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  1. Lanky Lad

    Contributory Parent Visa - Bond repayment

    For the replies above....sorry for delay in reply... was in Sydney doing our weekly "Day Care" for our grandson! On Monday we had an update. Our daughter had notified intent to re-claim the bond and NOT to extend it further. The money is in the bank - but the bank cannot do anything until they get a release notice - from Centerlink. The Commonwealth bank person on the 'phone indicated that the bonds are usually required to be paid at least 2 months before the CPV is granted - and accepts it can take "months" to get its release to the payee ( due to Centerlink - and a suggestion that there are staff shortages.) and.. the bank is looking to work with Centerlink to revue the process. Not sure if that is Centerlink proposed co-operation - or vice versa - or just BS! It means in real terms that the $10,000 is earning at least 4 months interest to date - that is not going into our daughters account! Will update when there is any change....
  2. Its over 10 years now since we landed - our "kids" had to pay a $10,000 bond - repayable after 10 years. Their application for it to be repaid - received no reply - over two months on and after lodging a complaint - today received a telephone call. The gist of it seems to be. ".. wind yer neck in and wait.... it could take months before the bond is repaid" So I am looking here for anybody entering on the Contributory Parent Visa (813??) and after paying teh visa costs and the added bond cost. My wive's bond as main applicant was $10,000. Looking for more practical results and facts that what today's caller gave out.
  3. I used the calculator as you suggested - to get an idea on what the look for....but the calculator asks about rent or mortgage - which assumes the applicant must have one or 'tother. We don't! Got nowhere with Toyota Finance... call centre type "customer services" got into a loop with emails.. they say the cannot assess until an application is submitted... I reply that the dealership have decided that even though we paid our last car loan off 3 years early.... they "assume" our income would not allow Toyota to offer a loan! Toyota in turn ignore that remark - so far three times... and offer nothing else! The dealership will not accept bank statements as proof of ongoing UK pension monthly payments! They want a letter from the UK tax office... and look blank when I say that would probably entail a 2 month wait as they decide which department deals with expats! AND anything over 90 days is not regarded as "current proof". At this point its not about getting a car loan - which our bank is happy to handle - its about getting answers. However it seems to revolve around basic aussie ways of living and paying bills.. and the mention the word pensioner - and its automatically assumed the pension comes from Centrelink and can be lowered or stopped. They don't understand - or even try to understand that a UK pension is paid for life - albeit that expat in Aussie, Africa and Canada - don't get updates as they arise in the UK. The "argument" seems to centre not on the amount of income - but where it is derived and can be proved. Centrelink don't handle the UK pension apart from wanting to record them - Aussies seem to think we can walk into a pensions office and walk out with a bit of paper! Centrelink may have its many faults - but they can - for aussies - do a pension history statement basically on request. I think this just about closes things.... not much point dealing with call centre scripts at Toyota ...... thanks for digging into all this stuff for me...it's appreciated
  4. Hi, Sorry for delay - been busy giant killing! The other problem with the big finance companies - call centre type "customer services" - they all seem to have scripts and no brains! Using that living expense calculator - is not really helpful - Limited options which don't allow a real "picture", i.e. RENT or MORTGAGE?? We have none - we own the house and land outright - paid cash 10 years ago! $462 living expenses?? we don't buy alcohol - eat pre packed frozen meals - have a fridge in the garage full of beer and we don't eat junk foods! The dealership and Toyota Finance have not replied telling us why we have all this crap having paid off our last car loan in half the time by doubling their stipulated monthly payment.
  5. Hi, I have added comments to your post about - in BOLD ! As the post title indicates, I am looking to find out if I am the only pensioner in aussie who had recently had this "block! mentioned re car finance from a Ford and a KIA dealership - which seems to indicate that there is in fact some new legislation involved. I am aware of all the other options and in fact The Credit Union seems a realistic option, they too hold the car title till final payment - which is not a problem. Knowing that the UK pension does not change from the rate it was set at on the day you leave the UK _ this post - as was the other - was aimed at getting details from any who may have - in the past few months - had this applied to them. I cannot understand how car dealerships - appear to be turning away sales because of - allegedly - a baseline of income that assess your ability to afford a loan after household bills, food and other essential's are taken from that income. Also, logically if it is indeed a government "regulation" - then it would also apply to all and any supplier of loans including banks!
  6. I made a similar post in.... looking like the wrong place ( hope its OK mods??) Seems as a result of a Royal Commission on banks /finance and loan companies and allowing loans beyond the means of the recipient to keep up the payments - that an income baseline was set and any UK expat in aussie with only the UK State Pension and especially if it was maybe granted 10/15 years ago ... can have issues getting a car loan and run fact any loans. OK to keep on topic...its only experience from UK pensioners I am looking for... however for those that don't grasp that these "new" condition affect all and any loans supplier on any type of purchase, I accept these are more often " unsecured" loans and banks and some other finance shops can offer secured loans - using mainly your home if you own it. I am more concerned in attitudes from car dealerships and car finance. It seems the income baseline has been set around the minimum allowance for the Aussie State Pension, which unlike the UK state pension - can be amended and or withdrawn. It seems that cardinalships et al, are under the impression that the UK state pension is the same - which ( so far) is not so. So any UK state pension only funded having or had this problem??
  7. Lanky Lad

    UK State pension only - Problems getting finance?

    Good Idea.... thanks - will do..
  8. Lanky Lad

    UK State pension only - Problems getting finance?

    Things seem to have shifted from the intent of my post... I was really hoping other "pensioners" with UK pensions - have had similar problems with the finance companies and the "New" conditions and income requirements - which seem to stem from a Royal Commission earlier this years and irregularities in income when granting loans. Its looking like we are the only couple on UK pensions who have come across this! So far I cannot discover if other loan / finance companies - outside the motor industry are bound by the Commission findings and recommendations.
  9. Lanky Lad

    UK State pension only - Problems getting finance?

    Not sure what you mean by new regulations...... The problem we face and presumably any expat who falls foul of - what seems to have been implemented by a Royal Commission, assembled to discuss and remedy indiscretions among the banking industry - i.e. allowing or suggesting that a person earning - say - $2000 a months to stay they get paid $8000 a month - and seemingly not seek proof of income. There also seems to be new regulation NOT in favour of banks and any others who offer car purchase loans....it seems that if a buyer defaults payments... the finance office cannot take the car back. But I only have word of mouth. Obviously - if this is fact... it seems logical the finance company and banks - will want more real proof of actual income and - that seems to be involving us. UK pension never have sent out any update info... coz it does not apply to us - so everything we have is around 8 years old! Two car dealerships finance offices - will not accept bank statements as proof of regally pension receipts! And typically they want everything valid for a few previous months to prevent somebody taking a (bad ) job.... getting a loan and then packing the job in! The spouse visa was still an option when I applied in 2009 - it saved us about £12,000 ! I don't think the UK makes any stipulations about visa's of any class.. for outgoing citizens. They are only concerned in keeping scammers out! The CPV 143 which my wife obtained, allows permanent residence - we had medicare cover - BUT in hardship - the aussie government will not assist financially in any way for at least 2 years. Don't know anymore coz we never had call to "test the system". Not knowing your visa class - I cannot suggest anything, we have a dutch friend who - originally she and her Scottish husband came over from Africa. had some form of retirement visa - which required than to proof every 4 years they had access to - I think - au$670,000 in cash or assets other than their home. Keith died 2 years back and she is still here - so not sure if anything changed.
  10. Lanky Lad

    UK State pension only - Problems getting finance?

    It appears there was a Royal Commission early ( June?) this year - to put place restrictions on banks offering loans - knowing that the applicant is either feeding false info - being aided to provide false information and who in really terms cannot afford to repay the loan. It then cascades down to all sources of loans for any item. Australia being what it is - a land where immigration is a major factor - and a surplus of ( alleged) low educated who cannot or are unwilling to find work AND those who get loans and then prefer to go to Bali 3 times a year and fail to pay the car loans ( my words not the commissions!) That being so, it appears that a baseline income was decided - which appears to be the amount paid as the minimum paid via the Australian aged pension. I have no idea what that is and appears - as far as UK immigrant pensioners are concerned - our rate does not change from the day we flew out to Aussie - and our at least seems to be below the aussie rate. Poms eligible to an Aussie pension - no matter what the costs or situation of granted visa's - will need to submit a claim giving all the financial details requested *- if the bottom line is LESS than Aussie pension rates.. the UK pensions will be made up to aussie rates. Which is a long standing arrangement the two governments made donkeys years ago. "Would be interesting to know what conditions UK imposes if there is a parent visa there. " Not sure what you mean with this... the UK pays any and all your STATE pension as funded via your NHS contributions. Work superannuations and private funded pensions are not state responsibility...as far as I know ..and aussie see all and any income as just that and IF you applied for an aussie pension - which you can AFTER being permanently resident for 10 years.... an aussie pension application is granted on the above ( self finance) basis. We originally applied via a UK agent for CPV sub class 143 - which at that time meant au$27000 + $10,000 bond for wife as main applicant and au$27000 + au$4000 bond for me.We saw on PIO - an aussie agent in Sydney and contacted him ( Eric?????) who pointed out that we could operate within the immigration rules and IF I cancelled my CPV... and applied for a spouse visa - which I did and it was about au$1800 or so all in with fee's! It did need me to get an air ticket to NZ to cater for a 90 days tourist visa and when I applied I was given an immediate bridging visa - and I later got a refund on the air flight! It took - in the UK - just over 2 years from application to getting the visa - plus the 2 years we had to wait - which seems to give a period to allow - our kids to find stable employment and accomodation. We applied early 2004 after an over christmas recce to Sydney - flew out 3 weeks after visa granted and cleared the house sale etc 31st October 2008. Don't suppose you and your mates are on the NSW Central Coast??? I am really surprised that there are not more UK pensioners - who do not yet qualify for an aussie top up.... having problems. Toyota Finance appear to use the aussie ( state) pension lowest rate - as their baseline. We meet up regularly with others on our visa ??????? if you want any "private " info.... PM me.
  11. Lanky Lad

    UK State pension only - Problems getting finance?

    As I wrote earlier - my post was intended to discover if other " senior " members had faced this same issue.... not to invite discussion - or argument - on any other subject. But thanks for your input.
  12. Lanky Lad

    UK State pension only - Problems getting finance?

    Hi, Yes as the Aussies say... we are "self funded" - on UK pensions only. The criteria seems to be - that the "new" amended finance regulation... uses the aussie minimum aged pension as the baseline. It appears to be laid out to prevent the tow rags who buy on finance and end up owing more than they can pay - so don't bother! We are told the criteria is created from an average of all normal household expenses i.e. utility bills, council bills, rent or margate payments, food bills ( assessed it seems - on how many people are in the house!) and any other items purchased on credit. IF income falls below that theoretical figure.... the finance house cannot accept the purchase. ADDED to that - they ignore credit ratings and there is no avenue to appeal! i.e. we own outright or home, we own our KIA - having doubled the payments to knock it down from 7 years finance and paid it off is the just over 3 years. We also have 20 solar panels and not paid any electric for three quarters. None of these + factors can be appealed! ADDED to that, the two above car dealerships will not or cannot accept bank statements that show our pensions paid in from UK - monthly! The legislation based on aussie pension - which can be stopped by the sitting government - basically at will on any change of policy - unlike the UK which is paid until death! In applying for the aussie pension - for which we are entitled as is any other immigrant who has been permanent resident for 10 years - we were asked to provide proof of identity. One proof is citizenship certificates - I asked if our Aussie Citizen 2nd Class was acceptable. Looking confused, the lady said... there is no 2nd class. I replied that there was indeed because we are citizens, with a passport that states we are Australian subject - but we NEVER get the same allowances or treatment as "born here" aussies! Ignoring that my wives sub class 143 parent visa cost $27,000 plus and that she paid a $10,000 bond held for 10 years and now Centrelink is pigging us around to get it back". That we OWN our home unlike the majority of Aussies - we have ZERO debt. Today we went to our local MP his staff are clueless but took notes and said they will bring it to his attention! I am not holding my breath in anticipation!
  13. Lanky Lad

    UK State pension only - Problems getting finance?

    Yes, we looked at banks and other loan "outlets" - but facts are facts - i.e. borrow $25,000 from a bank or a car sellers finance company and the interest rate is - usually the same give or take 0.5% . The difference is - a bank wants collateral and that is usually your house - while a car sellers only course on default of payment - is to grab the car back. ( Secured and un-secured loans.) Looking at loan costs from banks and other sources, - all seem to level out around the same figures. Car showrooms often show 0% loans... or as we were offered last week from a Ford dealership.... 0.9% while KIA were offering 4.5% - 7.2%. The Ford Escape- we found was offered at 0.9% - because ( although the sales guy had not mentioned it ) the car was not compliant with a coming law ( 2019) that all cars must be fitted with emergency braking... ( forget the full title) but it seems - anti - tailgating - the model with that brake system fitted was being sold with 7.2% finance. KIA were doing the same. Also car dealers have to pay their supplier a certain set sum per model type - and its usually the supplier rather than the dealer who makes "special" offer's - but sometimes the amount of cars sold at a given dealership can also create a situation where if the dealer is down on quota... he can offer at least one vehicle at a bigger sales price discount - lose money on that deal... but get the full "promotion" bulk discount in cars sales achieved! In general from UK experiences in home and company business dealings with banks, - is to avoid them for loans. Banks can be uptight and send out threats quick time. On the other option - a car dealership finance company ( Kia in Oz use Toyota Finance - or at least our Kia dealer does!) from others in the UK I found that if an employee was sacked or made redundant, hit by a bus and hospitalised etc,. the finance company will assess the problem and come to a compromise. They don't want another used car to dump and in doing so write of the balance of the loan. ( unless they cannot get a return of the loan amount). While we have not failed to pay off in full and on time all our previous car loans - I have to say that use of the aussie motorways and main roads - is not always a safe or pleasant experience and with a seeming increase in useless drivers - there is not guarantee that s**t will happen due to idiots and write off the car and hospitalise on for both of us! That said sitting watching TV at night can often end in having a ute or crazed P plater nicked car in your settee. And should the happen... I would not like to be dealing with a bank! In posting I was not really inquiring about loan options - but looking for ex Pat pensioners on UK pensions only funding in Oz. feel sure my wife and I cannot be the only ones in Aussie to have come across this situation. And while the above all relates to cars and finance.... it can and does apply to buying a 50inch TV from Hardly Normal or any item being purchased using credit companies.
  14. 31st October and we will have been in Aussie 10 years.... and we can apply for an aussie pension. Meanwhile - having paid outright for how then new build home and our first car here, 4 years ago after a rear ender put my better half off our Holden Astra! Being about to take on day care twice a week for out then 1 year old grandson... we opted for a Kia Sportage. And found we were treated more like dole queue scroungers! The aussies have finance regulation in place to - in my thinking - stop the - moron faction of life, buying cars etc on a finance plan.... and not paying regularly. So the nanny state have set a regulation that basically calculate averages for life essentionals - i.e. rent or mortgage payments ( we don't have either) or Car payments ( at time we had none) Electricity and Gas bills - ( we have 20 solar panels and the last three quarters were $0 bills!) Gas - we pay - ditto all the council tax bill. And finally food bills. We eat well - but not pre made meals from the supermarkets . In short we manage our expenses and life style according to our means from out UK state and one work related pensions - which are less than the Aussie pension when granted. So we had problems at first from Toyota Finance because their computer system uses the amount set by the government regulation as the baseline - and we fell below it! The car dealership... as they seem able - at that time circumvented the regulation and we got the car sorted. Come January 2019, our grandson starts school and we can finally retire in aussie and after clocking up 400k each week in travel to and from our Kids place in Sydney and catering for a dog in the boot and a kids chairs in the back seats and a boot full of spare clothes, dog food and waters bottles...... we thought it would be nice to change our car before its value drops too much. Still awake?? The regulation has - we were told - been "upgraded" - which is politician crap for - " we closed a few loop holes". So having spent a frontal of 9 hours in the Kia showrooms and a Ford showroom ( Ford Escape) - the Ford finance guy started filling in the paperwork.... got to "Income" - we told him, he broke down in tears and and said how sorry he was to hear that poverty still exists in 2018 Australia ( not really) but he was amazed that expat pensioners fall way down on what the aussie pensioners get! As it is out tolled income from three UK pensions - leaves us UNDER the baseline allowed for finance! We went back to Kia and asked if we had problems after the pigeon around 4 years ago with out pensions. The guy said he had not checked because as we not got finance for our Kia on a 7 years term - which we doubled the payments and paid off in 3 years 5 months AND a $450 early closer fee! - but back he came - sorry... we don't seem able to accept your "request for finance" - he said getting official and not the mate we had hours earlier"! So - this post is to hear from other expat pensioners if they have had this issue - and if there is a "workaround" ?? We came over on a Contributory Parent Visa - which in 2008 cost au$27,000 + plus agents fees etc, - back + a au$10,00. ( our aussie agent suggested I cancel my application and agfater arriving on a tourist visa...apply for a spouse visa.... I did and saved £12,000 ! We get the bond back - theoretically, - in December '18 Looking for solutions!!!!
  15. Lanky Lad

    Coming up to 10 years in Aussie

    The first I noticed when we moved in our then new property was that any tradie we asked to quote for anything - seemed to assume we were mega rich and stupid and the smallest job was a minimum of $400 + plus materials.....