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    Pension remittance from UK

    Having looked at the Transferwise web page they offer a far better rate than MONEYCORP. When I was transferring money with MONEYCORP. at their floating rate I was consistently getting about 3% less than the bank rate which I found acceptable given the rates offered by my own UK bank which is why I signed up with MONEYCORP in the first place. Now, comparing MONEYCORP with Transferwise my £1400 per month would yield over $1100 per year extra with Transferwise. Mamba
  2. mamba

    Pension remittance from UK

    From the replies so far it is beginning to look as though my best bet is to use Transferwise say four times a year moving a sum of £4200 each time. However, for now I will wait and see if any more suggestions are forthcoming. Surely, I can’t be the only person affected by this change of strategy by MONEYCORP? Many thanks for fast replies Mamba
  3. mamba

    Pension remittance from UK

    Following my conversation with MONEYCORP last night it now appears that they no longer do recurring payments, in my case that was a payment of £1400 each month for the last nine years. In fact, the more I write about this the more ridicules it sounds, what is a money transfer company for if not to transfer money? mamba
  4. It has been some years since I posted on here but now I am in need of advice. The story, I emigrated to Oz over nine years ago at three months over the age of 65 and was already in receipt of the UK State pension, my company pension and a small annuity, the total being just over £1400 a month. On emigrating I have used MONEYCORP to transfer £1400 every month to my bank in Oz and everything has gone perfectly for nine years until this week. In the past I have elected to fix an agreed exchange rate rather than accept the floating rate and this contract is due to end next month. I was contacted by MONEYCORP to remind me that the contract was coming to an end and to contact them and informing me of the various options open to me for the continued transfer of money. There were three options, £1400 from UK at a floating rate, £1400 from the UK at a mutually agreed fixed rate for up to two years and finally a fixed amount of AUS $ to my Oz bank at a floating rate. on speaking to MONEYCORP they said that they are withdrawing from this service, that none of the options are open to me and thanks for your custom. Bye Bye. This is not a complaint against MONEYCORP and as I said at the beginning their service has been very good and I’ve been very happy with them. They have simply stopped offering this service. i cannot be the only person this has affected and I am looking for advice from people who have been put in the same position of names of reputable companies ect who would be willing to take over where MONEYCORP have left off. many thanks for reading. mamba
  5. mamba

    Australian House Prices

    Damded by faint praise? mamba .
  6. mamba

    New passport and RRV CHANGE

    In May of 2015 I received my RRV by applying and receiving electronically. I have now had to renew my British passport which was due to expire but when I try to alter my passport number electronically I get kicked back. Do I really have to submit this information by post via form 929 or am I missing something. Mamba
  7. mamba

    Passport photos

    Have just attempted to renew my UK passport whilst living in Melbourne and have received an e-mail stating that "We cannot accept the photographs submitted as they do not meet standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation for passport photographs. The photographs submitted were not taken against a plain light grey or cream background therefore the background is too bright for a clear image could not be captured" Leaving aside the poor use of English at the end of the statement I now have a problem finding somewhere to get photos that satisfy the Passport office. My photos were taken at the local Melbourne Post Office using their standard backdrop which can best be described as dirty white, there are no other backdrops available. I find it hard to believe that Australia produces photos which don't conform to International standards so has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you overcome it. One last thing, apparently the cameras at the PO can be set to produce the size and format to suit the requirements of different countries and, yes, the camera was set for the UK Mamba​
  8. mamba

    type 1 diabetes / childrens hospitals / perth wa

    I have to correct myself but don't worry it's good not bad. Multiply the amount of insulin I receive from each $37 prescription by five. I receive my humalog as follows, Humalog 100U/ML 3MLx5x5 which means 100x3x5x5= 7500units. I receive my Lantus-Solostar pen in the form of a pen containing 3ML x5x5 and at 100 units per ML works out at 100x3x5x5=7500 units. It is very cheap and affordable Sorry for the ordinal error Mamba
  9. mamba

    type 1 diabetes / childrens hospitals / perth wa

    I can answer two of your questions and offer an opinion on a third. Some history,I arrived in Australia aged 65 as the spouse of main applicant on PR visa. I had been type one diabetic for 39 years at that point and have been here for 3 1/2 years. 1. During my medical in the UK all details of my diabetes were revealed to the examining doctor. On arrival in Australia Medicare card issued on request, no problem (worries?) at all. 2. This is the one I'm not sure about but certainly I was supplied with insulin at the first request, I had brought out from the UK an initial six months supply. 3. I use Lantus 100 and it is supplied under Medicare. I receive it in pen form and a pen contains 300 units, a prescription consists of five pens, therefore a total of 1500 units. I only use Lantus at nighttime and my dosage is 15 units per night, therefore a prescription will be sufficient for 100 evenings, the cost is the standard chage of $37. I do of course use fast acting insulin during the day for which, again, I pay $37. The fast acting supply is again a total of 1500 units and as I use 32 units per day it lasts me for errrrr, shall we say 50 days, therefore for 100 days of insulin I pay 3x37 = $111. 4. As a result of diabetes I had to have a toe amputated, I can now order four and a half pints without a word being said. This was carried out under BUPA although it was over a year after we had joined BUPA. hope that this answer some of your questions. Mamba
  10. mamba

    Home-brew availability

    Thanks very much Rob, will not bother with the Bury pudding but will definitely bring some of the commercially packaged pudding. Only problem now is to stop my son devouring it before I get a look in. Cheers, Mamba
  11. mamba

    Home-brew availability

    Sorry to butt in on this thread but Rob has said that he brings black pudding into Aus. I'd always assumed that this type of foodstuff would not be allowed. I am going back to Stockport for Christmas and whilst it would be nice to bring back real Bury black puddings I would be quite content to settle for the standard UK supermarket stuff sold in black plastic about 3 inches in diameter and up to 18 inches long, although most people would merely have a few inches sliced off. Painful I know but one must suffer to acheive the bliss of a black pudding breakfast. I have managed to find this type imported from the UK but at $24 a kilo makes for an expensive breakfast. Can you confirm that you had no trouble bringing the main course of the Gods before they moved on to their rather more common ambrosia. Mamba
  12. Anywhere north of Mill Park on Plenty Rd. Mamba
  13. mamba


    Thanks Pumpkin, I think this may be my Doh! moment. Fairly obvious I suppose. Mamba:arghh:
  14. mamba


    A quick question regarding when an RRV is required. I entered Australia on 2/2/10 on a 457 Temporary Residents Visa which was valid for four years. By 25/8/10 I had obtained a Permanent Residents Visa sub class 856. My question is, from when does the five period start with reference to requirement of a RRV for overseas travel, 2/2/10 or 25/8/10? Thanks for any response. Mamba
  15. mamba

    Looking for a decent puff

    Thanks DMJG, will try the second suggestion, the rest of you are just being suggestive. mamba