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  1. Thanks Pablo, might have to go down a similar route ourselves.
  2. Did you just give details of job offer, nothing else, take it you need to be there with in the year then, have you got a date for starting new job. Good luck with everything. Debbie
  3. Thank you, I'm curios as our visa runs out this September and with my three 18 yrs olds not wanting to go and starting uni this year, if we could get an extra year then me and hubby could get the kids settled in uni and think of going over next year. My hubby has three cousins who have lived and worked in oz for a number of years now, this would be our only way of an extension if that would be possible. Debbie
  4. What would be counted as showing close ties, if you don't mind me asking. Debbie
  5. debbie2302

    The doggy thread

    Thanks Pablo, we have no ties to oz only visited three times in last three years, lol. Oh well have another 12 months, just see what happens.
  6. debbie2302

    The doggy thread

    Hi Pablo, do you mind me asking how you got a one year extension/RRV, our visa up next year but with personal things going on, not been able to make the move, would love to try get an extra year if we could.
  7. debbie2302

    Stopover in Singapore

    Me and hubby heading out to Oz again in August for another holiday but seeing as though we won't have the kids this time thought we would stay over a couple of nights in Singapore. Can anyone recommend a nice hotel which won't break the bank, lol. Debbie
  8. debbie2302

    Nothing really ! Just one step closer ;-)

    Glad to see things are heading in the right direction for you Tasha. When do you think you will be heading over to oz and is your eldest going to be joining you. Debbie
  9. debbie2302

    Warning - rant on new Wanted down under!

    Looking unlikely we will be going Geraldine as since we have returned my son Scott now doesn't want to go, was going to be bad enough leaving my eldest and granddaughter but how could I leave them all here. Really thought we could persuade them Australia was for us but it wasn't meant to be, but never say never.
  10. debbie2302

    Warning - rant on new Wanted down under!

    Thanks for your lovely comments Dawn, dreaded it today but wasn't as bad as I expected. Will tell Sian Aimee sends hugs and kisses. Xxxxx
  11. debbie2302

    Warning - rant on new Wanted down under!

    Well that's our show done and dusted, a couple of weeks of hard work and a year of trepidation. Hope you all got as much out of the show as we did.
  12. debbie2302

    University fees - are they domestic or international?

    Thanks for that, I was aware they couldn't get a loan, not too worried about that, it's the fees that worry me as international fees are extortionate. So I'll be ok to enter 6 months before they start university?
  13. We have our PR visa and have done for 3.5 years but due to personal circumstances have not been able to make the move earlier, my dilemma now is that my children are nearly 6 months into their A levels and I want them to finish them here in the UK as I know at the age of 17 they are too old to go into yr 11/12 in Oz. My question is as we will hopefully be arriving in Oz a few months before our 5 year PR is up, will university fees be classed as domestic or international, not sure if there is some kind of rule about being in the country a couple of years before starting uni to qualify for domestic fees. Depending on the answer could very well determine if we are to come over at all. Hope someone can help? Debbie
  14. debbie2302

    Life is so short......

    My heart goes out to you and your family, such a tragic loss, safe flight back to UK and thinking of you all xxx