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  1. whichway

    What is with the no shoes?

    Did you find any?.........Moderator?.......Really?........ Am off:mad:
  2. whichway

    What is with the no shoes?

    Exactly, I am not a foot person.
  3. whichway

    What is with the no shoes?

    Ok. First of all when I said shoes I should perhaps have said flip flops, jandals, thongs, whatever. Secondly I am not talking about at the beach or at home or in your garden or street or somewhere. Thirdly, I am not putting anyone down, I did not say people who don't wear shoes in the supermarkets are .....some derogatary comment. And lastly (for now) It is beyond ridiculous to suggest that this is a dig at Australians. FFS, that really is beyond ridiculous.:arghh: And Jesus did wear sandals, where do you think Jesus sandals came from.
  4. whichway

    What is with the no shoes?

    What a lot of utter crap. In fact you find me a dig I have made at AUstralians.
  5. whichway

    What is with the no shoes?

    I may have posted about this before but it still continues to horrify me. So it's raining outside, the ground is MANKY and people, grown ups, are going about, into shopping centres, supermarkets and Dr's surgeries (basically everywhere) without any shoes on. I mean in any weather you think...eeeek.. but in the pissin rain, in the Dr's surgery???! The no shoe wearer could so easily injure themselves, and seriously too, and yet it is allowed to happen. AND, I have to look at really dirty feet in the vegetable isle. I do think I have a thing about feet and so am a bit of a prude about this......but...... What do others think?
  6. whichway

    Women ONLY Thread

    That's ok Stacey, you don't really have to say anything but it is really nice that you did. I really didn't want to dull the thread but I just needed some help (and probably a bit of support)! For all I know he could still be there surviving through it all.
  7. whichway

    Women ONLY Thread

    Not really sure what is happening now but I strongly suspect the baby is going. Had bloods taken (which I'll know more about tomorrow) and a scan, which really was odd. The scan showed a very small 5 week old embryo, it is meant to be 7 weeks, couldn't see a yolk and something else (I can't remember).I actually had to go back in because they wouldn't tell me anything but I said basically I need to leave today knowing if I there is a baby or not. However,since I left it has been bleeding non stop, so I think he has gone, or is going. I am supposed to go back in two weeks for another scan but I'll be surprised if there is anything there. Thanks all x x If he has gone then the poor little baby obviously wasn't ready or right for this world yet. x x
  8. whichway

    Women ONLY Thread

    Got my appt at 1130. Unfortunately there are no clinics here for the pregnant lady. (which is something I absolutely think this place lacks!) I did not go to ED because this happened before in a different pregnancy but with much less blood and the baby turned out to be all good. Essentially I ended up just waiting for hours and hours listening to Docs talk rubbish amongst themselves when all I wanted was a scan, so I'll see what happens here.I also figured the Doc is the less stressfull option of the two at this point as I already have a daughter to take care of. Thanks for all your well wishes, really got my fingers crossed x x
  9. whichway

    Women ONLY Thread

    I'm sorry to down the tone of the thread but it's only for a short time and I'd love a woman's knowledge. I am/was 7 weeks pregnant and there has been bleeding over the weekend. At first it was spotting, light, kind of normal, so not really too worried. Then yesterday it is like I started to have a period. Just to gross all the men out who shouldn't be reading this thread in the first place! It was/is fresh/red blood. But I have not been in any pain. Today I am going to go to the Doc and hopefully get a scan. I am just wondering, I am bracing myself for an empty womb and really trying to be more realisitic than hopeful. But, has anyone ever had this before and NOT miscarried? It is not really what you would call spotting, more than that, but not gushing. Mostly when I have a pee. Sorry guys (but you shouldn't be reading the thread). I also told everyone, even though I know you are not supposed to cos I was so excited. I have been awfully stressed, do you think that could have caused it? Thanks
  10. whichway

    Sailing a boat?

    Just curious and pretty sure someone out there will Know the answer. But if all these 16 year olds are sailing round the world, do you need a licence to get a boat? I can really find any clear definitive answers online. Cheers in advance folks:biggrin:
  11. whichway

    Poll: Ladies who is your favourite Hollywood Hunk?

    Yes I like Liam Neeson and ROBERT DOWNEY JNR Come on ladies he is just getting betterer and betterer, he has a great personality has overcome drugs and everything
  12. whichway

    The Real Cost of Living!!!

    In the Gold Coast, I honestly don't think you could get a car parking space for $80 a month:frown: When I go back to UK I am going to live more simply. When I have had all my babies I am going to get a little boat (second hand) and take them out in it. When I have a licence of course. I am going to get a job that gives me more of the free time and less of the stress. I am really looking forward to being just happy with what I've got. Sounds daft, but I know I will be cos I'll appreciate it so much more. I know it's off topic but had to get it out. x
  13. whichway

    New group, "The Ambivalents"

    Seen as you seem to be the boss Mrs Brennan, what are you going to be wearing? Jeremey Kyle is SO wise....GET A JOB:notworthy:
  14. whichway

    Nursing doing top up degrees

    Does anyone know if the ICS route is accepted as a degree in UK at UK Universities?
  15. whichway

    Nursing doing top up degrees

    I am a diploma trained UK nurse and have been working in Oz for years. They are fine with it. Only thing is (which is just plain silly) I am an RMN with a Dip in Mental Health Nursing and in Oz I am recognised as a Registered Nurse with out any mental health training. Not that it has made any difference to anything. But still.....