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Found 34 results

  1. Sammie P

    Country music scene

    Hi, My family and I are considering moving to Perth and I wanted to know if there is a country music scene there? We love live music and would be keen to go to gigs or even arrange and host gigs (I have contacts in the industry). And is there a dedicated country music radio station, or even a program, there? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I'm a 22 year old male looking for like-minded people to meet up with to go for lunch, explore Melbourne and see live music I moved over from England in 2011 and looking to make new friends and see all that Melbourne has to offer, not having seen a lot of it in the 4 1/2 years I've lived here. If anyone's got any suggestions for meet up groups, clubs or is interested in meeting up, let me know!
  3. Sunset

    Live shows

    Off to the show tomorrow night can't wait.
  4. Hey all, We moved out here at the end of August and are looking to socialise and meet new friends. We are both 37 and have a three children who are WIlliam 6, Isabelle 4 and Beatrice who is our new edition. We are living in Ormiston in the Redlands Bay area and enjoy having a drink and most importantly enjoy a good giggle. Would be great to build up a network of similar couples/families to socialise with. Richard & Zoe.
  5. Hello. Have decided to quit the big smoke of london and have taken up a new job in Sydney. Moving over in mid-feb with my partner but very much looking to socialise and build up a good friendship group. Both very creative people - who's backgrounds are in Media and Fashion and looking to offset this with some socialising and some form of sport. Keen footballer - who is trying to still be peter pan (have played a lot of indoor football), keen runner and likes to play squash. Also interested in Boxing (although never actually done it other than watch Rocky in awe. Up for a few beers, beats or general creative chat. Any help, advice, or pointers would be greatly appreciative. Many thanks Dan
  6. Went to a funeral on Monday and they played the ladies favorite Tom Jones song"green green grass of home" and it was really a tearjerker. What song would you like when you kick the bucket. Please not the usual jokes like "highway to hell" but an honest answer. Mine would be Bob Dylans "knocking on heavens door"
  7. Guest

    Homesick....because of music!!

    A local music festival is on this weekend and some of the musicians are having a practice session next door.........they are an Irish band who actually played in our pub back home a few times.......small flippin' world!! The music is mighty,really lively irish trad music........the only thing is I have just been hit with a sudden wave of homesickness. At least I have a great weekend of music ahead of me to cheer me up. First real feelings of homesickness since we moved nearly three years ago,not doing too bad I suppose.
  8. Hey, Does anyone else like watching random indie bands on a Saturday afternoon/evening and drinking? If so...my boyfriend James and I are probably going to Musica festival this Saturday. http://www.musicaevents.com/events/tumbalong-01 It's $89 for the whole day, 12-10pm. Anyone else fancy coming along? Jen
  9. I know we've probably been here once or twice.... I'm looking for High Schools with music programmes for my 13 year old, (aside from Churchlands) also is it worth establishing interest from this side of the pond? (as in audition, I know otherwise it's catchment only) we'll be arriving January 2012. Thanks guys Sarah
  10. flybyknight

    Spine Tingling Music!

    sitting here listening to dire straits - telegraph road live, sends shivvers down ya spine lol trying to suss out other music that evokes the same kind of reaction. for me i guess des'ree's kissing you and labi siffre's something inside so strong spring to mind. it'd be good to hear any primarily Aussie bands that havent crossed over too. any recomendations? i'd ask for 100? but i dont want to get banned!
  11. lynn22

    Tastes in music.

    I have a large varied taste in music. If I put a music channel on tv I always seek out "the 80's" .. but I like current music, music from way before I was born, rock, classic rock, country & much more etc etc. If I had to pin point a favourite band which is something nigh on impossible to do it would be original guns & roses. I grew up listening to my mother "wheepling" away at songs.. elvis, boney M, 10CC, country etc My young daughter (7) has always been mad on music so theres often JLS/the saturdays/ the wanted being played in the house & of course Lady gaga (which is ok as we all like her music) as well as her renditions of purple rain & knockin on heavens door :wub: This weekend at the age of 34 I am having my first EVER "girlie" weekend away just me & my best mate.. we're going down to see... wait for it... DOLLY PARTON :cute: I cant wait as I grew up listening to Jolene, life is like a butterfly, applejack etc & think Dolly is ace heehee. The hubby has already checked that I AM going to have the kids school clothes etc ready for him on monday morning LOL, truth be told though I'm actually more nervous about leaving him in charge of my dogs than the kids :biglaugh:
  12. Guest

    music classes for 10+

    hi my names katy and im 10 11 in october im moving to red cliff in october 2011 and i play piano and i want to carry on so if u know some classes please name some if u want to ask questions about piano please ask and i will try to answer thnks :hug:
  13. stevie ellis

    80s music?

    just watched some o ma favs on the telly iv noo , a wis brought up in the 80s and IMO the music wis the best in the 80s:jiggy:
  14. Guest

    Classical Music Thread

    I'm not a great one for classical music, don't really know my Bach from my Beethoven, but I often sit through a film or documentary and hear the music and have a look who composed it. The one I have chosen is I 'think' probably one of the better known, but to me virtually every time I have heard it the film/doco that it accompanies is often extremely sad and a bit gut wrenching. Must admit it certainly brings a lump to the throat. If this is because how it is written, or the 'association' I have with it I don't know, but to my mind a great piece of classical music.:notworthy: [YOUTUBE]KylMqxLzNGo[/YOUTUBE] Any more peeps?
  15. How is the music scene is Perth? Meaning on a local level. That's where we hope to land and beyond the day job I'm fairly serious about playing music. Is there a good scene there? Decent venues to play? Good network of musicians?
  16. Guest

    Music Teacher Assessment

    Hi. I'm looking for some advice according the vatassess as a music teacher. I hold bachelor of music and master degree in music. I give private cello lessons to few students, but I've never register that as a business. I have never been teaching at school. I would be greatful for any advice or a contact to the migration agent who could help in this subject, as I have already sent a few questions to the agents and still have no answer . thx:biggrin: monika
  17. Guest

    expensive books and music..

    the price of books and music Cd,s in australia is ridiculous..I was after a music cd and when I saw the price today it was nearly $ 30 and theats the normal price in oz smae for books, its no wonder everyone buys online now from amazon etc..,and the retailers are whingeing on to the govt to increase GST on online purchases..Why dont these greedy Australian retailers reduce their rip off prices so more people will buy from them as opposed to online..I think we will see alot more shops here in the near future closing down...and all I can say is good rythms to them..
  18. Guest

    Music tuition in Brisbane

    We arrived in Brisbane from Adelaide in January as I have a new job, and my daughter wanted to come to further her Music career. It has been really good for her so far as she has just joined one of Australia's leading Choirs (see link if you want to see something different!) and is receiving master classes with a former International opera singer. She now needs to make a start with her piano and vocal teaching that she was doing in Adelaide whilst at the Con there. This was much easier in Adelaide where she had a social network. Here we do not know people yet. If anybody knows of any good places to advertise that would be really helpful, or if you know of any newly arrived or exisitng friends etc. that may want a teacher that would also be great. Beginners to intermediate is fine, and she can also offer flute. Perhaps most interestingly, it is the chance to learn more than one instrument, such as voice and piano, alongside each other. Enjoy the video in the meantime - certainly not like anything you would have seen before... :laugh: Seabird50.
  19. Hi, I'm looking to move to Melbourne next year and was just curious about whether there were many music festivals out there? Obviously here we have download, sonisphere, reading, glastonbury, isle of wight.. I am mainly into rock music but festivals are always fun either way. Can anyone tell me what festivals you have in Aus and what type (rock, pop etc)? Thanks.
  20. Guest

    Music that helped me!

    Hi Guys! Bit of a background! I came to Melbourne from Swansea, South Wales in December 2007. Spent three months and came home ( I have dual citizenship, long story but welsh through and through, never lived in Australia before, only holidays!). The minute I landed at heathrow I wondered what on earth I had done, and within three days had tickets booked back to Melbourne in September 2008. Lived and worked here until August 2009 when I went home. It was great to see family and friends but the fundamentals of the UK had not changed and were not the romanticised version that I dreamed up whilst missing home. The place was run down, depressing, small, and nobody ever does anything or goes anywhere! I was back in Melbourne within a month and have been here happy ever since. If I ever get the home pangs I simply listen to one song. Changes - Will Young Not only is it a great tune but they lyrics speak to me and remind me what I now have here and how I would be crazy to go back to Wales. I love Wales, it will always be home, but Melbourne is where I want to be...... Anyone else do anything similar?
  21. Guest

    Irish Music Sessions - Sydney

    Hi, I'm moving to Australia in January. - I really enjoy playing at Irish music sessions and was just wondering if anyone knew of any in Sydney... preferably in the Bankstown area. Thanks a lot
  22. Don't forget JAMM 4 GENES this Saturday from 3.30 pm. We have lots of music to entertain you and lots of food to feed you, as well as merchandise and a raffle, so please bring the family along for an hour or 2 or 4 and enjoy our local music community while raising money for a fantastic cause. Saturday 22nd August West Pennant hills public school ,church street. All profits for Jeans for Genes.
  23. Guest

    music in perth

    hiya my daugters favourite band is paramore, does anybody know if they have been on tour in perth, or are they planning to in the future? thanks
  24. Hi all My family likes music very much (rock!) - and we would like to know about the music scene in Brisbane/Gold Coast area. Anybody know if there are any good venues/clubs/arenas/stadiums...centres...wherever who regularly showcase rock bands new, old, world-renowned, local, international, the lot - we love 'em all if they sound like anything from AC/DC to ZZ Top, visiting all corners sprung up from rock and metal incl. black/death/thrash metal, blues rock, hard rock... Metallica to Maiden, all of 'em pretty much!! Anybody care to offer any consoling words - such as these kinds of places exist?! There's loads of venues in the UK, we know, and go to regularly, but don't know much/anything about the music scene in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area. Helps? :arghh: :wubclub:
  25. Guest

    Music fans.........

    Hi people , found a very good & safe music site ........ you can't download but you can listen too pretty much anything until your hearts content........its called spotify......hope the link works ? Spotify – A world of music. Instant, simple and free cheers Shaun.............