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  1. KLeanne

    Do i move back to the UK to start a family?

    Looking at your pro's list on the UK side, it seems you have already answered your own question :) good luck
  2. KLeanne

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    Sorry I Quoted you in error..just wanted to say I can't believe how similar your story is to mine! I also backpacked all around Australia, had my baby there, was back and forth, and and was completely isolated, in terms of area, and with OH family. Finally, after some yo yo'ing, we are back in the U.K., just me and my toddler, and we are both thriving!
  3. KLeanne


    Thank you Bobj
  4. KLeanne


    Hi All, we are thinking of moving to Bundaberg next year, all being well, have a 2 year old daughter. I went there briefly when backpacking, and thought it was lovely, and we now have a couple of family members there too. Just looking for advice and opinions from anyone who's lived/lives there, on what it's like, schools, things to do, general safety and living please! Thanks!
  5. KLeanne

    Regional work WH extension

    Try Tully Small town in QLD, farming Bananas mainly, plenty of farms around. Buses pick up from the Main Street and take you to and from work, so you could easily get a flat/house share in town! Good luck [emoji1303]
  6. KLeanne

    Advice and opinions please :)

    Would like to nil and void this post please as I've decided I will stick to my plan and leave in 8 weeks and wait offshore.
  7. Hello All, I applied for my PR on 21st Jul,17, and I came over to Australia with my partner and our daughter in September for a visit on a visitor visa. I have heard nothing as yet in terms of my Par visa but have seen a request form to complete my medical on my immi account. Should I get it done or will they contact me to get it done? Also, I applied offshore, so does that mean I need to get my medical done offshore, i.e.not in Australia? I have booked flights for 10 February next year to come back to England and wait out the rest of my time in the UK, but my partner wants me to stay until June, however i think it would look better if I went in Feb, and have only spent 6 months on the visitor visa and I wouldn't have the issue of leaving and entering the country again, as the last time I did that I got asked to explain my intentions at the airport,I was told I was doing it fine, but I don't want to get questioned again or risk anything for the sake of a few extra months. Sorry it's long winded, any advice?
  8. KLeanne

    Go to Aus whilst waiting for Partner Visa?

    Lol yes, partners family, every time I type that it autocorrects to daughter's family for some reason lol very annoying. Yes I do hope it'll be asap but the waiting times look long ATM. But that would be ideal scenario. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  9. KLeanne

    Heading to Oz before grant?

    Just out of interest, Did you leave and re enter Aus every three months then? Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  10. KLeanne

    Go to Aus whilst waiting for Partner Visa?

    Basically, my partner is coming here to England this week for one week holiday, then the three of us are traveling back to Australia where we will stay for three months, visiting family and just generally spending time with family, we will then travel to Bali for a week, then back to Australia, then we plan to go to Darwin in Melbourne to visit more of my daughter's family, then we are planning a trip to New Zealand for two weeks or maybe more, then back to Australia, that will already be six months up with to re-entries into Aus. After that we are not sure whether to do the same again, visit more family and come in and out of Australia further two times, then I come back to the UK after the 12 month period and wait for grant (hopefully) Will come back to UK after six months. That's how far we have got so far and it's all very legitimate,
  11. KLeanne

    Go to Aus whilst waiting for Partner Visa?

    Has this thread helped you decided de any further? Lol. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  12. KLeanne

    Go to Aus whilst waiting for Partner Visa?

    Thanks. Yep I considered applying onshore on a tourist visa, but was told this was even riskier! I don't see that I'll be breaking any conditions of the tourist visa this way, I mean why make it so that you can visit multiple times within a 12 month period, if they then see it as an issue?! I met lots of ppl on my WHV first time around who simply travelled on a tourist visa back and forth, and that's what I'm doing, only difference is I have also applied for a PR. Yep I'd have waited it out a bit longer, but it's my OH that wants us there next week, as he understandably does t want to miss out on anymore of our 1 year olds life, so he has persuaded me. He already stayed here for 3 months during Xmas, so can't really do that again. I'm just doing it the way I've been advised by Immi, MA and ppl on this forum! When I put up a post about going and applying on a tourist visa, I was told oh no that's so bad and risky, do it this way, so I took it on board and am doing it this way, and I'm being told the same! Lol. Anyway, I have no choice now, we leave in ten days, so I'm just trying to look forward to being a family again for a little while! But this thread really is t helping that lol. Sent from my iPhone using PomsinOz
  13. KLeanne

    Go to Aus whilst waiting for Partner Visa?

    I just feel they are misleading people then, as it made me think this was absolutely fine by the way they state it on the visa terms. We would like to do some traveling around to various places in and out of Aus, but then settle there for the 3 months at a time, but do intend to come back to U.K. After the 12 months. Thing is it's all arranged now! So many people on this forum have said they've done it too though.