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  1. Mike@Bonbeach

    Foxtel Movies package

    Hi I have just been given the Movies Package on Foxtel free of charge until end of June, I assume because of the lack of live sports in the Sports Package. Anyone have any recommendations of films to watch?. Not particularly interested in futuristic films, prefer the story lines to be believable. Thanks. Mike.
  2. Mike@Bonbeach

    Australia and Climate Change

    Hi Skani Yes that's exactly what it is, you can actually see where the base of the fires are and the smoke spreading from them. Not a drop of rain.
  3. Mike@Bonbeach

    Australia and Climate Change

    Have a look at the "512km composite Wagga Wagga radar loop" on BOM website. God. it's frightening. Sorry I don't know how to post a link, perhaps someone else could.
  4. Mike@Bonbeach

    The Ice Age is coming.

    Coming up to my 80th year of being Brit, I have never heard of cockwomble either. maybe it's local to the Wimbledon area.
  5. Mike@Bonbeach

    Dark Emu

    Is this the book written by an Englishman who claims to be an Aborigine?
  6. Mike@Bonbeach

    Hearing aids

    Mine are behind the ear, and it took a day or two to feel comfortable. I pay 60 bucks a year for all batteries, any service required. The bluetoothand the app quite surprised me. The app even has a tinnitus program so you can fiddle with the settings and play noise back into your ears. Hearing aids nowadays are so much more than just an amplifier. The only part that is going to hurt is on Thursday when I have to cough up. I have even been able to get rid of closed captions on the tele and reduce the volume from about 18 down to 13 or 14.
  7. Mike@Bonbeach

    Australia and Climate Change

    Just as an aside. I have been reading a book on the history of the development of the country we now know as Israel. The settlers into this land planted Australian gum trees to help turn the swampy marshlands into land suitable for agriculture by soaking up the water from the low lying areas. As Australia has an abundance of these trees then could this be a factor in the dryness of the land and the known flammability of the gum trees. Maybe the Government needs to employ some experts on fuel reduction, ie Aborigines who always used controlled burning to ease the threat of bushfires. Mike
  8. Mike@Bonbeach

    Hearing aids

    Oddly enough I was fitted with my first hearing aids yesterday. I could have gotten the lowest level hearing aid free, (I am an Aussie pensioner now) but decided to go for the next level up and it will cost me just over $1000, includes batteries and service for a year. I too was amazed at the cost of these little things that sit behind the ear. To go to the level where you can do everything through Bluetooth connectability the price soars up to $3500 and that's not even halfway up the levels off the hearing aids on offer. I do have them for a two week trial period now where I can walkaway with no financial loss, but I shall see how the trial goes before I decide to upgrade or not. Have just checked my Extras on my health cover and find out there is a 3 year waiting period to be able to claim for hearing aid assistance and I have another 20 months to wait for that. Mike
  9. Mike@Bonbeach

    What do you make of this news item ?

    So going back to the O.P's question. What do you think of the video, not one person has even mentioned it, straight into character assassination. I have never seen or heard any of his programmes so would be interested in the opinion of folk now, on the subject he is talking about then.(in 1988).
  10. Mike@Bonbeach

    Your Brush With Fame

    I once shook hands with Douglas Bader, he was handing out prizes at an RAF station bowling tournament, circa 1966. Also one night in London I opened a pub door to go in and Old Steptoe (Wilf Bramble??) was coming out.
  11. Mike@Bonbeach


    I had what I believe was an attempted scam call just last week, supposedly from the "Donotcall" website saying that I should upgrade my cover to stop getting scam calls from NBN, Telstra etc. I said if he was from the Donotcall company then upgrade me automatically after all it is a Government sponsored site. I said to the guy that he sounds just like all the other scam phone callers. Mike
  12. Mike@Bonbeach

    Sandwiches you must try before you die.

    Home made custard on buttered -(probably margarine)- bread, after all it was in the early 40's in war torn Britain. Can still remember that all these years later. Mike
  13. Mike@Bonbeach

    Is Labour Finished?

    Says it all really
  14. Mike@Bonbeach

    Random Thoughts

    At least it is his own money. The problem is " who would you trust?". A bit of what he says makes sense I think his choice of the cop it song is enough to put anybody off. They all seem to say what they think the people want to hear them say and really without any conviction other than to try to denigrate the other parties. They all need to get out there more and listen to what people want rather than telling them what they think they want. Politics here seem to be driven by what the vociferous minority want rather than what is good for the country.
  15. Mike@Bonbeach

    Anyone ever wear 'thongs?'

    I first came across flip-flops when stationed in the RAF on Penang Island in Malaysia back in the 60's, "flip-flops" is quite an appropriate name for them as that is the noise made when walking, much better than "thongs". Wore them then and still wear them now weather permitting.