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176 visa granted - yeah

Guest Jo/Ray@westcliffRugby

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Guest Jo/Ray@westcliffRugby

I hope you PIO members don't mind but I just wanted to share our families great news. Little bit of info on us. Husband Ray (45) is a Manufacturing Manager @ Fords Essex, Myself Joanna (39) a Beauty Therapist - We have two children daughter 15 who taking her GCSE's (year 11) and son Jamie 12 (year 7)

Hope this gives some hope to fellow PIO's who are awaiting there visa's,

without going into all the boring details here is our time line of application.


April 08 - Visited Australia Emigration Expo London

May 08 - Contacted by Agency who said could help! (Husband Ray 44)

8th June 08 - Application for 176 visa completed and sent (Hubby 45 12th June - got it in Just in Time!)

July 08 - Application accepted and sponsored offered by Sate of Victoria

Sept 08 - Case worker allocated

October 08 - Police Check completed

Nov 08 - Medicals & X-rays completed

End Nov 08 - Medicals Sent


Time taken 6mnths 2 days


Plans for 2009

April 2009 - recci visit Melbourne (hubby has interview with job agencies and looking for potential job and area to live - hoping to move to Geelong area) & visit friends in Brisbane.

Spring/Summer 2009 - Sell House / Ray finds a job!!!!! :confused:

Autumn 2009 - Make the move to Oz


With out our agency we don't think it would have been possible.


Best of luck to all of the Poms in Oz members who are still waiting and congratulations to those who have achieved there goal too.


Merry Christmas everyone! X


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Thanks to you all for your congratulations and good wishes.


Jo & Family :biggrinxmas:



well done jo, similar to me tbh, i made it two days before my 45 th birthday, got to validate by june 09. looking like a holiday to do it though as struggling to sell house at mo. now you can both get mashed:biggrin:

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Hi there!






on the visa and Lots of Luck with all of your plans and of course, the move!


Take care,


Dan xx :emoticon-signxmas:

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Congrats!!!! i thought the visa was hard work...that was easy compared to co-ordinating house sale, removals, flights, temporary accom when you get there!! lol! Pretty sure I'm gonna be a gibbering heap in the corner with totally grey hair!!!

best wishes



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Guest Jo/Ray@westcliffRugby

Thanks again for your best wishes.

Answer to Tuc's Q. - We would never had got all the right paperwork together in time for the age 45 deadline. I honestly feel it would have been more stressful and they regular chased us for information and documents. We had Ben and Amanda (see below contact info) - They were recommended to us after we visited the Australia Expo in London. Hope this answers your Q. and congratulations on your visa too. :smile:

Amanda Skeen

Registered Migration Agent (MARN) 0635067


Tel: +61 7 3212 2200 Fax: +61 7 3212 2211





Julie yes will keep you posted. Our visit in April will hopefully give us some insite too life in Oz its an expensive trip but worth the investment we want this to be right. Then the next hirdle will be to get work and sell the house.




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Guest Jo/Ray@westcliffRugby

Hi Karen

Good luck for the move in January. I am not looking forward to selling the house am rather attached to it. If I could pick it up and take it with me I would LOL!! I am also dreadling shipping our cocker spaniel and the quarantine kennels but I can't leave her behind. Yes I agree the hard part is yet to come.

Have a great Christmas


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