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  1. Mike@Bonbeach

    $250 from the Vic govt

    Bribery. State election in November.
  2. Mike@Bonbeach

    UK - Australia Trade Deal 🇬🇧🇦🇺

    I agree whole heartedly. Had got used to sprikling sugar on to Aussie strawberries, and the last time we were in the UK (Scotland), I started doing just that and my sister-in-law asked me what I was doing. I tried one without sugar and yes, what a difference, soft sweet and juicy. Sadly, back in Australia, back to sprinkling sugar.
  3. Mike@Bonbeach

    UK - Australia Trade Deal 🇬🇧🇦🇺

    If you think Morrison's a twit, have a look at the ALP leader.
  4. North of Frankston there are some nice suburbs with the facilities you are looking for. Seaford, Carrum. Bonbeach, Chelsea all within a 20 minute drive to Frankston Hospital and on the Railway line to the city. Plenty of shopping, no big malls. Superb , friendly golf club. Can't help with rental prices, sorry. Mike
  5. Mike@Bonbeach

    Earthquake - did you feel it?

    My tiled roof sounded as though they were "rippling", then the house shook. But apart from that no major damage. Certainly got all the neighbours out of their houses. Good job all the tradies were off, could have had a few injuries from being up ladders and so on.
  6. Mike@Bonbeach

    Pension remittance from UK

    When I started claiming the Australian Aged pension after 10 years of being here I had to detail all my incomes in GBPounds and it is a legal requirement to keep Centrelink up to date with any changes. As the UK aged pension doesn't change after emigrating then yes Centrelink does know the value of my pension.
  7. Mike@Bonbeach

    Pension remittance from UK

    I have just received from Centrelink a monthly breakdown of the exchange rate UK/AU saying that that is the rate at which my UK pensions were calculated. Certainly my UK pensions vary each month after exchange rate is applied, and my AU pension also varies (by small amounts) each month so they must look at what I receive from the UK, and adjust accordingly.
  8. Mike@Bonbeach

    Private Health Insurance

    I give up, all I wanted to do was to mention my bugbear about the way things are as far as Extras (the ones in my experience) are concerned. Didn't expect to get into all this. None of this has alleviated my bugbear, or changed the way I think. I'm sure the responders have tried to explain things as they see it but I see it a totally different way.
  9. Mike@Bonbeach

    Private Health Insurance

    Sorry, I am obviously not making myself clear. I think that if I am covered for $300 for say Opticals, then I believe I should be able to claim $300 and not have to pay $500 or whatever to get the covered sum back. And yes I do and have read the detail but I still believe the way it is done is wrong. After all, regardless of the way it is done, the insurer would only pay out the insured sum so it would make no difference to them.
  10. Mike@Bonbeach

    Private Health Insurance

    I think the point I am trying to raise about Extras is that if you are covered for up to $300 for optical and I go to an optician and find a pair of frames plus lenses for $300, when the claim goes in (my experience is with BUPA and NIB) then I will only get back about $180. Similarly for dental, you are covered say for up to $1000 and your treatment costs $1000 you will only get back in the region of $600. Both NIB and Bupa do give you free dental inspections, cleaning, xrays and fluoride treatment twice a year but you do have to visit specific dentists. IMO you should be able to claim up to your limit and only pay once the limit has been reached.
  11. Mike@Bonbeach

    Private Health Insurance

    My bugbear about Private Health cover is the way Extras work. They all say you are covered to a certain annual amount, for example Optical $300 dollars, but to actually get $300 dollars back you have to normally pay out $500 or so. Can't complain about Hospital cover as fortunately have rarely had to use it, and on the odd occasion I have then I've been satisfied. I think they are all much of a muchness especially since the government standardised the Hospital offerings.
  12. Mike@Bonbeach

    Anyone watching the cricket ?

    Took my son's sister-in-law's dog for a walk today and walked past 3 games of cricket in an hour, all suitably kitted out in team colours so obviously leagues of some level, not too many people watching but the players looked well into it. ( Bonbeach/ Chelsea).
  13. "Probably " damaged the crop?. I would think 100%. My brother-in-law is a farmer and I know what damage can be done by people having a bit of fun.
  14. Mike@Bonbeach

    Premium Bonds

    Had a GPB25 win just this month, probably a sight more than the monthly return on my Term Deposit with a much larger amount.
  15. Mike@Bonbeach

    Moving to the UK in Weeks – Questions!!!

    Before emigrating in 2007 Connie and I had a holiday chalet in the South of France near St Tropez. Without fail we took out the AA's 5 star cover for our trips down by ferry and car and every year we were incident free. Then one year I decided we would not take out the cover but at the very last minute I thought about it and changed my mind. Once we were down there and settled in went off to do our shopping and were sat at a T junction when along came along a very inebriated Frenchman in his car and took off our front end. By the following day we had a hire car provided for our holiday and the trip back, our own car was picked up and returned to the UK and another hire care for our use in the UK until our car was sorted. Not a penny extra did it cost us, and to this day I never travel without insurance. The only other time I have ever had to claim on travel insurance was when my dear wife suddenly passed away a couple of weeks before a domestic holiday here in Australia and I had to try to claim back for the Domestic flights with Qantas, but that's another story.