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  1. mrfordy

    Kicking the salt and sugar

    The taste of milk, i just grew to dislike it.
  2. mrfordy

    Vevo help

    I gave up with VEVO, it wouldnt accept my details.
  3. mrfordy

    Kicking the salt and sugar

    You'll soon adjust to not throwing tons of salt and sugar onto your foods. The temptation to soon passes's, and within a couple of weeks its normality. I believe we get more than enough salts and sweeteners in our foodstuffs. I haven't done milk in drinks and cereals(i use chilled water) for years, the only dairy i do is cheese. Enjoy!
  4. mrfordy

    Calling Immigration by phone.

    The longest i have waited is 25 mins, really nobody should have to wait that long. Then there is the cost. Thanks for the tip though! :biggrin:
  5. mrfordy

    Bargain flights to Australia

    Emirates has dropped its fares as well. A flight to Uk and back via Hamburg in August last month was $2450. Booked yesterday for $2073. :wink:
  6. mrfordy

    Calling Immigration by phone.

    All i want to do is check my updated details have been processed(Passport and Address). I just cannot get through by phone, i have tried all times of the day, its a joke. :mad:
  7. I guess i got lucky. I shipped over a pallet of musical instruments, close to 40k AUD value. The majority recent purchases, no charges at all except for delivery($100) Delivered to my door.
  8. mrfordy

    Just wondering....

    43 Perth Since May 2010 Hols in Scotland later this year, 3 weeks in the Uk will be more than enough!..
  9. mrfordy

    How bad is the flight really?

    Im due to fly back to the Uk again in August, im looking forward to walking around Dubai airport like a zombie in search of flesh. Then to arrive at Birmingham feeling like the 'living dead', haha!. The Emirates 18 hr flight has never been a joy in my opinion. But, im excited at the prospect of flying.
  10. The sooner the world becomes a broader mix of race and culture, the better i say.
  11. mrfordy

    UK passport renewal question.

    New UK Passport arrived today after only two weeks. Reading the above i had better send of form 929 as im due to return to Bali in April.
  12. mrfordy

    UK passport renewal question.

    Thank you guys. And for the heads up on the visa linking, that i had not of thought of! :wacko:
  13. mrfordy

    UK passport renewal question.

    G'day all Im just about to start my app for UK passport renewal. Does anybody know if the passport number will change?. As im going to be booking hols soon and dont want to cause a drama by turning up at the Airport with docs that state a different passport number to the one thats issued to me. Ta lovely! :wink:
  14. mrfordy


    I suffered for 30 years with asthma in the UK, i moved to WA and it has never given me any problems. Three and a half years now of being able to run, swim and push myself and not worry if i brought my inhaler out with me. Its the climate, when i visit the UK i suffer with Asthma within 24 hours of landing.
  15. I feel if you spend considerable time with Aussies then you will find yourself speaking the same. I think its good to, and you can express yourself genuinely. Living with an Aussie family im finding i have little choice but to. It just flows, and i enjoy the conversation.