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  1. Pitman89z

    Painter+Decorator / Chances of sponsorship

    The only issue I have with the 189 is I don' t have adiqite employment history as ive been self employed working for various sub contractors since i became qualified. It would be impossible to backtrack throughout my history for 10 years. If I had been employed from the start his would be the route I would have chosen.
  2. Could be bit of a long shot but I'm planning coming to Oz in February on a 417 Working holiday visa. My whole intentions are to carry out rural work to give me a 1 year extension. But my ultimate plan is hopefully get sponsorship from someone so I can hopefully live there permanently if all goes well. Just wondering how generous are people with sponsorships in construction? My fear is falling in love with the country than having to come back home.
  3. Pitman89z

    Regional work WH extension

    I'll look into it thanks KLeanne ☺
  4. Pitman89z

    Regional work WH extension

    Kinda misread the post. Actually that could be my choice then! Seems to fit the postcode. Any further advice appreciate
  5. Pitman89z

    Regional work WH extension

    Oh well thats out the window, back to the drawing board! ?
  6. Pitman89z

    Regional work WH extension

    OK thanks for the info mate! I've done a tad bit of research but I'm looking on an opinion on me heading to Bundaberg/ Queensland region ?? Anyone able to give they 2 pence worth on this decision?
  7. Hi guys, I've recently applied for my working holiday visa but I am having trouble finding which part of Oz to locate myself. My intentions are to carry out the regional work so I can extend my visa straight away. Would it be a bad idea to locate there first then look for the work? Do most farms come with accommdation also? The only worry I have is sharing with rooms with other people. I am quite a hermit and prefer my own space so I have considered maybe flat sharing near and travel to the farms but until I figure out what location is best for me I'm unable to plan at the moment. Hope someone can help. Thanks
  8. Pitman89z

    Painter going to oz for work

    Hey guys appreciate all your replies. Gonna sort myself a WH Visa to have a taste of Oz life. Fingers crossed it'l work out for me.
  9. Pitman89z

    Painter going to oz for work

    I have another inquiry if anyone can answer. I am under the impression you need a a certain amount of experience in your desired trade also be able to back up with employer letters? my only issue is I have been self employed for 8 years out of 10 since I qualified would this go against Me? Edit: Nevermind just read it up on the borders.gov website. Apparently I need 10 years worth of audits which I do not have. Maybe I need to rethink the whole situation as I'd probably fail at this
  10. Pitman89z

    Painter going to oz for work

    Is It a lengthy process? obviously the skills assessment ect would be for a long stay visa right? Should I go on a WH visa first ? I think Perth maybe out of the question then, apparently Melbourne is crazy expensive ? I don't wanna move somewhere if I'm struggling week on end.
  11. Pitman89z

    Painter going to oz for work

    Medium to long term apparently. Tell me about it that why i resorted to this forum because my head was spinning haha.
  12. Pitman89z

    Painter going to oz for work

    Cheers for the reply I'l be going on my own . I just had a check. my trade is on the list would I be able to apply for a permanent visa while I'll be working on a Working holiday visa? I'm guessing I need a sponsor for that though?
  13. Pitman89z

    Painter going to oz for work

    Hi guys. Looking for some information . I'm 28 years old currently living in Wales, UK. I'm a qualified painter and decorator of 10 years and obtain a NVQ level 2. I've been thinking of going out to oz to work and maybe potentially live out there if everything goes smooth. Im wondering what type of visa do I need to go for to enable this?? How hard would it be for me to stay if I like it there? I've been recommended by a few people I should go to Perth to look for work would anyone on the forum also recommend this? Also here in the UK I hold a CSCS health and safety card is there an Australian equivalent that I would need? Would I be able to just look for work when I'm out there or would I need to find a sponsor ? I have £20k savings will this be a sufficient amount? Sorry for all the questions I've searched google and hardly found anything.