weekend and see plenty within a couple of hours drive. I was told by a few people while we were in Geraldton that busselton and Bunbury were nice areas so I have been looking in to them a bit and they sound and look like the kind of place that we are looking for and great to raise a family. If anyone lives or has lived around these areas I would love to hear their opinions and if they think its a good area for raising a family. We have no interest in night life or the hustle and bustle of cities but at the same time we want to be able to be within a short enough drive to decent shopping, cinemas, restaurants etc. We are mainly interested in outdoor life, beaches, forests and play parks that the kids will enjoy.
  15. theleggates

    Geraldton costs of living?

    Hi louey68! Yes we are prepared for the high start up costs as we will have to furnish the house and buy a car etc but from what research I have managed to do so far the cost of living doesn't seem too bad so I'm sure we will survive. I am a mechanic and have been offered a job at young motors. We have not started the visa application yet but should be next week. How long did it take your 457 visa to come through? We will be moving as soon as that comes through and we get everything tied up here in the UK, so hopefully won't be too long!