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  1. I am an Aussie citizen currently living with my partner back in UK we want to come over to Australia asap as my 15 year old son is still there with his Dad and access is a problem. Is it possible for him to come over on a tourist visa and we apply for a defacto visa there, we realise he wouldnt be able to work but would he then when his holiday visa runs out be able to have a bridging visa until the partner visa comes through? Look forward to your responses

    Good areas in north Brisbane

    We lived in Castle Hill, Sydney up until June this year when we moved to North Lakes and we love it, you can easily get a 4 bed for around $400 a week in North Lakes schools are great, family orientated atmosphere, 12 mins drive to Petrie station, free parking then 37mins into the CBD if you need to commute and only 10 mins to Redcliffe, Scarborough etc, less than an hour upto Sunshine Coast very happy here
  3. We came out on a 457 in April 2010 to Sydney and loved it but OH employers work load seemed to be falling away so he looked around for another job and someone willing to take on his 457 which we did in June 2011 and moved to Brisbane the transfer of 457 took days and new employer agreed to sponsor us for PR too so that os all good. I have known people who have lost their jobs on 457's but if you act quickly and speak to DIAC they help and you dont get thrown out in 28 daysso dont anic too much over this 28 days ruling. I know lots of people on 457 who have bought houses and land you are classed as a foreign investor mortgages are easy to come by

    School fees under 457 visa

    We are on a 457 we were in NSW and had to pay $4500 now in Brisbane and its free apart from voluntary contribution and books and uniform etc.. Private local school was $6000 pa for primary school age

    Visa 457

    Our took 2 weeks very straight forward we moved to Sydney and have since moved to Brisbane do you know where in Sydney you will be working?

    Brisbanes Hottest Suburbs Under $500k

    There is a 4 bed house opposite me at moment in North Lakes for $389,000!

    Change of Direction

    Well after 14 great and enjoyable months in Sydney- Castle Hill hubby got a new job and we are now relocated in North Lakes- Brisbane. What a difference the cost of living is much lower paying over $300 less a week in rent. Love the area, found some new friends already and looking forward to this chapter of our lives Anyone in the area wanna meet up shoot me a message over

    Is $70k enough to live in Brisbane for family of 4?

    We have been here for 16 months now the first 14 months in Sydney where rent was $830 a week hubby got LAFHA no worries we could manage comfortably plus purchasing a new car on lease. We have due to his job change moved to Brisbane rental prices here for a comparable house to one in Sydney around $500 a week a slight but not much difference in food prices slightly cheaper up here but we do shop around go to markets for fruit and veg go to wholesale butchers and buy in bulk you can live comfortably tbh I wouldnt have done it with one kid on $70,000 but each to their own way of life neither of us smoke, hubby doesnt drink so we dont go out to the pub/clubs etc and in the 16mths here we have yet to go away anywhere as we have plenty to still visit locally. Check out everything on top of rent energy bills are more expensive as you use aircon like we did central heating in UK. Theres your insurance your two lots if in NSW of car type insurance/rego etc, garden and pool maintenance not always included in your rent. School uniforms and books are very expensive$30-40 for a school shirt, one school charges $31 for a pr of socks! So check everything out I know we did thoroughly and so glad we had no nasty shocks when we got here

    Got it !!!!


    Got it ! WOHOOOOOOO !


    Visa Granted

    Congratulations x

    Hopefully moving to Sydney

    We are in Sydney on a 457 its been great we love the area we are living in Castle Hill and the people, area and weather is great. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do x

    electricity bill

    Our last quarters bill was over 1200 and we have friends whose was 2200 both of us have pools


    Yes I am I am on facebook www.facebook.com/crystalweddingboutique if you want to take a look at all I do. We ended up with a claim for $45,000 for all our damaged goods We have had our ups and downs including being burgled in the early hours of Christmas morning but it doesnt take away our love of Australia one bit


    Well we have been in Sydney now for just over 12 months on a 457 and we love Australia, its been the best thing we ever did. We were lucky found an house to rent we liked 2 weeks after arriving not too far from shops and school for Ross. Barry has been working, we are on a 457, I have set up my old UK business and its taking off now really well. We have bought a plot f land to build our own house so all going well. Slight problem! Barry has just been offered a great new job in Brisbane to start next month so it looks like we are packing boxes and moving to Brisbane for step 2 of our Aussie adventure. Looking at North Lakes, Redcliffe areas so may see some of you in Brisbane area soon!!