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Newbie to Sydney - Looking for Socialising and any Sports people to Run or Play Footy with

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Have decided to quit the big smoke of london and have taken up a new job in Sydney.

Moving over in mid-feb with my partner but very much looking to socialise and build up a good friendship group.

Both very creative people - who's backgrounds are in Media and Fashion and looking to offset this with some socialising and some form of sport.

Keen footballer - who is trying to still be peter pan (have played a lot of indoor football), keen runner and likes to play squash.

Also interested in Boxing (although never actually done it other than watch Rocky in awe. :)


Up for a few beers, beats or general creative chat.


Any help, advice, or pointers would be greatly appreciative.


Many thanks

Dan :)

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Hello and welcome.


Not in Sydney but hopefully someone will be along. Also it might be worth re posting this when you are actually in Aus or posting a little more round the forum so people get to 'know' you, iykwim and perhaps you'll get to know others. Also try our sister site, Life in Sydney http://www.sydneyforum.com/

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If your looking for a good place to start with the sport side, head to the Andrew Boy Charlton Pool in the Botanic gardens. It's a beautiful outdoor 50m pool that also has running and biathlon, triathlon groups operating out of there. They have a nice cafe and a room I've seen used to Taekwondo or some other martial arts.


They also rent kayaks from there. Lovely setting, opposite Garden Island and close to Woolloomooloo and Kings Cross for a few beers after the exercise.


Have a good time.

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