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  1. Yer like I said it's not easy to get work currently because of covid. What happened in 2010?
  2. One thing to bear in mind though is or may be harder to find a job after covid because there is a recession here now. But you have your savings. Spend wisely.
  3. The responses to this post are the most insaine thing I have ever seen. You have 30k, so nearly 60k in dollars, a degree in sciences and are 24. Mate take no notice your laughing! I came here with a couple of grand, got the student visa and got sponsored in my job. You my freind with that kind of money would be fine. Yes international fees are Hella expensive but it's doable with that kind of cash, if you really want it! And all that about struggling to find a job that fits around your course? What rot! I know hundreds of international students who manage school around work. I'm not saying it's easy but with your kind of cash and that degree behind you, you stand a very good chance. I would get a whv first and look into what fields you may like to work in. You could train in something new here and then get the graduate visa after with that kind of money. Just be prepared to do something you otherwise may not usually do. But you may find a new career you like. Also yes there are no guarantees but there's not with anything in life. And lol spending 60k in two years? How on earth does someone do that? Have champagne for breakfast?! The truth is though if your looking to get further qualified to better your chances even further, it is cheaper and easier in the UK for you. All depends how desperate you are to make the move?
  4. I'm sure she'll appreciate your fine advise.
  5. I suppose you better tell her that, doubt its any consolation. Imagine if it was your son.
  6. Well if he had just been allowed to stay, he'd be alive now. If things were like they were years ago. Sadly a 34 year old man is now dead, I dont think there's any excuses here. I wonder how many other cases there are? Be interesting to know. People are always talking about Mental health these days, but no one seemed to be able to help this man out. So very sad. Also strange only ABC reported his death and not any of the national newspapers, a cover up surely. Sounds as though brainwashing the public is their agenda.
  7. Sounds pretty dry cut to me. Rest in peace.
  8. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-11-22/grieving-mother-calls-time-on-drawn-out-visa-process/10544626 In my mind the foreign minister should be charged with his murder.
  9. Surely on a 457 you wouldn't pass the skill assessment five years is needed? Or a degree? I chose Australia because I like not having a winter going from summer to summer for six months. Yes I'm good with kids , when they're seen and not heard lol.
  10. Yes ok thank you all for your insight into this. And yes I am well aware of what rural Australia is like I've been here on and off for three years and spent a lot of time in rural Vic. I currently do and have been for the past three and a half years been spending six months in the UK and six months over here, going from summer to summer. I'm lucky as my UK job pays well and allows me a lot of time off meaning I can not work and enjoy life here. I will continue doing this until I feel I've had enough. I thourght about doing a two year business course to stay but then id have to work and stay through winter. And its bloody expensive. Tbh I miss family and friends terribly when I leave so maybe all year round isn't such a good option. And I hate winter. I love my life and my job currently, so why change anything. Thanks for all your help.
  11. No they shouldn't. They should go to the best person.
  12. So yes that is an option. I am gonna speak to go matilda.
  13. In rural areas apparently its easier to get work.
  14. But there's the thing you only get the grad visa if your studying something that is wanted/ in demand. You can then use that visa to gain experience needed and/or sponsorship. As I'm told.