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  1. Hi everyone, Hope everyone’s keeping safe and well. I and my spouse will be moving to Melbourne from Sydney soon. We are aiming for mid-November if we manage to find a good rental accommodation by then. I have secured a job at Frankston Hospital and my spouse will be working from home. We were hoping to get an accommodation in a friendly, safe, liveable suburb about 20 minutes from Frankston hospital and near train line. I have honestly been scared by a few people about some parts of Frankston but I was hoping you guys will be able to give us a realistic picture of some nearby suburbs from your own experiences. Also, we are a culturally and linguistically diverse family of 2, so hoping the suburbs will be friendly and not hostile. If people from diverse communities can also give their feedback, that would be very helpful too. Heard so many wonderful things about Melbourne! Can’t wait to be there! Please help us out guys! Thank you so very much in advance.