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  1. Mike@Bonbeach


    I had what I believe was an attempted scam call just last week, supposedly from the "Donotcall" website saying that I should upgrade my cover to stop getting scam calls from NBN, Telstra etc. I said if he was from the Donotcall company then upgrade me automatically after all it is a Government sponsored site. I said to the guy that he sounds just like all the other scam phone callers. Mike
  2. Mike@Bonbeach

    Sandwiches you must try before you die.

    Home made custard on buttered -(probably margarine)- bread, after all it was in the early 40's in war torn Britain. Can still remember that all these years later. Mike
  3. Mike@Bonbeach

    Is Labour Finished?

    Says it all really
  4. Mike@Bonbeach

    Random Thoughts

    At least it is his own money. The problem is " who would you trust?". A bit of what he says makes sense I think his choice of the cop it song is enough to put anybody off. They all seem to say what they think the people want to hear them say and really without any conviction other than to try to denigrate the other parties. They all need to get out there more and listen to what people want rather than telling them what they think they want. Politics here seem to be driven by what the vociferous minority want rather than what is good for the country.
  5. Mike@Bonbeach

    Anyone ever wear 'thongs?'

    I first came across flip-flops when stationed in the RAF on Penang Island in Malaysia back in the 60's, "flip-flops" is quite an appropriate name for them as that is the noise made when walking, much better than "thongs". Wore them then and still wear them now weather permitting.
  6. Mike@Bonbeach


    Weird, what about Christmas in July?. Now that is weird, it's not even 6 months time difference. Mike
  7. Mike@Bonbeach


    Weird, what about Christmas in July?. Now that is weird, it's not even 6 months time difference. Mike
  8. Mike@Bonbeach

    Contributory Parent Visa - Bond repayment

    Can't remember exactly, but it wasn't too long. Maybe a couple of months. But I do believe your sponsor has to request it from CBA otherwise they would just roll it over into another Term Deposit. (so we were lead to believe). Mike
  9. Mike@Bonbeach

    Contributory Parent Visa - Bond repayment

    My son got the letter from Centrelink saying that the bond was going to be repaid, he contacted the CBA who held the bond and it was repaid pretty quickly once we'd been here the 10 years.
  10. Mike@Bonbeach

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    I've seen some stupid comments on this site, but this takes the biscuit for stating the obvious.
  11. I'm not denying that Schumacher wasn't a good driver, but I know that after the race where he deliberately drove into Damien Hill to stop Hill getting past him to win the title, he certainly went down in my humble estimation. PS I think it was Damien Hill, not 100% sure though, such a long time ago.
  12. Mike@Bonbeach

    U.P.P. on UK private pensions

    Hi Keith. In the end I didn't bother, put it in the "too hard too keep at it" basket. I was becoming very frustrated and my pension provider in the end didn't seem to be bothered after many delays. I think it was too hard for them to do too. We felt comfortable and secure with our income and the hassle just wasn't worth the trouble of constant emails and excuses. It also coincided with us becoming Aussie pensioners so that made things a lot easier. Mike
  13. Mike@Bonbeach

    Ryder Cup, has to be the best watch in sport.

    So back to the OP topic, just how do some topics get so off line?. Well done Europe, great show. I must admit that I did record it and then fast forward a lot of it. Too long to sit watching it all the way through. Not good for the heart. I didn't realise that there was quite a serious injury to one of the spectators. An Egyptian woman lost an eye after being struck by a shot from Koepka. Now talking about suing the organizers. Mike
  14. Mike@Bonbeach

    Best TV series ever...your top 3

    How about the original Poldark. Connie used to like The Onedin Line too.
  15. Mike@Bonbeach

    That gets up my nose !

    How about the "yeah, no" when some people answer a question. Is it yes or is it no?