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Australian graduate paramedics filling British ambulance service positions.

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A bit surprised these positions can't be filled by home grown graduates, surely it would be better (for the economy) to recruit from British universities?


PARAMEDIC students from a new University of Tasmania course are being snapped up by a British ambulance service.


Bachelor of Paramedic Practice students Eleni Balcombe and Tristan Pearce still have to complete final theory and practical exams and finish in March before heading overseas.



Both were thrilled to gain positions with the South East Coast Ambulance Service, covering a broad area across Kent.



Course co-ordinator Lisa Bowerman loved her years as a paramedic and now enjoys sending new paramedics out into the world.



"This is a first for us. I think it's exciting, the fact that our degree is recognised in Britain is fantastic for us," Ms Bowerman said.

The two-year fast-track course -- no long summer holiday -- started in 2010.



Eleni Balcombe, 22, of Sandy Bay, said she considered nursing, but being a paramedic sounded exciting.



"I like the challenge, the teamwork, meeting new people every day. The office is always changing," Miss Balcombe said.



Tristan Pearce, 21, of New Norfolk, said even in a tough situation they could fall back on their training.



Tristan, who has volunteered with Ambulance Tasmania and worked for Medical Edge, said his long-term plan was to return to Australia.



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I have Australian freinds who are paramedics. I'm sick of them complaining about the pay and conditions. In the UK they would be paid far less.


It's a job I considered when I left the forces, I'm sure it's a job I would have enjoyed but the pay was poor.

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Personally I am furious! Hubby worked for SECamb for over 10 years and they refused to put him on the paramedic course because he had no recent qualifications, his technician qualification he did with then essentially a pile of crap! And also they wouldn't help him with swapping shifts if he managed to get on a course to get the recent grades/qualifications they wanted! Glowing record, glowing references from his immediate seniors, but screwed over time and time again. ?


Edit; Oh and he had a few friends in the same predicament so not just him. The management went downhill noticeably in those 10 years and moral is pretty low for older staff member who get shafted at every opportunity.

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My brother has a mate that is a mica paramedic (one of those specialist ones). From what I'm told the only problem they really have with pay is how it's not standard across Oz. Work in NSW and get 10k more per year then one working in Vic. Other then that, only other gripes are with politicians and ramping times.

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