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  1. Hi it's the 190, have just paid to be advanced to decision ready? thanks for your reply
  2. Hi what's the rough guideline timewise for state sponcership visa to Adelaide? thanks for any replies in advance ?
  3. neilo

    visa for daughter and son in law

    Thanks very much, think it may be harder than we thought. His job 'compliance engineer' manager isn't on the jobs list, is the best way to get his job assessed through an agent? Thanks for replys
  4. neilo

    visa for daughter and son in law

    Thanks very much, will pass it on
  5. Hi , is it easier for our daughter and son in law to get a visa if we are Australian citizens ? Do family visa exit or do they need to go through skilled list visa? Son in law has a design and technology degree, can this be used as a route for a skilled visa? Thanks in advance for any replies:cute:
  6. neilo

    citizenship edit?

    good idea - will give it a try - thanks
  7. neilo

    citizenship edit?

    hi has anyone managed to edit something on their australian citizenship application once its been lodged online? sons email address is wrong!!!:arghh:
  8. neilo

    Finally, we have our visa!!!!!

    congratulations you have been waitin a long time- good luck with your new life on oz
  9. will say a prayer x
  10. neilo

    101 visas?

  11. neilo

    101 visas?

    thanks for that I will have a look. he is 23 and was in the middle of his degree when we applied and came over to oz,now hes near to finishing he wants to come over and live with us.we came over on a 176 visa, we had to name any children that were not migrating with us at that time. as for being dependant on us-when he leaves his shared accomodation in june he will be homeless!! thanks again for your help sharon
  12. neilo

    101 visas?

    hi does anyone know how a older child (registered as a non-migrating child on our visa application) goes about gettin a visa? our eldest son finishes uni in june and wants to join us in oz,hes looked at the 101 visa is this the right route for him? also will he need a medical,policecheck and what is the time frame for this visa? thanks:wacko:
  13. neilo

    Help with Child Sponsor Visa (101)

    hi we will be doing this soon so thanks for all the information!! how much are the costs involved?? thanks again
  14. neilo

    Perth been here three months

    thanks for such an honest post, australia is a lovely country-the longer I live here the more it grows on me-but missing family + friends is the hardest part.nobody can prepare you for that + its something that will or wont get easier I suppose.Its very hard to live in a country + no nobody other than your partner + children,the ozzies are friendly but have there own lives and there not desprate to have new british friends no matter how sociable you may be! If you lean on your family + friends alot in the uk you may struggle here-we didnt but its still hard. you will proberly never feel as vunrable + alone as you can be when you move away from everyone that cares about you. I couldnt wait to leave the uk-and am not givin up on oz yet- but as claire says its not easy! hope you enjoy your travels its a great country-but if it doesnt work out at least you had a go.
  15. neilo

    do I renew a passport

    thanks for all that advice!! will ring airline first then decide if to renew it before we go. did look for this information + couldnt find it so thanks to you both!