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  1. "Probably " damaged the crop?. I would think 100%. My brother-in-law is a farmer and I know what damage can be done by people having a bit of fun.
  2. Mike@Bonbeach

    Premium Bonds

    Had a GPB25 win just this month, probably a sight more than the monthly return on my Term Deposit with a much larger amount.
  3. Mike@Bonbeach

    Corona Virus

    For another point of view. btw I don't have opinions one way or another, far too complicated for the ordinary man in the street. But worth reading. https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/sensible-compassionate-ante-covid-strategy
  4. Mike@Bonbeach

    Moving to the UK in Weeks – Questions!!!

    Before emigrating in 2007 Connie and I had a holiday chalet in the South of France near St Tropez. Without fail we took out the AA's 5 star cover for our trips down by ferry and car and every year we were incident free. Then one year I decided we would not take out the cover but at the very last minute I thought about it and changed my mind. Once we were down there and settled in went off to do our shopping and were sat at a T junction when along came along a very inebriated Frenchman in his car and took off our front end. By the following day we had a hire car provided for our holiday and the trip back, our own car was picked up and returned to the UK and another hire care for our use in the UK until our car was sorted. Not a penny extra did it cost us, and to this day I never travel without insurance. The only other time I have ever had to claim on travel insurance was when my dear wife suddenly passed away a couple of weeks before a domestic holiday here in Australia and I had to try to claim back for the Domestic flights with Qantas, but that's another story.
  5. Mike@Bonbeach

    How is Joe Biden doing?

    The ABC?. Oh that's alright then.
  6. Mike@Bonbeach


    All the Telstra calls I have had in the past were pre-recorded calls and I was being asked to press 1 to speak to an agent. No way!!!!. They do seem to go in spells, don't get one for ages and then multiple over a few weeks.
  7. Mike@Bonbeach

    Anyone watching the cricket ?

    Off topic but just continuing the previous few threads. I have loved the TDF for years now but in my humble opinion there is too much talking and flash backs after every advert break on SBS, the commentators seem to want to impart their knowledge to the nth degree, much preferred the Eurosport broadcasts with Phil Liggett and his partner, who I believe passed away a year or so ago. Eurosport is no longer available through Foxtel
  8. Mike@Bonbeach

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    And now we have the SE Melbourne cluster, latest number is 43 in a matter of a few days, where, allegedly, 5 Afghan families breeched the CHO's rules, travelling and visiting each other's homes yet no action taken. The one consistent thing about Dan Andrews is his inconsistency. And the CHO actually apologising for stating the truth that the cluster is a result of these Afghan families not obeying the restrictions.
  9. Mike@Bonbeach

    People who throw litter out their car / fly-tip

    Littering just comes natural to some people." I've finished with it, can't be bothered to take it home or the nearest bin" attitude. It's not just some drivers, they are all over the place. Even where I play golf there is evidence of it, especially after a visitors day or corporate day. Having said that some members can be a bit sloppy too, if I see any I'll pick it up, there's always a bin at the next tee. Mind you the thieving magpies play a part too, pinching things out of your bag, flying off with it then just dropping it when they realise it's not edible.
  10. Mike@Bonbeach

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    Just going to put my 2 bob's worth into this discussion. My situation is I am 80 years old living on my own since my dear wife died just over 2 years ago. My son and his family live more than 12 kms away so we can't even legally meet halfway for a catchup. I haven't seen my grandchildren since early July (except on Facetime), and they were the major reason for us emigrating to Australia in the first place. I live on an estate next to a golf club where the vast majority of us are members and well into our 60's, 70's and 80's. We all love our golf yet we cannot go and play, but it's OK to go off to the supermarket or Dan Murphys and mingle with loads of other people at quite close distances, try walking around a supermarket and keeping your 1.5 metres distance, yet looking out my window I can see a completely deserted golf club, who, incidentally we are still paying our annual subs to. Under stage 3 we were allowed to play in 2's and wear masks which we all did conscientiously, the club house was closed and your times on the course were recorded for tracing purposes. You arrived, played your round, no hand shakes and immediately left the course to go home. What was/is wrong with keeping to those restrictions?, at least we were out and about getting exercise and sunshine. Dan Andrews has blamed just about anybody for the current situation in Victoria yet the vast majority of the cases stemmed from his poor administration of the quarantine hotels. He says he doesn't know who authorised the curfew at night, the police say they never asked for it and the CHO didn't ask for it either. He didn't know who was responsible for the quarantine arrangements. Contact tracing was apparently being done on paper, and he has now sent a team of his so called heath administrators to Sydney so they can see how it is done there. It's been one big cock up after another. We are being told to get out and exercise for an hour a day and we have a lovely walking track next to the river but again trying to keep your 1.5 meters distance is quite impossible with people jogging by breathing the exhaust fumes all over everyone they pass. What could be more healthier for a bunch of older folks than getting 4-5 hours fresh air and sunshine than walking around a huge open space like a golf course. The so called "singles bubble" which comes into effect on the 14th September. Well, I can have one person visit me yet if I want to go and see my son he has to make sure there is nobody else in the house, what's his wife and kids supposed to do if I do go visiting, and we have to wear masks, yet if I was one of an intimate couple living apart from each other, I could visit and not be limited to the 5kms or have to wear a mask. It seems that so many of these restrictions have been thought up on the go, probably written down on the back of a fag packet, with no thought to the consequences of peoples general health and mental wellbeing. You may feel that my take over this Covid-19 fiasco in Victoria is just a lot of sour grapes, it may well be, but I have never felt so lonely or angry in my 80 years, and I am sorry but apart from the initial out break back in the first couple of months of 2020 the rest of the responsibility lies fairly and squarely on the shoulders of Daniel Andrews and his administration. Keep safe everyone. Mike
  11. Mike@Bonbeach

    Overseas Post

    Australia Post. On the whole I have been quite satisfied with their service. With parcel delivery they email updates, but the latest delivery hmmm. I ordered a new cassette for my electric shaver last Sunday (9th), had an email from Auspost saying they had received it and it would be delivered Tuesday or Wednesday this week (12th/13th), by Thursday I had not received it so checked the tracking estimate and it said there was a delay and would now be delivered next week Tuesday to Thursday (18th-20th). It was delivered yesterday (14th), so what the email about delayed delivery was about I don't know. It was only coming from Frankston 9 kms away. Some times too many advice emails can be over the top. Would have been quite happy to receive it when I did. I think in all there were possible 5 emails for the one delivery, including 1 from the supplier.
  12. Mike@Bonbeach

    Overseas Post

    Having recently celebrated my 80th, all my cards from relatives and friends back in the UK took anywhere from 26 to 37 days to arrive in Melbourne. I suppose one of the reasons is that international flights into Melbourne have been stopped. (my understanding ie). The cost of postage is getting pretty high now ,over 2GBP. My younger sister sent a customised one using Moonpig which was actually posted in Australia and only cost $1.10 and arrived well on time, in fact it was delivered 9 days early. Don't know how much the card actually cost her. I tend to use JaquieLawson ecards now especially at Christmas time.
  13. Mike@Bonbeach

    Worst day so far

    Hmmm. That's not what my Scottish in-laws think.
  14. Mike@Bonbeach

    Queensland to reopen borders on July 10, but not to Victoria

    Why leave it so long though?. Delaying it 5 days like that gives any potential carrier more time to get across the border. The same thing happened when Victoria effectively closed some post codes, and people moved out of those post codes into non-effected areas so they could carry on with their plans. (some AFL players were mentioned in the press for doing just that so they could go off to the quarantined hubs in NSW, Queensland etc).
  15. Mike@Bonbeach

    Worst day so far

    I'm not sure that the "Chairman Dan" started when lockdown started, it's more likely because of his close association with China and their "Belt and Road initiative".