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Found 19 results

  1. beniland

    Film or TV Jobs

    Hi. I'm moving over to Australia for a year in October from the UK. I currently work in the Film industry, but would like to carry this work over in Aus. I'm wondering if anyone has any good site-links, or contacts that would be looking for an experienced 1st or 2nd Assistant Director? Thanks in advance. Ben
  2. Hello. Have decided to quit the big smoke of london and have taken up a new job in Sydney. Moving over in mid-feb with my partner but very much looking to socialise and build up a good friendship group. Both very creative people - who's backgrounds are in Media and Fashion and looking to offset this with some socialising and some form of sport. Keen footballer - who is trying to still be peter pan (have played a lot of indoor football), keen runner and likes to play squash. Also interested in Boxing (although never actually done it other than watch Rocky in awe. Up for a few beers, beats or general creative chat. Any help, advice, or pointers would be greatly appreciative. Many thanks Dan
  3. Mines Toy story 3 it get's played over and over in our house :arghh:
  4. There are many excellent films out there, some truly awful as well, but when a good un comes along it can have a huge impact. What is the one scene in a film that shook you to the core, stayed with you for a long time and has left an indelible mark on you. I guess from my avatar you can guess mine, I would like to say this is the ONLY one, but there are many, but in reality I have picked this one because of certain nerves it touched. [YOUTUBE]lqakCa-MysE[/YOUTUBE] So, if possible give your one (or more) scenes that have stayed with you. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  5. The Pom Queen

    Last Film that made you cry

    Chatting with Silk on another thread I wondered what was the last film that made you cry:cry::cry:
  6. Perthbum

    Inbetweeners film.

    watched it last night,,, funniest film I have watched for years, you must watch this one even if you have never watched the series....:laugh:
  7. Guest

    Australian Film Red Dog

    This film may be of interest to some members.. set in the Pilbara of Western Australia, Red Dog was the local character particularly after his owner died. My husband often used to pick him up in his truck.. he hitchhiked around Dampier, Karratha, Port Hedland... my husband works on Signals and one of Red Dog's greatest sports was stopping the trains and riding in the cab. A great heartwarming family film! Then you've heard of Red Dog, one of Australia's most endearing legends, and one that has now been immortalised in a new film based on his home life in Dampier, Western Australia. Australian producer Nelson Woss (Venus & Mars, Ned Kelly) had been living and working in Hollywood when he heard that British writer Louis de Bernières (author of Captain Corelli's Mandolin) had written a book about Red Dog after visiting WA's Pilbara region. Louis had collected and compiled local stories about the legendary canine that would take no master until he chose one for himself and whose endearing qualities were often attributed to helping unite the region's transient mining population in the 1970s into the strong community it boasts today. At the time, Nelson wanted to return to his home country and was looking for an Australian project to sink his teeth into. "When I heard that Louis had actually travelled to WA and written a story based on the fabulous Pilbara region, I decided there couldn't be a better opportunity for me to do a film," Nelson said. Nelson had a personal interest in the story as he had grown up in Perth hearing about the legendary dog who was out there "hitchhiking about the country". "We'd meet these people who would tell amazing stories about this red dog that somehow stopped their car, jumped into it, and stayed with them for a week before moving on," Nelson said. "One of the best stories I've heard was about this truck driver who picked Red Dog up in Pilbara and drove him all the way to Perth only to lose him at a beach in the city. "He searched for hours before giving up but knew people back in Dampier's Mermaid Hotel would not forgive him when they found out he'd lost Red Dog. "When the driver finally pulled up to The Mermaid, Red Dog was already there. Somebody had picked him up. The dog had beaten him home!" Nelson secured the rights to the film on the promise to Louis that it would be set and filmed in WA, going one up on big names such as Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks. He then set about pulling together a team of experienced people including director Kriv Stenders (Boxing Day, Lucky Country), screen writer Dan Taplitz (The Squeeze, Breakin' All the Rules), production designer Ian Gracie (The Sum of U?s, The Thin Red Line, Moulin Rouge, Ned Kelly, Australia, Star Wars Episodes 11 and 111) and casting director Christine King (Two Hands, Ned Kelly, Rabbit Proof Fence, Wolverine, Chronicles of Narnia), and began to produce the film. "Everyone in this movie was very passionate about it," Nelson said. "They didn't do it for the money." Red Dog received willing support from major mining companies such as Rio Tinto, Woodside Petroleum and an organisation called Royalties for Regions which helped with funding and logistics. "The mining companies allowed us to shoot their trains, operations and conveyor belts and that was a really important part of the story. That's where Red Dog used to hang out," Nelson said. Although much of the film was set on location, some scenes were recreated in and around Adelaide including those set in the town of Dampier itself as it no longer resembled the small mining outpost it did in the 1970s. The interior of the Mermaid Hotel was also reconstructed inside an industrial warehouse in Adelaide using reference photos, stories, documentary footage and still images from the WA library. The film's cast include well-known Australian actors Rachael Taylor, John Batchelor, Arthur Angel, Rohan Nichol, Noah Taylor and popular American actor Josh Lucas. The real star of the show, however, is Koko, a well-trained red kelpie given the big task of representing the great dog. "I've worked on a lot of films ... you always find good actors but occasionally, you find stars," Nelson said. "I think this dog is a star. People will love his performance. "If you like dogs, you'll love this movie."
  8. I have a few favourite Australian films 1) Wolf Creek (Horror based on a true story not for the faint hearted) I've been done! not based on a true story!!! Hurrummpfff! Thank you Harringtons 2) Kenny 3) The Castle 4) Muriel's Wedding What's your favourite Aussie film? I would like to see some more Aussie films and just wondered if I have missed an absolute corker.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm sitting here in anticipation of the BBC arriving to film our family and to decide whether or not to proceed to take us to Oz! Just wondering if anyone else is being filmed this week. Jaime. :biggrin:
  10. Guest

    Seen a good film lately?

    We watched this gritty sometimes funny film on the plane to Brisbane last year and we thought it was a really good film and worth watching. Anyone seen any other good films lately? Up in the Air (2010) by Jez Sands See Film Information "Easily the best of George Clooney’s three movies at this year’s London Film Festival" Up In The Air is a comedy drama with a dark streak which is not only laugh-out-loud funny but genuine, relevant and satisfying and features extremely strong performances from all of its three leads. George Clooney stars as Ryan Bingham, a corporate angel of death, a consultant whose job is to travel the States informing people that they’ve lost their jobs. Ryan loves his job and is simultaneously pursuing his goal of reaching 10 million air miles and with it, an entrance into an elite club. But when a young new recruit (Anna Kendrick) comes up with a new way to fire people remotely, he’s threatened with being grounded forever. He manages to talk his boss (Jason Bateman) into one last round trip to show the newbie the ropes. As an added incentive, he’s also just met Alex (the striking Vera Formiga), seemingly a female version of himself – independent and with no strings attached. Directed by Jason Reitman, who had great success with off-the-wall teen comedy Juno last year and the corporate satire Thank You For Smoking in 2005, Up In The Air shows a much more human side to corporate America. The short snappy introduction sequences give way to a film which is at times touching, serious, relevant and utterly hilarious. Clooney excels as Bingham, his sharp suit and smooth good looks make him the perfect face for sincerely delivering bad news on a mass scale but his cutting wit and charm make him instantly likable. He has incredible chemistry with Vera Formiga as Alex and they play off each other perfectly. There’s always a danger in a Clooney film that he could eclipse his co-star. Thankfully this never happens and she holds her own as a sexy, confident and independent character. Special mention should go to Anna Kendrick as the new kid on the block Natalie in a challenging and difficult role, which requires her character to be balanced between cocky precociousness and an earnest belief that she is doing the right thing. It would be a challenging part for an experienced actor, let alone a relative newcomer, but she handles it masterfully.
  11. Guest

    Film 2011

    Just a bit of fun, what are your top 5 films AND top 5 worst films of all time Bearing in mind I've hardly seen anything in the last few years, here's mine.. Top 5: 1 the diving bell and the butterfly 2 donny darko 3 28 weeks later and 28 days later 4 crash (2004) 5 Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind 6 (it's my thread) the Truman show Worst 5 (this is harder): 1 any given Sunday 2 anything with Nicole Kidman 3 anything with keanu reeves 4 anything with anyone from friends 5 anything with goldie hawn or Kate Hudson
  12. Guest

    Best Australian Film Ever.

    I tend to like the more personal and unique feel of Aussie film making, none of this Hollywood rubbish that is around at the moment. I love the 'feel' of Aussie films, unique, gentle and very heart warming, well apart from 'Chopper, and Wolf Creek,:biglaugh:, but they were great films of their genre too. My list could go on and on, but my outstanding nominee would be 'The Dish', brilliant. Very gentle in its comedy, great characters, (Sam Neills) best role as far as I am concerned by far. And it is absolutely 'Australian' if you know what I mean. And besides this, it has the one of the funniest scenes I have EVER seen in a film, link below: Sorry about the captions, but couldn't find a link without them.:embarrassed: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  13. Guest

    The top 5 film thread

    Rather than getting out lame dvds from the rental place I thought I would ask everyone's top 5 films ever... Also, it would be therapeutic for everyone to take part in a thread where you don't need to take sides on Oz or UK!! Mine currently are : 1) Jaws - awesome Spielberg action, love Roy Schneider, nostalgia of the 70s. Sadly, led to a laissez faire on shark killing.... 2) The limits of control - film set in Spain - cryptic and a little confusing but the most atmospheric piece of cinematography 3) Inception - recent film at cinema, Leonardo di Caprio (eye candy for the ladies), genius, intricately designed dream sequence with watertight plot. I definitely dream this way! 4) Requiem for a dream - unforgivingly harrowing and beautifully crafted film by Darren Aronofsky on drug addiction. 5) 21 gramms - the body loses 21 gramms the instant it dies apparently - the film is correspondingly bleak but beautiful. Very gripping tear jerker without Hollywood pathos. Any one else?
  14. Guest

    First X Rated Film Seen.

    I think we have all done it, sneaked into an X rated film when we were no way near 18 years old. So what (if any) was your first experience of an 18 certificated film. (Try and keep it clean please, :biglaugh::biglaugh:). Mine was Saturday Night Fever, I was 14 at the time and in those days we used to get the oldest looking one out of our group of mates to go to actually buy a ticket then he would open up the fire exit door and we would all sneak in and hide right up the back. We had to keep as quiet as possible as to not arose suspicion, and when the break came and the lolly lady came around and the lights went up we all slid back in our seats and spent the next ten minutes giggling under the camouflage of the seats.:embarrassed: Looking back on it, the film 'now' is very innocent and I doubt it would even get near an 18 certificate. So did you ever do such a thing and what was the first film? Cheers Tony.
  15. Guest

    Funniest Ever Film Clip

    Just thought I would add this. This is one of the funniest ever clips taken from one of the funniest films of all time. For those of you who haven't ever seen 'The Dish' I would recommend you get it asap. Some of the Australian films, unlike a lot of the Hollywood movies still retain an innocence about them. Unfortunately someone has inserted some cartoon comments which does spoil the clip a little, but still great. I know the Aussies are often accused of not being able to laugh at themselves, but this clip does go somewhere near dispelling this myth. I hope I have uploaded it correctly. Enjoy. PS. I reckon you need to be 35 and over to appreciate it though.
  16. Guest

    The Film - Australia

    I watched the film Australia over easter - its terrible. Slow, superficial and boring imho. Even the scenery didn't look that spectacular.
  17. Guest

    New film "Australia"

    Good morning all, Dull damp grey day here in Essex, anyways has anyone seent the new triler for the new upcoming film "Australia" if not here is a link, looks good to me :jiggy: Australia Movie - Yahoo! Movies UK if you cant get the link up it has a bit on yahoo.com homepage what do you think, worth seeing just for hugh jackman alone :Randy-git: enjoy michell
  18. Guest

    The film "AUSTRALIA"

    Has anyone seen the new epic movie "AUSTRALIA"? Whats your views?:unsure:
  19. Hi All, Being shown on tv tonight is the film Murder in the Outback Murder In The Outback is a joint production from Britain's Granada and Australia's Ten network, with funding from the Film Finance Corporation and the NSW Wales Film and Television Office. It was filmed over four weeks in Broken Hill and Sydney's Fox Studios, where a replica of the Darwin courtroom was built, last August. Just wondering if this has been shown in the UK or has it been previewed as a coming soon, i shall watch it think it maybe quite interesting, read the book Joanne Lees wrote "No Turning Back" very good read