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  1. my friend asked me a question but I did not know the answer. I think It is difference in language or phrases or sense of humour. she is living in very small town almost village in Australia. The local woman whose family were the first people to create the village in 1800s said to her on many occasion: "I thought you had left the town" then recently she said This again and my friend replied: "I still live here, it must be a mistake" the woman replied: "no It is not a mistake, it Is a fact, you have left This town." I don't understand the phrase.
  2. Itraf

    Been here a while.

    I am grateful for being here. i don't want to.be a turf trotter, looking always for verdant pastures and complaining when there is a dry outback field! to help me do.so i think the following: when in Rome In UK there are too many people in Australia the people say what they think, they are usually honest in opinion, even if this hurts, at least i know where i stand. in UK people are always talking about money, mortgage, pensions, the weather, tv, here the people talk about the price of sheep, super, the Footie, the weekend camping, beer, barbique and the weather! here the weather is better! there is good team spirit in Australia in UK its ok to boast, in Australia if you boast you get told figjam which i thought was a preserve! in Australia if you complain you are whining and in UK it is seen as conversation in UK people are better read and more academic with sense of history, in Australia i.have found that people think Chaucer is a brand for chainsaw! So i read alone and talk about footie in conversation, And barbique! but in all, when we travel and move things are always different so we must embrace this fact! When in Rome
  3. Itraf

    give it a real go!

    we were chided for shell collecting, I assume it is not allowed?
  4. Itraf

    some advice pls!

  5. Itraf

    give it a real go!

    I love Australia and it Is a land of a multitude of cultures, geography, fauna, flora and ancient civilization. New and old cities, history, advances in medicine, different ideas in politics, old fashioned in rural places, above all, it is the land of fair go. we intend to see the entire continent! so far I have learned: it Is best not to whine or complain fix It yourself or "suck it up"! be self sufficient not to try too hard to make friends or it becomes a false friendship and you may seem the desperate one, keep it natural enjoy the beauty, the visits to ancient lands of the aboriginals enjoy the fresh food and produce. See where it Is grown. try to adapt language and dress code and customs, "when in Rome" enjoy the humour appreciate the direct honesty even sometimes if it hurts smile more whine less be grateful work hard be a good citizen learn to make pavlova, barbique, Learn the wines, shiraz grown in hot south, cool climate sparkling, the original wineries in Australia. learn to laugh at yourself Learn the law, ie not like uk where you can pick fruit from a branch overhanging into a street! Park only one way on one side, not two ways! Not collect shells from beach, not pick flower public park etc rent for a few years to see if you like the area join a volunteer group these can get you through the hardships whilst allowing to enjoy life and contribute in whatever way you can positively.
  6. Itraf

    problem neighbour

    thank you our present rental is very good. The agent Is very nice. We keep it tidy clean quiet and make no complaints.
  7. Itraf

    problem neighbour

    conclusion: 40 days before the end of our lease we were sent a notice to not renew our lease! Our complaining to the rental agency backfired. We moved all our belongings safely to storage, we spent five weeks searching for a rental property. It seemed as though the agent had put a bad note to our name. Finally we camped for a week before finding a temporary rental for a few months at a great expense, finally to ease the situation we relocated to another city where we found somewhere to rent. so the moral to the story as we have been told is "suck it up"! Do not complain to the rental agency as this can cause severe problems with future renting. Any problems, bear it and move quietly. complaining made future renting extremely difficult.
  8. Itraf

    some advice pls!

    a friend has asked me for advice, she and her husband moved to a small very small town in a rural area for his work. she has struggled to find long term work as it is a holiday destination and casual seasonal work is all she has been able to obtain. I have not had experience in this situation and wondered if anyone has who can provide some advice. she is a family friend and we have known each other since childhood so we have always been in touch with our travels and work news. she is an administrator by profession and has always secured good jobs. at present her (Australian) husband has secured a good job which has allowed them to experience life out of the city. but with this has come loss of job security and identity for my friend. In addition she has been taken out of her "work comfort zone" by having to do physically hard menial jobs such as cleaning and dish washing jobs. This has not put her off despite developing chronic pain in her arms. What has been the issues she has found challenging are: a) loneliness. Unable to make friends as the locals have not been friendly. She has tried but it makes it worse trying as they ask her why she has come here and have told her she will not find work. She the spends long hours alone. She keeps fit by long walks and cleaning their house and keeping the garden neat. Preparing her husband's meals and laundering and chores about the house. His work.boss and wife have not made her welcome, she is always polite and friendly but is finding things hard this way. b) they have no children c) work: First job she was asked what shifts she wanted dish cleaning and she said during the week. When the shift manager asked her what day her husband had off, she replied Sunday. From that time the.only shifts she was given.were Sundays! She left that job and got another but it was physically too hard. She secured another job but when the season ended that did too. Then interviews for admin positions but no.luck. She has been told by locals that she has "run.out of options" for work as it is a small place so she started a small business to look after holiday rentals but due to.local competition cannot get any work and a bit of hostility as she is on their "turf". So that has stagnated. d) she has no.family having lost her family when we were younger and so.i have always helped her and looked after her and my wife has helped her too and they are good friends. We have been to visit them but it is very far so.only.once (8 hr flight then 3 hr drive). We stay in touch regularly. e) I worry that she is becoming down.in spirit. She does not know how to rectify things. She has spoken to.her husband and he says he is finding it hard too. He finds locals are unfriendly and so she gets no solution from him. f) his parents have berated her, saying she is useless and lazy not working and told her she cant live off their son which has added to the upset. So a financial pressure as well as emotions. has anyone coped in This situation and what tips can you offer. thank you in advance
  9. Itraf

    unpaid overtime

    thank you I pass it onto my colleague
  10. Itraf

    unpaid overtime

    THIS IS WRITTEN FROM MY WORK COLLEAGUE please can someone giving her advice thankyou We moved to Australia last year as my husband was offered a job out here and to be closer to ageing family some of whom he supports. however a year down the line hubby has been working 60, 70, 80 hr weeks and has resigned from his job as he is burnt out. the company says he never asked if he could so overtime and they never told him to. despite the pressure on him to do tasks that exceeded time limits due to having no one to help him. Immense responsibilities doing the jobs of three people and then being harassed by the owner on weekends demanding him to work. the company says it was totally unaware he was working those hours and refused to.pay the overtime. They got nasty when he refused their paltry offer of 5 weeks pay and said that he would lose out if he chose to work his notice instead of taking paid leave of notice. so he had no choice but to take it and leave. we are shocked by what has happened, particularly the manner in which I was done. Especially as we came all this way. Any advice pls.
  11. Itraf

    problem neighbour

    what bad things can happen? this is a worry
  12. Itraf

    Ambulance cover on Bridging Visa

    IF you are on BVA how do you get ambulance cover
  13. Itraf

    problem neighbour

    should we type a letter to him outlining that he must leave us alone? has anyone an idea on what we could write that would not cause us legal issues etc the agency and owner would like to keep him there as he is useful for DIY on the cheap we are seen as the problem for complaining and we dont want to add to this image the agency has said that no one else has complained (probably they realised that it would not get them anywhere!) they can get any tenant in after us we dont want to move and we would like to make our boundaries clear to ensure that we can go about our everyday life without interference from someone who is lonely, bored and wants to create problems.
  14. Itraf

    problem neighbour

    we would prefer to do this without involving emergency services!