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Found 9 results

  1. Hey! So I've just moved to Brisbane from the UK, I'm on a skilled migrant visa (from my dad - and the rest of my family live in Melbourne) so I'm a permanent resident, and I've just applied for my tax-file number which is being processed. I'm 25 and a circus artist (so I know a few people and have sent e-mails to relevant people in that industry) but what I'm wondering about is getting a part time job in a cafe or something, I have experience working in a cafe as a waitress but am not a barista (sadly), I'm only here for 3 months then I have to go back to the UK for a tour and so I would be looking for something super short term, I know a lot of people backpack in Australia so I was thinking that it might be relatively easy to find that kind of work but I was just wondering if anyone has done that or if that's a totally unreasonable expectation that I have? Or if there is anything I should do to make myself more employable on the short-term? Or if anyone knows of short-term work either artistic or just general that I could get involved in? Or if anyone wants to go for a coffee? - just putting that out there. Any advice would be welcome! Thanks, Michelle
  2. beniland

    Film or TV Jobs

    Hi. I'm moving over to Australia for a year in October from the UK. I currently work in the Film industry, but would like to carry this work over in Aus. I'm wondering if anyone has any good site-links, or contacts that would be looking for an experienced 1st or 2nd Assistant Director? Thanks in advance. Ben
  3. ronasmith

    Artists living in Melbourne

    Hi all, I'm a contemporary artist from London working in public art and sculpture. I lived in Perth for a few years with my partner where I found the art scene tiny, exclusive and ill-informed about international developments in art. My partner (also from London) loves Oz whereas I would rather be in the UK. Since Melbourne has a reputation for being more engaged in the arts, we agreed that it could serve as a kind of compromise where my partner can be in the country he loves and I can pursue my career as an artist. I would really love to hear from any artists or creative people living or working in Melbourne. Are there interesting galleries there? How feasible is it to make a living from working as an artist? Are there opportunities? Is it an inclusive community? Thanks so much, I appreciate this may be a bit of a niche thread, but very much hope to hear from a few people!
  4. Hello. Have decided to quit the big smoke of london and have taken up a new job in Sydney. Moving over in mid-feb with my partner but very much looking to socialise and build up a good friendship group. Both very creative people - who's backgrounds are in Media and Fashion and looking to offset this with some socialising and some form of sport. Keen footballer - who is trying to still be peter pan (have played a lot of indoor football), keen runner and likes to play squash. Also interested in Boxing (although never actually done it other than watch Rocky in awe. Up for a few beers, beats or general creative chat. Any help, advice, or pointers would be greatly appreciative. Many thanks Dan
  5. Hi all, Just got back to England from travelling and realised this is not for me. I'm looking to do the move to Aus. Having worked in London for 5 years, at a packaging branding company. If anyone knows anybody or got any tips that would be great. I am free and easy looking to do the move this year (sooner rather than later). I've contacted several recruitment agencies and design companies already. A question I would ask is - would it be better if I get a work visa and head over with my portfolio under my arm? Cheers, Nick
  6. Just starting job hunt for senior roles in Graphic Design/Art Direction. Any recommendations for Recruitment Agencies and useful websites greatly appreciated!
  7. My experience of creative writing in Australia expressed in a prose-poem.-Ron in Tasmania:wub: ------------------------------------------- THE HINTERLANDS Creative Writing courses at universities are relatively new: the sixties in the US, 1971 in the U.K. and at various times in other countries in the last three to four decades. Romantic theories of creativity have often been democratised in Creative Writing pedagogy whereby students are encouraged to develop their individual styles by the process of finding a voice. This is a result of the influence of Progressive Education on the Creative Writing movement in American schools in the 1920s, and in English and Australian schools in the 1960s and 1970s. Having been part of this movement, first as a teacher in primary and secondary schools myself in the ‘60S and ‘70S and, then, as a lecturer in post-secondary educational institutions from the ‘70s to the ‘90s, I came to it by the turn of the millennium as a writer myself. In her handbook on Creative Writing Dorothea Brande, writing in the year of the outbreak of WW2, warned against the danger of a contagious style, of writing after the fashion of admired authors. "The important matter," she asserts, "is to find your own style, your own subjects, your own rhythm, so that every element in your nature can contribute to the work of making a writer of you." Brande's advice for achieving this was to tap into one's own unique and individual unconscious via a series of writing exercises, thus drawing out original material. Brande wrote these words more than two decades before Creative Writing found a place in university curricula. If we accept that what underpins Creative Writing pedagogy should be a critical reading practice, then reconfiguring this reading practice in an application to Creative Writing may enable those who would be successful creative writers to more productively engage in the several disciplines that underpin Creative Writing and in Creative Writing itself. Yesterday on the ABC’s Radio National program “The Book Show”(20/2/06; 10:05-10:30 a.m.) Patricia Duncker, a professor of creative writing at the University of East Anglia where Creative Writing as a university subject began in England, and a writer herself, talked about being well-read as an essential foundation for writing. Duncker’s emphasis and Brande’s on finding your own style certainly fit into my own approach, my own understanding, of how to develop good writing.–Ron Price with thanks to Paul Dawson, “Towards a New Poetics in Creative Writing Pedagogy,” TEXT, Vol.7, No.1. I’ve lived, learned and taught through an era of new ways of looking at writing in its many forms, uses and styles. I’ve lived, learned and taught so many books that I now settle for them in small doses. Now I bring my buried life of reverie, memory, feeling and dreams into the foreground of my consciousness and mix it liberally with the flowing waters of sweet-scented streams which have been running to the sea of my life from rivers far into hinterlands where I rarely travel any more. Ron Price
  8. I'm really starting to stress as I've spoken to two migration agents who told me our application for a spouse visa would not succeed. If there are any migration agents on here that would be interested in taking on our case, please refer to my previous thread and let me know what you think. This is really important to us and all help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance :spinny:
  9. Hello Everyone! Hopefully, my family and I will be one of those welcoming others to Australia in future. New Zealand is a lovely place , however for an artist and a singer, it is almost a dead place for our career so we need to rethink our next step. I look forward to learning about life in Australia from you and am excited to begin! My son is 17 and into film making but not so willing to move as he has friends here... but perhpas we can persuade him to go with us by finding out more about the film industry there... I am a painter who loves doing Abstract, figurative art and am very diverse... into fashion, social work, really into music i.e. Simply Red, UB40 , Elton Jon, Celine Dion, Boyzone, Oldies, Bosanova, more jazz, easy listening... I have travelled to 11 countires and would like to visit more in future! Food and culture is also interesting to me and we do cook yummy food at home. SOemtimes, my husband and I organize exciting event what with us cooking authentic Asian meals, him singing and me showing off my art... it is a truly creative event! That's all from me for now.... Amanda