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Found 143 results

  1. Hi My ex and I came to Australia together. I was sponsored on a 457 visa and my partner was added to my application. Since then we have applied for the 187 visa and had a baby. Fast forward a few years, baby is now 3 our 187 application was rejected (usual reason - company couldn’t justify my position and afford to pay me..) - our migration agent said this was ridiculous and that many others had been rejected for similar reasons so we appealed in July 2017. We are now all on a bridging visa. However, pressures of uncertainty all just got too much and we are now going through a messy break up. He has moved away and the split is looking permanent. So I am now unsure what to do, I know I need to inform immigration/AAT of this and am planning to do so. But I am also worried about what will happen to my ex. Will he have to leave the country despite the fact his child is here, or will he be offered a way to stay when immigration get in touch with him? He has asked that I do not inform immigration if this, but am really worried that this could affect all our chances of staying and I know as soon as my employer knows that they will inform AAT anyway. Does it matter how long we were together before this or the fact we have been waiting so long for a decision? Or does the fact that it was rejected and it’s now on appeal work against us? Thank you in advance for any information you can offer it really is much appreciated.
  2. Amyrobstar

    Worries re student visa

    Hi all, I have been in a relationship with an aussie since October 17. We met in the UK when he was on holiday and I decided to come to Oz on a tourist visa in December 17 and have just left oz after my first 3 months. I had just started uni in the UK (studying paramedic science) but deferred my place to follow my heart and see whether this relationship was going to work. I was initially going to apply for a prospective marriage visa but we don't want to rush getting married as we've only been together for 5 months. I have now applied to study nursing diploma at TAFE because this is cheaper than uni and will allow me to work and actually meet people and get out of the house. I don't actually really need to work because my partner is very well paid and is paying all rent and food etc. My question is whether it is likely my student visa will be granted as I will be living with my aussie partner and therefore they may say that I am not a genuine temporary entrant. Any advice from former experience would be greatly appreciated.
  3. So here's our situation - My partner is a British citizen, I am an NZ citizen and we are currently waiting on a decision for the 461 temporary resident visa. We applied in March this year in Auckland, and our main problem was that we were together for only 8 months when we applied for the visa (as you probably know, the minimum is 12 months), but we explained in our application that this was due to the fact that I had to be in Australia by February for the start of university year. So we are currently long-distance, and have been since February this year, with plenty of evidence of flights home, holidays, etc. to show that we have still seen each other regularly. We heard from our CO in August, asking for further documentation (not the right police checks, evidence of our relationship since we submitted, etc.) - we were given a 28 day deadline but one of the police checks took around 21 working days to arrive, so we emailed our CO and asked for an extension on the deadline as it was clearly not do-able. She never replied and we just submitted what we had, and submitted the police check when it arrived. It shows on our application on the TTS website that the application was "submitted for processing" again in late August (before the 28 day deadline) so I worry that they're not going to consider our additional documents which are critical in proving that we've still been together since we applied. I'm also concerned that since it says it was submitted again, does this impact the wait time and so we have to wait 10 - 12 months again? Does anyone know anything about this? Or had any experience with late submissions/no responses? It gets even trickier. My partner's not going to extend his NZ visa, which finishes in November as we had a holiday planned to Thailand, and were really hoping to hear back regarding the partner visa while we were in Thailand or even earlier and planning on coming back to Aus together. I'm continuing my studies here, and so we are planning on coming back together after our holiday (him on a tourist visa), and just having him stay with me until we hear back. He's also considering applying for a student visa, as it allows him to actually be doing something productive while he's here and work on the side too. Does anyone know if we can apply for multiple visas at the same time? I'm aware that he will have to leave the country prior to the partner visa being granted, but if he goes on a student visa, will this impact our partner visa application? We have contacted our CO about our plans for him to come to Aus on a tourist visa after our holiday but considering she has not been in contact with us since asking for the additional documents, I am doubtful that we will get a response, or notification if she plans on granting the visa. If it is granted while he's still in the country, does that render the entire thing pointless? I haven't seen much on NZ citizens bringing partners to Aus so any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  4. Hi guys, first post here! Okay, so basically, I'm wondering what the best way to do this is. I would like to apply for a partner visa subclass 309 (the one which ends with permanent residency after 2 years) so I can live in Australia with my girlfriend (she's the Aussie) and also be able to travel back and forward to the UK without having to get a different visa each and every time. We are both currently in the UK, and she has until June 30th 2018 until her UK working holiday visa expires and has to go back to Australia, and obviously I want to go too! Problem is, on the Aussie immigration website, it says the current processing time for the 309 temporary visa is 70% completed in 13 months, and 90% in 16 months. June is only 10 months away. What's the best way to go about this? Is there a different visa I can get to go to Australia in June next year and apply for my Partner Visa? Am I even allowed to travel to Australia on a separate visa whilst my partner one is being processed? Or is it better to go to Australia on a 6/12 months visitor visa, then apply for my partner visa whilst I'm there (if that's even allowed)? Thank you so much in advance! This is a confusing and slightly stressful process, but obviously so, so worth it.
  5. Hey guys, My de facto partner was nominated for 186 visa and yesterday he just received the Approval of Nomination Notification from the IMMI with my name on it. So my question is do we need to provide relationship statement and relationship statutory declaration like what they do to apply for partner visa? If yes, do we need to write one statement each? I and my partner have been and lived together for almost 5 years and have officially registered as de facto partner although we are not same sex partner. Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi Guys, I sit here in a dilema, I am a new father to an 8 month old little boy and am living in Australia working in the best jobI have ever had. My wife though wants us to break up! She has been suffering from depression somethingI have tried my best to support, so much so I feel like I have no life outside of work or home. I dont go out so I make sure she can and look after my little man so she gets a break with all my free time. My wife's depression has taken its tollon her to the point she thinks that there is no option but to split. I don't personally think it will help her but I can't stop this. Now I know that I will have to notify DIAC when push comes to shove but I just want to know what chance do I have of staying in Aus! My littleboy is my only son and a citizen of Australia and obviously I will want access to him and what i believe will satisfy the term used in all DIAC info of 'parental responsibility.' Does anyone know what my odds are of staying? the DIAC website says that my case 'may' have grounds for PR being granted anyway, being that I am on a Temp Partner Visa and we have a child we will share 'Parental Responsibility' for. I can't find anyoneout there who knows anything on this subject but surely the Aussie Gov won't take me away from my son, there has been no abuse just a breakdown. It sickens and saddens me I have to ask this but any info to calm a fathers mind would be greeted incredibly warmly. I look forward to any feedback and knowledge on this subject. Thanks
  7. Hi guys. I have been living in Australia about 3 years currently on my temporary partnership visa. I have finally found a good full time job just had my first child with my partner life seems fantastic... Until a week ago anyway, when my wife told me she is not happy in our relationship... In fact getting to the point she told me to f*** off back to England. Well as you might guess quite the shock for this new father who finally managed to set off his Aussie career who loves driving home each day and cooking for my family cleaning up and generally thought everything was going fantastic... The Australian dream! Now since that morning we have not separated but I am constantly worried... I am on a temporary visa... If my wife pulls sponsorship I will have to leave my son behind and just as I thought life couldn't be better the world would decidedly suck! What are my options here has anyone else been caught in this situation? Now I never married for a visa but now if things continue and I can't save this relationship I may be sticking this out just to get one. What should I do?
  8. Hello everyone I am in the process of filling out my 820 partner visa application online. From a prospective marriage visa 300. And I was looking for some advice from people who have also completed this visa application. The main part that has me struggling is the 'Nature of commitment' part. What did everyone put? So far I have included details about maintaining contact while spending time apart (I had to go offshore for 7 months while 300 visa was processing), being beneficiaries on tax and superannuation and then about our future plans, buying a house, kids etc. This just doesn't seem enough? And should you include every single phone bill/ skype call information etc or just a selected collection from random dates? Also should this part of the application be completed in a third person perspective i.e 'the sponser and applicant have known each other for etc ' or is it acceptable to write it as ' my husband and I have known each other etc'? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi! So. My fiancé is Australian and I'm English, and in May we'll be applying for our de facto visa. I'd love some advice from anyone who's been through this process, here's a breakdown of our situation. We met when I was on my 1st year working holiday visa, after I'd completed my regional work. In July 2013 I decided to stay in Aus to be with him and activated my 2nd year visa. May is our 1 year anniversary - so I'm right that we can apply for our visa after this time - according to the 12 month relationship requirement. Everything was going fine until I called Immigration and the lady said "You have to have lived together for 12 months, not just have been in a relationship 12 months" - is this true?!?! We didn't move in together until August 2013! We have a joint 1 year lease on our 1 bedroom apartment so it's pretty clear it's just the two of us together. Can anyone help clarify that point first of all!? Here's the rest of the evidence we've got to go with everything.... - Rent receipts and lease from August 2013 - Joint travel to Thailand and the UK (to meet my family) - Photos with our mutual friends, photos of us all over and photos of us with each others families - Joint bank accounts - Joint savings - Joint household bills accounts - 2 x joint party invitations - We're engaged!? The date is soon to be set and we'll at least have our "save the date" cards to add to our application - We're registering our relationship with the Births, Deaths and Marriages registry - We will have our marriage license by the time we apply - Mutual friends on facebook and instagram - Linked profiles on facebook and instagram - Reference letters from our families ..... Along with all the forms we need to fill out, the police checks, the medicals etc, is there anything we're missing? We really want to do this without going through migration agents etc, so any help on here is greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks
  10. initforthemoney

    Offshore De Facto parntership visa

    I'm pretty sure the answer to this one, but I'd like advice. I'm going to get back together with my Ex. She is Australian living in Oz, I'm from the UK and outside Oz having done 2 years of a WHV. We were living together for 15mths and have been apart about 1 year. I'm reckoning its impossible to apply for a de facto visa and have it granted? I also have a degree that would fit on the skills list, but no experience in the field. Any advice
  11. Cheesecake12

    Is it enough.

    Hi. I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice. My partner and I are applying for a defo relationship visa. we have been together since July 2010, so almost 2 1/2 years. We met over 5 years ago in Europe whilst she was travelling. We kept iin contact and got together as a couple when I came to Australia on a working holiday visa in 2010. we lived together for 3 months then in Australia.. So couldn't apply for a visa for me to stay as it wasnt long enough. So I returned home and we decided once she finished university she would come to the UK to live. I visited her many time when we apart. And in January 2012 she came to the UK. We lived together till November 2012 when she had to return to Australia for work. We talk everyday but decided to wait till January 2013 to apply for the defo visa as that would be the 12 month mark and it costs a lot. We have all the evidence, joint bank accounts, photos, statements the lot. But will the fact we only lived together for 11 months go against us to a point were the application maybe rejected? Thanks.
  12. Guest

    5 Weeks until I move

    Hi Guys, Well after 2 years of going through the application for my defacto relationship visa, the time has finally come for my girlfriend and I to move to Oz. She is from Sydney but lived over here in London with me for a couple of years and we both decided soon in our relationship that we would rather live in Sydney than London (no surprise there really?!) Sarah is a teacher and I work in IT so we hope not to have too much problems looking for work when we arrive. Can anyone suggest some good places for me to look and the best approach I should take? Last time I was in Oz I was on a working holiday visa so it was difficult to find work in IT but I am hoping this time it will be much easier. The main thing is, how should I 'advertise' myself? English with full working permit? Not mention the fact I am foreign? Not really sure but any advise would be great! Cheers guys, Arn
  13. Hi, I'm new here and not sure where's the right place to post this kind of request for information, but I figured that I am specifically looking for information on how to get a visa of some kind so this seemed like the best place to start...Ok, so basically I have been with my partner for 3 years, we came over to Australia together to travel and in march of this year he secured 457 sponsorship visa with his employer, I am de facto on this visa...now the hard part for me...ok, so he's abusive with me, not all the time and not usually physically, usually verbally and very aggressive...he also uses the visa as a way to control me, saying that if don't do this or that I can forget being with him and forget staying in Australia, he know I absolutely do not want to live in the uk again. I know reading it like that it doesn't look like much, but it's horrible & he cuts me off from friends he doesn't want me to spend time with and only wants me to spend time with people he knows. He's not always been like this either, it's pretty much got worse since he has the visa and can hold it over me...Anyway, I'm not trying to make people feel sorry for me, its just I've spoken to a friend about my situation and they suggested that there might possibily be some alternative to spending the next two years like this u til I get my PR, I have considered student visa but I can not afford the tuition...Please, any advice is welcomed and ask me questions if you need more information of situation.Thanks IOAB xx
  14. Hello, I have another question, this time about the statuatory declarations to show proof of relationship. I am applying for a 176 visa, with my fiancee as my defacto partner. We are both British. On the help pages it says we should include at least 2 statuatory declarations from friends or relatives, and that we should use form 888 - but this form is for if one of us was applying for a spouse/defacto visa - which we are not. So, do we need to include stat decs? If so, do we just get soem friends to write and sign something, does it need to be witnessed by a solicitor??? I'm confuddled. Thanks Tom
  15. Hi Although I've been reading the threads on this forum, this is my first post so I hope it comes up in the right place! I am pulling together all the information for my de facto visa but am concerned that we are struggling to prove that we lived together as my partner was already leasing a flat at the time he moved in with me and he was only able to exit the lease in March this year and so, until that time we don't have any bills in his name at our address. I own the flat so did not add him to the mortgage and as he was paying for his flat I continued to pay all the bills. We did share grocery shopping etc but do not know how we can prove this - I have transfers from his bank account into mine. We have evidence of flights that we booked together to various destinations from August 2010 and have declarations from friends and family. In addition, his UK working visa expired in May this year and although he stayed on a tourist visa until June, he had to move back to Australia at that point. I have been out to visit him and he is coming back here in September for two weeks but this means that we did not physically live together for a full twelve months. Has anyone been in a similar situation/got any advice? I am eligible for a skilled workers visa but we really don't want to be apart for the 18 months that would take to process. Ideally, although we intend to get married, we would like to be able to plan a wedding whilst living in the same country but, if this is the best option then we will do that. Many thanks in advance. Hoping someone has some good news! sarah
  16. Guest

    OZ or UK?? HELP!!!

    Hi Guys, Big decision to be made here so looking for some advise! Please please let me know of anything that might help me make my decision. I am from the UK and my partner (Sarah) is Australian. We were together in Oz when i was on working holiday visa and then have also been together for 18 months in the UK. I applied for our defacto visa in August last year for us both to move back to Oz. At the end of December I received the email letting me know that all paperwork has been received and there is nothing else they need from me and they will contact me once the process has been completed.... But.... On December 28th, my Partner, Sarah's visa in the UK expired so she went back to Australia. :sad: She has now been sponsored to work in the UK so she is eligible to fly back as soon as possible. However, we aim to move back to Oz as soon as I get my visa accepted as this will not cause a problem with her work/visa. With this in mind we are debating whether it is worth her flying back to the UK if my visa is going to be granted soon (ish). The main question is, how long is it going to be until I get my visa from this point? I know the lead time is 4-6 months according to the website, but is this from the beginning of the application (September) or from now? Please let me know your thoughts guys as Sarah has to accept or refuse the position ASAP!! Thanks in advance! I am stressing out here! Arn
  17. Guest

    De-Facto Relatoinship Visa

    Hi, I August last year I started applying for my de-facto relationship visa, after being with my Australian partner for over 12 months in the UK. I completed my medical in the middle of December and a couple of weeks ago I sent off my police checks. Am I correct in saying this is all that needs to be sent now? Does anyone know how long it might take from this point? Thanks in advance, Andrew
  18. I have just done a dummy run of the application for a 175 visa because, when we actually do apply, we will likely be away from home. I'm trying to make sure I know exactly what we need so we have any required documents with us. I thought that you have to provide a statement/evidence of how long you have been together with your partner, but nothing came up in the online application. Is this because we're married? Or is it something the case officer asks for later? Anything else we need to prepare apart from the following: IELTS test score Skills assessment Work history Medical checks Police checks ???
  19. The Pom Queen

    Does age matter in a relationship?

    My friend is livid because her daughter who is 14 is going out with a 16 yr old boy, it's strange because if she was 20 and he was 22 no one would bat an eye. Also what about older men say around 50 who have a 20yr old on their arm, is this acceptable? Or the woman with a toy boy, does age matter if you love someone. I don't mean for the young 14yr old as if she was my daughter I would be worried.
  20. Hi everyone, We are currently awaiting my oh's new employer being approved as a sponsor which is very exciting! Anyway we aren't married so I know we have to prove our De facto relationship and Iour friends and family are keen to write statements for us....but have all come back to me asking what type of thing they should write..... Is there a set format? And what type of things should they include? Any help would be great. Thank you! :biggrin:
  21. We will be submitting our onshore partner visa tomorrow and I just wanted to double/triple/quadruple check that a joint relationship statement is acceptable and does it need to be witnessed? We wrote one together to make it simpler and less repetitive reading! We made it in the stat dec template and got it witnessed but only the last page is signed, does that matter? Thanks guys! I am freaking out because its finally happening!
  22. Guest

    Am I Depressed?

    Hi everyone I've just joined PIO and want to write something very happy and jolly about being here in Australia. But the reality is is that I feel quite sad, not because I am missing home but because I realise that my partner is not the person for me. I've struggled very hard to achieve the temp partner visa only to feel that it is slipping away. I had to stay in the UK whilst dealing with family issues the last several months and gained my 309 from there. I've been back with my partner now for 5 weeks. He is not emotionally supportive or physically demonstrative. He is carrying on with his same lifestyle before I arrived. Its like I am in his way - I am left out of any decision making to do with the flat, shopping, where we go, what we do etc. He eats and breaths his job. He and his brother constantly take drugs (cannabis) and he cannot go an evening without drinking alcohol. He is always saying he's going to change his behaviours but he never does. He also said strongly that he wanted to have children but he's sabotaging that with his drinking and drug taking. I feel quite alone, worried about my visa status if we split. I can barely speak with him with civility. At the moment we sleep in the same bed but on either side. I still love him but I know he is not for me. How can he be? He offers me no support in a new country. I've managed to find casual work but now he is asking for my share of the rent AND for me to pay him back the monies he spent on me whilst I was with him last year. He's suddenly sprung this on me. I know some of this is down to me but he never 'sees' me, he is never the one to start to talk about us, it's usually me. I've suggested counselling, I've tried talking to him before he gets right into his routine about our relationship and what WE can do to make it better and loving like it should be. He just says the right things but then does exactly what he wants. In March last year, he went all out to have a holiday in Thailand with his family and guess what - he managed to find time and money to f*** at least 3 Thai women - all without his family knowing. Whilst with them, he's texting me telling me how much he's missing me and loves me. He comes back to me and breaks my heart. He has never given me a reason for doing that, (I'd only just moved in with him about 2-3 weeks previous). The arguments, tears and disbelief that this happened to me is indescribable. I had to make him do an STD/STI check and I had to get myself checked out as well. How long can I do this for? I've worked so hard to get here to Australia. I'm not sure I can manage another year and a half like this. I know it would help me if I could get a good job. I want to have time, space and confidence building for myself. All I want is to settle down, be in love and love my partner - is that too much to ask for?
  23. Hey guys. First id like to thank everyone so far with their help. Finally got our documents together and sent away for the Visa. Unfortunately we need to send in more information. Basically my partner and i have been living together for over a year 6 12 months in oz and 3 months now in the UK. we have been living with our parents at their homes as a means to save money for a house deposit. The problem with this is that we don't have and rental or utility bills in our name. all we have with the same address is bank accounts. we have a joint bank account and personal accounts with the same address. Any ideas on what else we could send in or if the bank statements will be enough if we print them off for the past year. Secondly quick question about certifying documents. We had it done by a police officer to be informed that its incorrect for them to do so. We are now going to have a solicitor to do it. I have an uncle that is one and it would be quickest it he could sign it but am i correct to say that family cant certify them? will i be best off getting someone from his firm to do them. Thanks for your help
  24. hey everyone, me and my partner are getting married next month. we started our relationship only 4 months ago and want to stay and live together in australia. Is it possible to apply for a partner visa if we are married but been together for only a few months? what evidence shell we submit in order to prove that our relationship is an ongoing thing? and what r chances in this case? also,im in au at the moment and have to live in 2 months as i have a NO FURTHER STAY condition on my visa? if i apply from overseas, how long would it be the processing time for the application as we will maybe have to spend some time apart? pls respond if you have a info regard our situation. THANK YOU!!
  25. Guest

    De facto relationship

    Hi I am not sure if this has been covered or not I had a scoot around so here goes: I will hopefully be applying for a 457 sponsored visa and I have my Russian fiance who I wish to have with me and her son. Problem? we have lived together in Russia for about 18 months initilly in her apt, I was registered there with the govt and after 6 months we shared another apt provided by my employer all bills paid etc. I have no shared utility bills etc as it is not done quite like that in Russia. I can provide a statement on company letterhead from my CEO that we lived at the last address for 6 months. We lots of photos together some with dates on, and dozens of emails from when I was out of the country. We opened up her a debit card in my bank 3 weeks ago and there will be at some point statements from that card. I wanted to include her on my visa application does anyone have an opinion as to the best way here or as an application as my spouse. Any comments or help welcomed p.s I am a Uk citizen and we had thought to get married in Cyprus.